Get Totally Personal With These Super Cute Customized Gifts!

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Is it really even a gift if their initials aren’t monogrammed on it?  We’re going off the beaten path to recommend some really unique personalized gift ideas for the important people in your life.  Customized ornaments need not apply.

Cheap Personalized Gifts 2024 - Customized Monogrammed Christmas Gift Ideas 2024

When you’re totally tapped on what to get that special someone in your life did you ever think of going the personalized route?  Don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as you think.  In fact, some of the top retailers offer free monogramming and customization just for being a customer.  Eh, we’re sure it’s built into the price but, still, it’s always appreciated.

We’re totally staying away from the same-old-same-old ideas of yesteryear like the monogrammed scarf, socks, and stationary.  Not that that’s not cool but, like, that’s not cool.  We’re going to cover pretty unique ideas for significant others, kids, parents, or just anybody.  Like, don’t forget your hairdresser after all!

Check out some of the coolest personalized gifts in 2024!


The Thoughtful Pick

The Personalized Constellation of Love Print – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Constellation of Love 2024

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Simply choose the important date in their life and you’ll receive a beautiful print of what the sky and stars looked like on that super special night.  Choose to get this framed or get just the print.  Your choice.  Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, wedding dates, and more!  Learn more here.


The Fun Pick

The Custom Jenga-Like Game – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Customize Jenga 2024

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Who doesn’t love a giant tumbling blocks game?  Ok, so it’s basically Jenga but, you know, without the name. Speaking of names, you can totally customize this by having names and/or dates added to the wooden blocks themselves.  It also comes with a helpful carrying bag so you can bring it with you!  Learn more here.


The Loving Pick

The Intersection of Love Print – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Intersection of Love Print 2024

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This one is currently one of the best-sellers of the year so far!  Add your names and dates to this print to help depict when and where you’ve met.  This print is popular with husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, wives and wives, husbands and husbands, girlfriends and girlfriends…you get the point.  Learn more here.


The Pet Pick

The Custom Pet Portraits – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Custom Pet Portraits 2024

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We didn’t forget about your favorite pup or pretty kitty!  This is such a cool and unique way to add a little pet love around your home.  These paintings will totally capture your pets personality and will look great in any room in your house.  Learn more here.


The Cool AF Pick

The Recycled Aluminum Mosaic Letters – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Custom Mosaic Letters 2024

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Now here’s something we know they don’t already have!  How cool are these letters?  They actually look like they’re dancing when light hits them.  They’re made from recycled aluminum cans and you can get any custom letter you want.  Or letters!  It can get pretty pricey, but we’re already obsessed.  Learn more here.


The Funny Pick

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That’s right, who wouldn’t want a pillow with their face customized right on it?  Either pick your picture or theirs for that extra creepy funny vibe.  You can choose one pillow, two, or even the “threesome” package.  Learn more here.


The Cheap Pick

The Tiled Monogrammed Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Monogrammed Tile Mug 2024

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One of the coolest (and cheapest) options that pretty much works for anyone on your list.  Choose your letter (or their letter) and they’ll be enjoying their coffee or tea in no time!  There are even some cool drink coaster options to choose from too.  Learn more here.


The Family Pick

The Custom Family Print – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Custom Family Print 2024

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How cute is this custom cartoon-like family print?  You can have this created to look as much like your actual family as possible.  Choose things like skin tone, hair color, clothing options, and so much more.  Learn more here.


The Game Pick

The Personalized Tic Tac Toe Game – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Custom Tic Tac Toe Game 2024

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Tic Tac Toe doesn’t just have to be X’s and O’s.  Now you can pick any two letters you want and even have the board itself have your name or whatever added right to it!  Learn more here.


The Wine Lovers Pick

The Monogrammed YETI Stemless Wine Tumbler – Buy It Here

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They’re the most fun wine “glasses” we’ve seen in a while and right now you can get text (including your name or initials) added to it for free.  These also come in a ton of other colors you can mix-and-match too.  Learn more here.


The Historic Pick

The New York Times Front Page Puzzle – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Customized New York Times Puzzle 2024

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Discover exactly what was going on in the world (according to the New York Times) when you provide the specific date you’re looking for.  It’ll then turn the front page of the NY Times on that date into a really fun 500 piece puzzle.  Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding dates, and more.  You decide!  Learn more here.


The Journal Pick

The Letter Journal – Buy It Here

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It’s the must-have journal of the season!  Super unique, this 88 page (lined) journal comes in a variety of different color combos and you can get your fave letter (like their initial) right on the cover.  Learn more here.


The Cute Pick

The Hobby Glasses – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Custom Family Glasses 2024

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Now you can have your family or friends added to these drinking glasses and even choose their favorite hobbies or past-times to be added too.  We’re talking about things like golfing, reading, baseball, pets, and more.  You can choose to have just one glass created or, really, as many as you want!  Learn more here.


The Planner Pick

The Initialized Weekly Planner – Buy It Here

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Help them stay super organized this year with this monogrammed weekly planner that comes in a few really nice colors.  Learn more here.

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