Friends Christmas Advent Calendar 2023 - Where to Buy, Pre Order, Release Date 2023

The New Friends Advent Calendar is EXACTLY What We All Need in 2023

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Friends Christmas Advent Calendar 2023 - Where to Buy, Pre Order, Release Date 2023

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Finally there’s something in 2023 that we can actually be grateful for. After a year of complete horror and torture, we have all been given a wonderful gift from one of the best (if notthe best) sitcoms of all time. We’re, of course, talking aboutFriends. This year they’re releasing their official Friends Advent Calendar and we are here forall of it.

What Is It:TheFriends Official Advent Calendar is the perfect way to end the year and celebrate the Christmas holiday season for adults (and even your teens who are just starting to watch the rerunsnow). Typically with Advent Calendars you start to open them on December 1st and then each day leading up to Christmas (December 25th).

This Advent Calendar comes with over 40 different Friends surprises that you can open up each and every day. We don’t give total spoilers, but it’s things like funnyFriends keepsakes, cute ornaments, must-have nostalgia, buttons, specific recipes, and there’s even a Holiday Armadillo surprise too! Could we be any more excited?! We hated we just made that joke.

How Much Is It:$29.99

Release Date:October 27th

Pre-Order Availability: Yes, get your pre order here!

Where to Buy: The Official Friends Advent Calendar – Buy It Here

Pre Order Friends Advent Calendar 2023 - Christmas Calendar For Friends Fans 2023

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