The Ultimate List of What to Gift the VSCO Girl in Your Life

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And I oop!  Recently discover you have a VSCO girl in your life?  Don’t worry, we were confused at first too, but we’ll get you right up to speed and come up with the complete list of things to gift them!

Best VSCO Girl Gifts 2024 - List of Things for VSCO Girls Christmas Gift Ideas 2024

What we assumed were just our favorite 90’s trends coming back are actually now referred to as VSCO Girls.  VSCO originally was a photo editing app that many girls were using for a while (it doesn’t have likes or commenting) before they were all over TikTok and Insta.  Today the classic VSCO Girl embraces the basic life and even loves to laugh at her ironic self, which is refreshing.   And did we mention she loves to save the turtles? Sksksk.

Shop our official list of some of the best gifts for VSCO Girls in 2024.


The Best Pick

The Hydro Flask – Buy It Here

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It’s a great way to keep your VSCO girl hydrated and you’ll pretty much want one too!  This Hydro Flask comes with the must-have straw lid, comes in a bunch of different colors, and will keep their drinks cold for up to 24-hours.  Yes, for real.  Learn more here.


The Hair Pick

The Set of 5 Scrunchies – Buy It Here

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They can never have too many scrunchies!  This one comes as a set of 5, perfect for every day of the school week and in a variety of different colors, patterns, and styles.  If you’re looking to buy a ton of them you can grab a set of 45 on Amazon, but the ones above are our total faves and pretty unique.  Learn more here.


The Beachy Pick

The Puka Shell Necklace Pack – Buy It Here

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Now these are giving us total 90’s beach vibes!  Learn more here.


The Comfy Pick

The Classic Crocs –  Buy It Here

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Yes, Crocs are back.  For real.  We’re seeing them on just about every middle school girl and somehow we’re still blaming Rosie O’Donnell for this trend.  The most popular color is white, but they come in over 20 different colors to choose from.  Learn more here.


The Tech Pick

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera – Buy It Here

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Sure you just spent about $900 on their latest iPhone that has an amazing camera, but now it’s all about the Instax Mini.  They’ll snap a pic and it’ll automatically print out so they can decorate their room, locker, and just about anything else.  Learn more here.


The School Pick

The Fjallraven Kanken Backpack – Buy It Here

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Everything old is new again!  They’ll love it because it’s so ironic (um, ok?), but you’ll love it because it’s dirt-resistant, water-resistant, and it even easily wipes clean.  Check it out in about 10 different colors too.  Learn more here.


The Skincare Pick

The Mario Badescu Facial Spray – Buy It Here

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This VSCO-essential 3-piece facial spray gift set comes in green tea, rosewater, and lavender.  It’ll help keep their skin clean, hydrated and, hopefully, acne-free.  Learn more here.


The Bracelet Pick

The Pura Vida Bracelet – Buy It Here

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They’re totally handmade, adjustable, and waterproof and everyone is rocking these bracelets.  Check out all the different colors and patterns too.  These are oddly cheap.  Learn more here.


The Safe Pick

The Sun Bum Sunscreen Stick – Buy It Here

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Hey we’re all for whatever it takes to get them to start adding sunscreen to their daily routine.  Learn more here.


The Cheap Pick

The Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – Buy It Here

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They go through these Burt’s Bees lip balms so fast and they’re always losing them so why not stock up and save.  Learn more here.


The Nostalgic Pick

The Fujifilm Disposable Camera – Buy It Here

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Why they want to go to Walgreens and have pictures developed is beyond us.  But, alas, here we are.  Learn more here.


The Planet-Friendly Pick

The Reusable Metal Straws – Buy It Here

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They’re helping to save the planet one rainbow metal straw at a time and we totally dig that.  This one comes as a set of 8 with 4 bent straws and 4 straight.  Plus it even comes with 2 cleaning brushes!  Learn more here.


The Fun Pick

The VSCO Vinyl Stickers – Buy It Here

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They’re obsessed with vinyl stickers, especially when they put them all over their Hydro Flask, on their Chromebook, and just about everywhere else.  Learn more here.


The Funny Pick

The VSCO Girl Scented Candle – Buy It Here

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They love laughing at themselves so they’ll love this candles that’s scented just like them!  Learn more here.


The Creative Pick

The VSCO Girl Coloring Book – Buy It Here

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26 super fun and creative pages to color, especially for the girls who love to save the turtles and sport the classic scrunchie!  Learn more here.

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