The 25 Best Friend Gifts That Prove You’re the Ultimate Bestie!

Whether you're celebrating your besties birthday or need to get something cool for Christmas, one thing is for sure, gift your friend something you'd actually want for yourself.

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Best Friend Gifts 2024 - Female & Male Gift Ideas for Friends 2024 Birthday or Christmas

They’re your total best friend and, let’s face it, they know where all the bodies are buried.  Don’t even get us started on that one time on Spring Break.  They’ll listen to all your relationship issues (and there are a lot of them), give you advice (even when you’re not asking for it), have closed down more bars with you then you both care to admit, and are just basically there for you day-in and day-out.  Long story short, they rule.

So if you and your BFF gift each other like Oprah and Gayle or Oprah and Stedman, you want to find something personal for them that basically seems like one giant inside joke.  We know, you have hundreds of those.  It doesn’t matter if your BFF is female or male, straight or gay, blue or green, 1 or 7.  We’ve researched and curated a list of some really killer ideas, if we don’t mind saying so ourselves.

Shop our picks for some of the best friend gift ideas in 2024.  Bottoms up.



The Jewelry Pick

The “Good Friends are Like Stars” Necklace

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For the True Friend:

It’s one of the highest reviewed (and simply stated) friendship necklace on Amazon that is perfect for your true BFF and a great way to let them know exactly how you feel about them.  The card it comes on has a kind message that says, “Good friends are like the stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.”


The Long Distance Friend Pick

The Personalized Coffee Mug Set for Your Best Friend

Gift For your Best Friend 2024: Long Distance Coffee Mugs

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For the Long Distance Pal:

Your bestie may be in a different state, but that doesn’t mean your bond is any less.  This customized coffee mug allows you to choose the two different states you live in and even the colors too.


The Super Comfy Pick

The Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

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For the Spa Lover:

These are the robes everyone is talking about this year.  They’re super comfy, are meant to be slouchy, and will make your bestie feel like they’re living at the spa. There are option for both female and male friends too.  Choose from different colors like fog, slate, and army green.


The Game Pick

The “I Have This Friend” Funny Party Game

Best Friend Gift Ideas 2024: The I Have This Friend Game 2024

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For the Party Pal:

We’re obsessed with this game and know your BFF will be too.  It’s a super fun (and funny) party game that can totally get a bit awkward.  These cards will help to get to know your friends even better by having them answer questions, putting them in slightly awkward situations, and more.


The Genius Pick

The Beside Caddy Organizer

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For the Organized Obsessed:

Now they can stay totally organized, especially with all their insane tech devices, books, glasses, and more they have in their bed at night.  Simply drop everything in this cute bedside caddy and always know where everything is in the morning!


The Personalized Pick

The LuluLala Personalized Name Plate Necklace

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For the Totally On-Trend:

This year it’s all about the nameplate necklace and your BFF will love that you had her name, initials, birthday, or whatever engraved onto it.  And you can do it all for pretty cheap so that’s a real win-win.


The Brunch Lovers Pick

The Minute Mimosa Kit

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For Your Best Friend Who Brunches:

Let’s be real, brunch is always the best ever.  If they like to host brunch at their home, they’ll love this Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube kit.  All they have to do is drop a super yummy flavor into their favorite champagne and in less than a minute everyone will be enjoying a different flavored mimosa.  Genius!


The Beauty Pick

The FaceTory Sheet Mask Facial Gift Set

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For the Beauty Lover:

If your BFF is like you and is obsessed with all the latest Korean facial mask sheets, they’ll love getting this gift set that’s actually pretty cheap (in a good way).  You can even subscribe to have it sent to them each and every month.  Or just go the straightforward route with a standard set of 7 different sheets.


The Memories Pick

The Homesick “Road Trip” Scented Candle

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For the Traveling Companion:

A great way to remember that fun road trip you all took where there may or may not have been major shenanigans that took place.  It’s scented, hand-poured, and will burn for up to 80-hours.


The Face Pillow Pick

The Mushions Face Pillows

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For the Insane One:

Don’t worry you can customize these so you get pillows with the faces of friends you actually know on them.  Seriously though, these are so cool an a total best-seller (again) this year. Creepy and fun all at the same time.


The Forever Friend Pick

The Golden Girls: You are My Golden Girl Fill-In Book

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For The True Golden Girl:

When they really are your Golden Girl (and a fan of the show) they’ll love this playful fill-in book.  You can fill out the answers to the questions and memories or do it together for a good laugh.  We’re totally Rose, BTW.


