12 Gift Ideas For Your 2 Year Old That are Perfect For Any Boy or Girl!

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It’s the ultimate gift guide for the ultimate two-year-olds in your life!

Best Gifts For 2 Year Old 2024 - Christmas Gifts For Two Year Olds Boys & Girls 2024 Toys

Some people call it the “Terrible Twos” (and they’re kinda right), but we think it’s one of the most fun ages to be!  At 2 years old they’re starting to identify colors, can start working with some building blocks, they’re rolling and kicking balls, and basically trying to mimic everything mom and/or dad is doing around the house.

There are a ton of great gift ideas out there for the little ones, but we wanted to make sure that we recommending some top picks that work for both boys and girls, will cover some of the best-selling toys of the year, provide some educational and developmental benefits, and will just be super fun for them to receive whether it’s for their birthday or even the upcoming Christmas season!

Shop our picks for some of the best gift ideas for two year old boys and girls in 2024.


The Best Gift For 2 Year Olds 2024

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Spike the Hedgehog Toy 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

It was one of the top sellers this year already and perfect for the two year old boy or girl to help build their fine motor skills, color recognition, counting, sorting and who just likes to have fun!  Learn more here.


The Classic Pick

The Classic Radio Flyer Red Tricycle – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Red Tricycle 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

In a world filled with so much technology, it’s always so great to just go back to basics.  You can never go wrong with the Radio Flyer red tricycle.  It has chrome handlebars, a ringing chrome bell, red and white streamers, and the seat is adjustable so it can grow as your child grows as well.  Learn more here.


The Sporty Pick

The Little Tikes Indoor Basketball Set – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Little Tikes Basketball Hoop 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

Whether they like to shoot hoops indoors or outdoors, they’ll love playing with this adjustable basketball net that’ll grow as they grow.  In fact, this one adjusts to 6 different heights starting at 2.5-feet and going all the way up to 4-feet tall.  Learn more here.


The Yummy Pick

The LeapFrog “Scoop & Learn” Ice Cream Cart – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Ice Cream Cart 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

Your 2 year old will use the magic scooper to create the yummy combinations of what the cute customers are ordering.  For example, “Monkey would like a cone with mint ice cream and whipped cream!”  It’s not only super fun, but it’s an educational way to build sequencing skills, memory and counting skills, and so much more.  They can even roll the cart around the house too!  Learn more here.


The Ride-On Pick

The Ride On and Chomp Croc – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Ride Chump Toys 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

Great for early childhood development, they can sit on this friendly crocodile and scoot over all the blocks to scoop them up and collect them.  It even comes with 25 different blocks so they can build stuff too.  Super cute!  Learn more here.


The Expensive Pick

The Canada Goose Snow Suit – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Canada Goose Snow Suit For Boys or Girls 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

It’s one of the best-selling snowsuits of the year and it’s totally unisex so works so well for both boys and girls.  You can even pass it down or pass it on to other siblings or friends when they outgrow it.  It’ll keep them super warm and dry all winter long and even comes in a really cool red color too.  It’s on the expensive side, but totally worth it!  Learn more here.


The Book Pick

The Pop-Up Dinosaurs Book – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Dinosaur Pop Up Book 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

They may not be able to read yet, but if they’re into dinosaurs (and you know they are) they’ll love this picture book with pop-up dinosaurs and they’ll love to hear you reading the fun rhymes page-by-page.  Learn more here.


The Cuddly Pick

The Animated “Flappy the Elephant” Plush – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Gund Animated Elephant 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

Seriously, how cute is this little cuddly elephant stuffed animal?!  Flappy will sing to you and his big floppy ears will even move to cover his face.  He even plays peek-a-boo too!  Learn more here.


The Sensory Pick

The Easy Grip Soft Foam Sensory Puzzle Blocks – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Sensory Blocks 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

A really fun way for your child to use their imagination and build almost anything they can think of.  The bright colors help with visual sensory development and the texture, softness, and shapes work really with kids who may have special sensory needs.  It’s really great for anyone!   Learn more here.


The Nighttime Pick

The LeapFrog Storytime Buddy – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: LEapFrog Storytime Dog 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

When you’re getting a bit tired of reading their fave bedtime story, now Buddy can ready a bunch of different ones too them.  Plus, his color can light up which makes a great night-light and he can even sing a soothing lullaby to them too.  Sweet dreams!  Learn more here.


The Fun Pick

The Smart Sizzlin’ Toy BBQ Grill – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Smart BBQ Toy 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

It’s time to start grilling up some fun food!  This amazing interactive toy grill will help them count to ten, learn colors, different foods, and so much more.  It was even named as one of the best toys by Parents Magazine this year.  Learn more here.


The Toy Pick

The Replica Dyson Toy Vacuum – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Two Year Old 2024: Replica Dyson Vacuum 2024

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Price Point: $$$$$

We are obsessed with this cute little toy Dyson ball vacuum!  It has colorful spinning balls inside and it twists and turns just like the real one.  They’ll have a blast following mommy and daddy around the house when it’s time to vacuum!  Learn more here.

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