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We love a hashtag so naturally we love the brand new LOL Surprise #Hairvibes.  Here’s just about everything you need to know about them, including when and where to buy them!

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It was only a matter of time before you’d be able to snap on a variety of different wigs onto your little LOL doll.  Now’s the official time!  Of course these are being released right before the holidays so we’ll all be scrambling to get our hands on them before Santa tells us they’re all out of stock.

What Is It:  #Hairvibes is the new collectible from LOL Surprise where you can mix and match a fun variety of different wigs on your surprise doll to truly make them your own and totally unique.  Overall in Series 1 there are 12 different dolls you can collect and you’ll never know which one is inside.

Inside LOL #HairVibes Series 2 Hair Vibes Dolls

The really fun part is that you get to choose the vibe that your LOL is feeling by mixing and matching different unique hairstyles.  Yep, we’re talking about wigs!  There are three “real hair” wigs that come in each and four different plastic wig pieces too.  You can go curly, crimped, wavy, braids, side-swept, a classic up-do and so much more.  You won’t know which wigs you’re getting until you unbox them.  Speaking of which…

What’s Inside:  There are 15 different surprises inside to unbox.  Outside of the doll and the wigs, you’ll also get surprises like the water bottle, comb, shoes, outfit, fashion accessory, and more.  These are also color-changing surprises too!  Toss on her wig, her hair wrap, and then dunk her in some water to reveal her color-changing surprise.  Awesome!

How Much Is It:  $15.99

Release Date:  December 1st

Pre-Order AvailabilityYes, today! Get your pre order here!

Where to Buy:  LOL Surprise #Hairvibes – Buy It Here

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