12 Ways to Gift the Ultimate Friends Fans (TV Show) in Your Life

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The one with all the gifts for every Friends fan who will never let the show go.

Gifts For Friends Fans 2024 - Funny Friends TV Show Gift Ideas & Merchandise Christmas 2024

And no using the excuse, “We were on a break” because you still have to gift them something this year.  The show may have debuted 25 years ago (seriously, how old are we?!) but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t millions of fans of the TV show watching reruns all night on Nick or binge watching season after season on Netflix.  BTW, we’re guilty of both.

We spent days researching with Gunther (we didn’t) just to find some of the coolest Friends gifts for the diehard fan. While there are a lot of interesting ideas out there, most seemed like knock-offs so we stuck with top reviewed, best-sellers, and just things we’d want all over our own home and pretty much already have.  Could this gift guide be any more fun?  See what we did there?

Without further ado, get ready to PIVOT and check out our favorite gift ideas for all the obsessed Friends fans in 2024.

The Best-Selling Friends Fan Pick

The Official Friends Apartment Peephole Frame – Buy It Here

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It’s one of the first things we all fell in love with when we saw Monica and Rachel’s apartment.  Yep, we’re talking about that awesome yellow frame that hung on their giant purple door.  It comes with sturdy two-sided tape so it’s ready to hang just about anywhere, from your own apartment door, to front door of your home, office, or wherever.  Learn more here.

The 2024 Pick

The 2024 Day at a Time ‘Friends’ Calendar – Buy It Here


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Relive all your favorite moments from the TV show each and every day with this tear-away 2024 calendar!  There’s also funny images, trivia, quotes, and so much more.  It’s a total must-have for the ultimate Friends fan (and we may already have it!).  Learn more here.

The Pivot Pick

The “Pivot” Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

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Do we really need to say any more than “Pivot…pivot…..PI-VOT!”  This two-sided mug will bring a smile to their face each morning.  Plus it’s dishwasher and microwave safe so shut up…shut up….shut uuuuuuup.  Learn more here.

The Game Pick

The “Friends” TV Series Trivial Pursuit Game – Buy It Here

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It’s the perfect trivia game on the go!  Can you and your friends answer the majority of the 600 different questions from seasons 1 – 10?  We bet you can.  Well, not all of them.  Challenge us!  Learn more here.

The Tribbiani Pick

The Official “How You Doin” Doormat – Buy It Here

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We can almost hear Joey saying this each time we wipe our shoes on this at-home essential.  Learn more here.

The Yummy Pick

The Unofficial Recipe Book – Buy It Here

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Now you can make some of the fan favorites…sort of.  We’re in it for the traditional trifle.  Learn more here.

The Cheap Pick

The Friends TV Series Magnets – Buy It Here

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Add a little Friends flair to your own fridge with 18 funny magnets from the show.  Enjoy famous phrases like: How You Doin’, You’re My Lobster, Joey Doesn’t Share Food, Pivot!, and of course We Were on a Break!  Learn more here.

The Comfy Pick

The Friends Black Hoodie – Buy It Here

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You can’t go wrong with a comfy classic hoodie with the official Friends font right across the front.  Some say “understated” but we say “fan fave.”  Learn more here.

The Shots Pick

The Famous Character Phrase Shot Glasses – Buy It Here

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Take a shot out of this set of 4 must-have famous phrases shot glasses.  Of course, we love anything referencing Smelly Cat so that’s our shot!  Learn more here.

The BAE Pick

The “You’re My Lobster” Keychain – Buy It Here

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When you’ve finally found your lobster this is the only gift to toss in their stocking this year.  Learn more here.

The Bookwork Pick

The “I’ll Be there For You” Book – Buy It Here

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Get must-read advice, take some quizzes, learn some witty comebacks, and even test out some yummy recipes from Monica.  How can you go wrong?!  Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The “They Don’t Know We Know…” Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

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Because they don’t know that we know they know we know.  Right?  One of the best ways to enjoy your morning coffee or vodka.  We don’t judge.  Learn more here.

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