Super Cute Gift Ideas For Your Whole Adorable Family!

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When your family already has everything it can be tough to figure out what you can gift the entire gang.  Relax, we’ve come up with some pretty unique family gift ideas that everyone will be happy with!

Family Gifts 2024 - Unique Family Gift Ideas For Christmas 2024 Whole Family

Whether you looking for the ultimate family-approved gift this upcoming holiday Christmas season or just want to surprise them with something fun you can all enjoy for no reason at all we’re recommending something that will work for just about everyone in your crew and just about at any age.  There are, clearly, a million options out there so we’re narrowing it down to some of the best-of-the-best this season.

Ever since the horrific Covid-19 Coronavirus entered our lives we were forced to reprioritize what’s really important in life and we all basically netted out that the most important aspect of life is family.  It’s important to spend that time, to play those games, to tell those stories, to look at those photos, and to dream those dreams….together.

While we’ve come up with gift guides for your amazing mom, your lovable and funny dad, your adorable kids, and even those somewhat moody teenagers, this guide focuses on amazing gift ideas for your entire family.  From personalized and customizable options to fun outdoor (and indoor) games, and must-haves for almost any budget, age, and stage shop some of our top picks of 2024 and beyond!

The Best Family Gift in 2024

The Personalized Family Hobby Art – Buy It Here

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If you’re looking for something super unique that captures all the fun things your fam loves to do, check out this customized art.  You can choose the number of fam members, what their favorite hobbies are, and so (so, so, so) much more.  Learn more here.

The Pandemic Pick

100 Things to Do After Quarantine – Buy It Here

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Scratch-off activity posters have been really popular in recent years and this is the one that everyone is buzzing about, especially because of all things ‘Social Distancing.’  We can all agree that it’s been an interesting year to say the least and we’ve all be trapped inside for way too long.  This scratch-off poster gives you a “Bucket List” of sorts of 100 things to do post quarantine.  How quickly can you complete this?!  Learn more here.

The Game Pick

The At-Home Escape Room Game – Buy It Here

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If you’re planning on a night or day at home, you can now basically bring the fun of an Escape Room challenge right to you! It comes with everything you’ll need to try and escape in 60 minutes or less!   Learn more here.

The Ancestry Pick

The AncestryDNA Ethnicity Test – Buy It Here


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What a really cool way for your family to learn more about your heritage, ethnicity, and so much more.  It’s a great way to figure out that family-tree and spark up some really interesting (and helpful) conversations.  It’s also a great way to get the kids involved too!  Learn more here.

The Cute Pick

The “What I Love About Our Family” Book – Buy It Here

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We love this really cute idea that you can all fill out yourselves!  It’s a short and sweet journal where everyone gets to say what they love the most by filling in a variety of questions and statements.  Learn more here.

The Genius Pick

The Split Decision Pie Pan – Buy It Here

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Since there’s a little extra time this year, now you can make two different pies in one pan.  Please everyone (or no one) but at least everyone will feel like they’re winning.  Learn more here.

The Must-Have Pick

The HomeSoap “Stuff” Sanitizer – Buy It Here

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After the success of the PhoneSoap device, they’ve made their UV-sanitizers bigger so they can sanitize even more of your stuff like tablets, phones, keys, remote controls, and so much more. It’ll get rid of 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and general “ewww.”    Learn more here.

The Cozy Pick

The Rumpl Indoor/Outdoor Blanket – Buy It Here

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You’ve seen their insanely warm blankets on Shark Tank and now you can choose from either outdoor options (perfect for camping or just outside by the fire pit) or indoor sherpa!   Learn more here.

The Outdoor Pick

The Giant Yard Dice – Buy It Here

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Bring the fun out to the backyard this year!  Everyone loves oversize things, especially games!  This set of jumbo wooden dice makes all the games jumbo fun.  Learn more here.

The Yummy Pick

The At-Home Snow Cone Maker – Buy It Here

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We are obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with our snow cone maker and, we know what you’re thinking, only the kids will use this.  Wrong!  As adults we’ve made some fun adult cocktails with this small appliance that actually easily fits right on your counter.  It’s a win-win for everyone.  Learn more here.

The Personalized Pick

The Personalized Family Mugs – Buy It Here

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Whether you’re all drinking coffee, tea, hot-chocolate or just about anything now you can customize these cute mugs with the members of your crew.  You can even add their names to it!  Learn more here.

The Game Pick

The Kids Against Maturity Game – Buy It Here

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If you love playing Cards Against Humanity, you and your family will love this kid-appropriate game that’s pretty similar and just as funny, but totally clean!  It’s one of the top games for kids this year so snag it while you can.  Learn more here.

The Fun Pick

The Customized Family Puzzle – Buy It Here

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Now you can create a really cool customized puzzle of your fam at the beach.  Once you put it together you just may want to hang it on the wall!  Learn more here.

The Viral Pick

The Original Microwave Popcorn Popper – Buy It Here

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It’s the microwave popcorn popper that’s actually been going viral and a huge hit for all the millennials out there (yes, really).  Perfect for movie night, you can even place some butter on the specified spot on the lid and it’ll melt into your popcorn making it actually way better than the movies!  Learn more here.

The Game Pick

Game Night in a Can – Buy It Here

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It’s basically an entire party in a can and it’s perfect for all ages so no one will feel left out.  There’s so many different cards and fun things to do inside!  Learn more here.

The Video Game Pick

The Nintendo Switch – Buy It Here

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The Nintendo Switch is a bit on the pricer side, but it’s something that most of you can play together and at the same time!  It’s also still one of the hottest tech presents to gift this season.  Sure it may go from laughing to yelling, but such is life.  Learn more here.

The Treat Pick

The Indoor S’mores Maker – Buy It Here

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Make the yummiest s’more ever and any time of year with this super popular indoor s’mores maker from Nostalgia.  Learn more here.

The Useful Pick

The Personalized Family Drink Coasters – Buy It Here

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Now only are these drink coasters super cute and totally customized, but it just may get everyone to actually use them!  Learn more here.

The Learning Pick

Table Topics – Buy It Here

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A great way to get everyone off their devices and actually interacting with each other, like, in person!  Choose from a variety of different themed prompt cards and get those convos flowing!   Learn more here.

The Art Pick

The Family Pebble Portrait – Buy It Here

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Now this is something that you most likely don’t already have.  It’s personalized unique art that’s simple, yet meaningful.  Choose the number of people in your crew and more!  Learn more here.

The New Tech Pick

The Amazon Echo Show 10 – Buy It Here

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It’s the latest from Amazon that’ll allow you to hold your family face-to-face calls way easier, it’ll follow you around so you’re always in frame, and the sound is better than ever before.  Learn more here.

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