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41% of non-binary youth have attempted suicide.  41%.  Here’s why these amazing Creatable World dolls can help lower those horrifying statistics.

Where to Buy Creatable World Non Binary Gender Dolls 2024 - 2024

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We know you’re here to find some really cool gift ideas.  Don’t worry, we wouldn’t be reviewing these new dolls if, overall, they weren’t just cool.  We’re not here to change your mind, your beliefs, or the way you raise your children but, like, we’re here to change your mind, your beliefs, and the way you raise your children.

What Is It:  These super fun Creatable World “non gender conforming” dolls are the latest must-have toy from the makers of Barbie, Mattel.  Each Creatable World doll kit comes with everything your kids need to create their own version of the exact doll they want to play with.  Most of these super cute dolls are 11-inches tall and the kit comes with one doll, a wig, fashion accessories, clothing and more.

What’s really cool and important about these dolls is that they arrive to your door without having a gender assigned to them.  Now stay calm, we’re not saying that it’s wrong to play with a girl doll or a boy doll as assigned by the toy maker.  However, it is important to give kids other options too.  Perhaps seeing and playing with a doll that just might look like them will help them feel like they belong in this world (and they do), they’re not alone (and they’re not), and they are enough (because they are).

Inside Creatable World Character Doll Kit 2024 - 2024

Some of the dolls come with shaved sides of their hair so they can toss on a wig if they want long hair instead of short hair.  They have different clothing options to choose from too.  Maybe their “boy” doll wants to wear a dress?  Maybe their “girl” doll wants to wear a dress.  Heck, maybe everyone wants to wear a dress.  Let them.

Overall your kids can create more than 100 different unique looks based on exactly what they want their doll to look like.  Mix and match clothing, hair, fashion styles, and so much more.

How Much Is It:  $29.99

Release Date:  September 25th

Pre-Order AvailabilityYes, get your pre order here today!

Where to Buy:  Creatable World Blonde Doll Kit – Buy It Here

Where to Find Non Binary dolls from Mattel 2024 - 2024

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The Creatable World Gender Neutral Black Braids – Buy It Here

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The Red Hair/Copper Hair Creatable World Dolls – Buy It Here

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The Black Straight Hair Non-Binary Doll Kit – Buy It Here

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