The Drinking Pal Pick

The Official Day Drinkers Coffee Mug

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For the Drinking Buddy:

Sure, the Day Drinkers club can be filled with coffee, but we know you better than that.  Pick one up for yourself while you’re at it!


The Long Distance Pick

The Official Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Best Friend Gift Ideas 2024: The Long Distance Friendship Lamp 2024

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For the Far Away Friend:

Just because you may no longer live right near each other doesn’t mean you can’t easily stay in touch and let them know when you’re thinking of them.  These uber-popular friendship lamps come as a set of two, are Wi-Fi ready, and when they tap the lamp yours will light up with a special color letting you know they’re thinking of you.  And when you tap it, it does the same letting them you’ve been thinking of them. It ends up feeling so much more meaningful and personal than a text message.


The Surfer Pick

The “Bestie” Bracelet by Pura Vida

Cool Gifts For Friends 2024: Pura Vida Bestie Bracelet 2024

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For the Teen:

Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned friendship bracelet, but with a modern twist?  This Bestie Bracelet comes as pack of 10 that they can wear all at once or divided up with you.  What we love even better, outside of how popular these have become online this year, is that a percentage of the sales go to local people in need.


The Bromance Pick

The Dude Wipes

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For the True Bro:

These Dude Wipes contain 30 fragrance-free flushable wipes that are a total must-have for any bromance in your life.  Trust us, he could use a little extra love down there.  You’re welcome, universe!


The Fill-In Pick

The ‘Why You’re My Bestie’

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For the Thoughtful:

A really fun and super cute fill-in book on why they’re your bestie!  You can either fill it out beforehand or fill it out together for a good laugh and a stroll down memory lane.


The Fire Pick

The Official Hot Sauce Making Kit

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For the Hot Sauce Obsessed:

The perfect gift for the hot sauce BFF in your life.  It comes with everything they’ll need to make up to 7 different bottles of totally amazingly delicious and customized DIY hot sauce.


The Floral Pick

The Insulated Floral Lunch Bag

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For the Chic AF:

Now your friend can get rid of those brown paper lunch bags they’ve been using!  This pretty insulated re-usable lunch bag will help keep your lunch fresh all day long.


The Frenemy Pick

The Official Friend or Faux Game

Best Friend Gift Ideas 2024: The Friend Game 2024

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For the True Frenemy: 

We’re nervous even reviewing this game!  It’s a super funny and nerve-racking game because you’ll have to flip over a variety of cards and answer questions about each other and, dare we say, some of those questions can be a bit on the revealing side?  Gulp! You may start as friends and leave as frenemies.  Eh, you were never that close to begin with.


The Partier Pick

The Giant Yard Pong Game

Best Friend Gift Ideas 2024: The Giant Yard Pong Game for Male Friend 2024

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For the Best Friend From College:

It’s like the party has never ended and we’re here for it!  One of the most popular games (at least in our college) was beer pong.  Well now you can play the giant version right in your very own backyard.  It’s up to you if you fill each giant cup/bucket with beer.


The Beauty Pick

The Slip Silk Pillowcase

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For the Beauty Lover:

Yep, it’s the magical beauty pillow cases that everyone has been talking about all year!  This comfy silk pillowcase is said to help reduce wrinkles, creases, and fine lines on your face and even reduce that pesky bed-head you suffer from every morning.  Stay young forever!


The Custom Pick

The Tiled Monogrammed Coffee Mugs

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For the Coffee Drinker:

Probably the coolest mugs we’ve seen all year.  It has that French bistro vibes that’s been popping up all over the place.  Choose the letter of your BFF and call it a day.


The Decor Pick

The Party Leatherette Drink Coaster Set

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For the All Day Drinker:

Save your coffee table from those pesky rings and make a funny statement all at the same time.  These must-haves come as a set of 4.


The Last Minute Pick

The Prettiest Flower Delivery from Bouqs

Best gifts for Friends 2024: Bouqs Flowers 2024

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For the Flower Fan:

When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with flowers!  You may have heard from Bouqs from their time on Shark Tank a few years back.  We’ve been using them ever since and can personally say these are some of the prettiest flowers we’ve ever seen and at an amazing price.  We have no clue how they do it.


The Ultimate Selfie Pick

The New LuMee Duo iPhone Light Up Selfie Case

Best Friend Gift Ideas 2024: The LuMee Duo Selfie Light Phone Case 2024

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For the Selfie Obsessed:

Now they can get their selfie to turn out like their favorite or least favorite Kardashian!  This light-up iPhone case from LuMee is one of the best-sellers of the year and really does give you red-carpet quality lighting so that all your pictures come out like you’re both ready to make the pages of People Magazine.