19 Amazing Wine Gift Ideas Any Vino Lover Would Drink To!

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If you’re not actually getting them wine, what on earth are you supposed to gift the wine lover who already has everything?  We got you.

Best Wine Gifts 2024 - -Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers or Snobs for Christmas or Birthday 2024 Cheap

How many coffee mugs can they possibly have that say lame phrases like “It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere” and “It’s Wine Time.”  Dreadful.  Sure we may own one or two of those, but if you’re looking to give a really cool wine gift for that wine lover who has just about everything, we’ve come up with a bunch of really unique (and some cheap) ideas that should totally work.

These should make the perfect present for Christmas, their birthday, an important anniversary this year, or just a regular thank you gift.  Sky is the limit!  We’ve researched a bunch of the top ideas online this year (and last year) and then editorially chose our absolute favorites.  Some are gift sets, some are super practical, and some are just plain old funny.

Shop our picks for some of the best wine gifts in 2024.

The Best Wine Gift of 2024

The Stemless Aerating Wine Glass – Buy It Here

Best Wine Gifts 2024: Wine Aerator 2024

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One of the coolest ways to aerate your wine in the most simple ways possible, right in your glass! It’ll taste better and, rumor has it, they you’ll be left with less wine hangovers.  Here’s to hoping.  And don’t worry, it’s totally dishwasher safe and comes as a set of 2 glasses.  Stock up!  Learn more here.

The Stylish Pick

The Wine Barrel Watch – Buy It Here

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How cool is this!  If they’re a watch lover and a vino snow this is the gift for them!  It’s really made from oak barrels and turned into functioning wearable art.  Learn more here.

The Relaxation Pick

The SipCaddy Glass Holder For the Bathtub – Buy It Here

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It originally went viral because people thought it was so funny, but then it started selling out because people realized how genius it was (and cheap!).  Bring your glass with you in the shower or when you’re relaxing in the tub for some zen-time.  It comes in different color options too!  Learn more here.

The Personalized Pick

The Customized Birthstone Glass Wine Bottle Stopper – Buy It Here

Best Wine Gifts 2024: Glass Wine Stoppers for Wine Lovers 2024

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These are so pretty and totally personalized to their birth month.  You get to choose!  They’re made of handblown glass and actually made right here in the United States (Rhode Island to be exact).  Such a unique idea and a way to show them you put a little extra thought into their present.  Learn more here.

The Innovative Pick

The Popular Porto Vino City Wine Tote Bag – Buy It Here

Best Wine Gifts 2024: Portovino Wine Bag for Wine Lovers at Christmas 2024

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Nope, this isn’t a joke.  It’s the real deal, covered extensively by Buzzfeed, and one of the top-sellers!  This trendy tote bag has a hidden removable insulated compartment that can hold up to two standard bottles of wine.  Sneak it in just about anywhere and bring the party with you. There are a ton of colors and styles to choose from too.  Learn more here.

The Host Pick

The Recycled Bottle Platter – Buy It Here

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Made from real recycled bottles and morphed into these super cute app platters, you can showcase your go-to cheese, crackers, or whatever to all your guests.  It comes with a cork-topped spreader.  Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The Official Wine Condom – Buy It Here

Best Wine Gifts 2024: Funny Wine Condom 2024

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If they already have everything they most likely do not have this one!  The Wine Condom started out as a joke, but has now turned into a top seller and totally effective way to keep your wine fresh after it’s been opened and spill-free! This gift box comes a a set of 6.  Hilarious.  Learn more here.

The Must-Have Pick

The Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover Spray – Buy It Here

Best Wine Gifts 2024: Red Wine Stain Remover 2024

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We’ve all been there.  Red wine stains everywhere.  This practical and effective spray will help get those pesky red wine spill out of things like your clothes, carpeting, and more.  It even works on dried stains.  Plus, it currently has over 1,100 reviews on Amazon and currently 4.3 out of 5 stars.  Amazing!  Learn more here.

The Tech Pick

The Digital Wine Thermometer – Buy It Here

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If they love their gadgets, they’ll love this official wine thermometer which will let you know when your bev is at the right temp.  It even gives you recommendation temps based on different options.  Learn more here.

The Brunch Pick

The Minute Flavored Mimosa – Buy It Here

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If they got the bubbles now they can make a really yummy flavored mimosa by dropping one of these flavor cubes right in.  One minute later, they’ll be ready to sip some delicious flavors. This one also is makes a great adult stocking stuffer idea this year!  Learn more here.

The On-Trend Pick

The Official Corkcicle Wine Chiller – Buy It Here

Best Wine Gifts 2024: Corckcicle Wine Chiller 2024

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This is one of the best (and coolest) ways to keep your wine chilled to the perfect temperature.  It’s easy to set up, use, and it makes for a really interesting conversation piece.  Learn more here.

The Travel Pick

The Wine Wipes For Your Teeth – Buy It Here

Best Wine Gifts 2024: Funny Wine Wipes for Teeth 2024

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If they suffer from the dreaded “merlot mouth” and, yes, we’ve all been there, these really are pretty funny, yet totally effective ways to combat those wine stains!  They come in an easy to carry travel case and they even start you off with a pack of 15 wipes.  Problem solved.  Drink up!  Learn more here.

The Tasting Pick

The Personalized Serving Tray – Buy It Here

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The perfect pick for the host or hostess that loves to have friends over to sample some of their faves.  This tray is totally personalized for you or the receiver where you can choose to add your last name, dates, or whatever you want on two different lines!  Learn more here.

The Classy Pick

The Winc “Unwind With Pino” Gift Set – Buy It Here

Best Wine Gifts 2024: Winc Wine Gift Set 2024

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If the wine lover in your love needs to totally relax and destress from their daily life, they’ll love this gift set.  It comes with a delicious bottle of Pinot Noir, a sweet smelling sweet-ash candle, the sleek garcon corkscrew, and it’s all presented in a really nice black linen package.  Learn more here.

The Unique Pick

The Merlot Infused Coffee Gift – Buy It Here

Best Wine Gifts 2024: Merlot Infused Coffee for Wine Lovers 2024

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If you don’t want them drinking wine for breakfast (total bummer) at least they can enjoy their first cup of coffee that’s actually merlot infused.  This delicious coffee is aged in merlot wine barrels, and is totally caffeinated and fresh.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t contain any actual alcohol so they won’t be getting buzzed at breakfast.  Silver lining?  Learn more here.

The Cool Pick

The Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve – Buy It Here

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Who knew Le Creuset even made something like this?! Keep your fave wine perfectly chilled for hours (not that you usually let it last that long!).  Choose from a variety of cool color options too.  Learn more here.

The Custom Pick

The Cork Letters – Buy It Here

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Add a little custom decor to their blank wall with these super cute cork letters.  Choose the letters you’d like and help them remember some of their most celebrated moments.  Learn more here.

The DIY Pick

The Pinot Grigio Making Kit – Buy It Here

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Let them learn how to make their very own Pinot Grigio right from the comfort of their own home.  This kit will come with just about everything they’ll need and they’ll have a lot of fun doing it too!  Learn more here.

The Apple Pick

The Wine Barrel Apple Watch Strap – Buy It Here

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Turn your tech-heavy Apple Watch into a wearable work of art with this really artistic watch strap!  Learn more here.

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