11 Gift Ideas For Millennials Who Have Everything (and Want Nothing)

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Some millennials get a bad rap (fake news), but here are some ways to avoid getting them a bad gift!

Best Gifts For Millennials 2024 - Christmas Gift Ideas For Millennial Guys & Girls 2024

If you’re wondering if you’re a millennial you’re probably not one.  If you’re wondering what to gift the millennials in your life, you’ve come to the right place.  But, first things first.

How do you know if those special people in your life are actually millennials?  Here’s the easiest tip.  Anyone who’s born between the years of 1981 and 1996 is a millennial.  And, yes, guys can be them too.  For some reason, some people think they can only be girls.  Not true!  There are a ton of falsehoods out there about them, so we won’t even touch that negativity.  Truth be told most millennials care about the environment, want to help people, make life easier and more enjoyable, and just positively exist like we all do.

If you’re scratching your head thinking of exactly what you’re supposed to gift them, don’t stress.  We’ve come up with some pretty unique, popular, and actually (re)usable ideas for both the gals and the guys on your list.  Shop our picks for some of the best gift ideas for millennials in 2024.

The Best Millennial Gift of 2024

The PhoneSoap Phone Sanitizer – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Millennials 2024: PhoneSoap 3

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Their phone is nasty and covered in bacteria.  All our phones are!  This is a great way to, not only, get rid of over 99% of all the gross germs on their phone, but they can charge it at the same time.  Using safe UV light rays, it’ll fit just about any sized phone and you can also use it to disinfect your credit cards, keys, and more.  Learn more here.

The Reusable Pick

The Stainless Steel Reusable Straws – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Millennials 2024: Reusable Straws 2024

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Plastic straws are a thing of the past and millennials are loving reusable straws especially when they’re rainbow stainless steel.  This gift set comes with 8 straws, 4 that are bent and 4 that are straight.  It even comes with 2 straw cleaners as well.  A great way to help the environment at the same time.  Learn more here.

The Calm the F Down Pick

The Anti-Anxiety Weighted Blanket – Buy It Here

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Weighted blankets are everywhere this year and for good reason.  They’re said to help lower anxiety levels, help to de-stress your body, and even help to give you a much better night sleep.  Anything that can help us actually sleep, we’re all in!  This is one of the best sellers this year with currently over 4,400 reviews on Amazon.  Choose from a wide range of colors, patterns, and weight-levels too.  Learn more here.

The Must-Have Pick

The Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Buy It Here


Best Gifts For Millennials 2024: Hydro Flask 2024

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Most millennials have been totally over plastic water bottles for some years now, so you can’t go wrong with these reusable Hydro Flask water bottles that’ll keep your drinks nice and cold for up to 24-hours and your hot drinks nice and warm for up to 12-hours, which is pretty amazing.  These come in a ton of different colors too.  Learn more here.

The Tech Pick

The Oculus Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Headset – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Millennials 2024: Oculus VR Headset 2024

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How fun is VR these days?!  It can be a bit confusing and typically you’ll need to buy so many tech accessories, have the right computers and more.  Everyone is loving this stand-alone VR headset because it comes built-in with just about everything you need.  It’s portable, easy to use, and perfectly priced for everything that it does.  Learn more here.

The Beauty Pick

The M3 Naturals Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Millennials 2024: Charcoal Teeth Whitening 2024

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The whiter the teeth the better, right?  Perfect for those who want whiter teeth without all the harsh chemicals you’ll sometimes find in those whitening strips and gels.  Learn more here.

The Fashion Pick

The Everlane Oversized Alpaca Sweater – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Millennials 2024: Everlane Oversized Sweater 2024

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There’s nothing like a comfy, cozy, oversized sweater that’ll keep you warm and looking fly all winter long.  This top-seller, and perfect present idea, from Everlane (trust us, they’ll know what that is). comes in rose, black, grey, cobalt blue, and a ton of other colors.  Learn more here.

The Cheap Pick

The Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Millennials 2024: Microwave Popcorn Maker 2024

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It’s pretty much the easiest and most convenient (and fun) way to make actual popcorn right in your microwave. Plus, it’s pretty cheap too but, like, in a good way!  Toss in the popcorn kernels, place it in the microwave, and a couple of minutes later you have fresh popcorn.  Our favorite part is that the lid even has a place for you to place a bit of butter that’ll melt right into your popcorn just like at the movies.  Learn more here.

The Retro Pick

The Victrola Bluetooth Record Player – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Millennials 2024: Record Player 2024

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Everything old is new again!  For the first time in year, vinyl records are outselling CDs so be sure to gift your favorite millennial (who probably already has everything) with this must-have portable turntable (with built-in speakers) that’s also bluetooth so you can wirelessly play your favorite tunes from your fave bluetooth device too.  The best of both worlds!  Learn more here.

The Zen Pick

The Matcha Blends Gift Set – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Millennials 2024: Matcha Gift Set 2024


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A super unique idea, these organic matcha tea blends come in two really cool tins and perfectly flavored to help bring out their ultimate zen.  Learn more here.

The Modern Twist Pick

The New Polaroid OneStep+ Instant Camera – Buy It Here

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They’re back to taking instant pics that actually print out right from the camera just like in the “olden days.”  Don’t worry, it has bluetooth connectivity so it has all the modern bells and whistles they’ll need.  Learn more here.

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