18 Ways to Gift Your New Fiancé They’ll Love!

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Found yourself a fiancé?  First off, great job catching them!  Second, it’s time to find the perfect gift for them they’ll actually want.  You’ve come to the right place.

Gifts for Fiance 2024 - New Fiances Christmas Gift Ideas For Her or Him

You’ve just found “your person” and you couldn’t be more excited.  We remember those days.  And like with everything else, you have to find them the perfect gift.  Our pro tip is to find something that you can both enjoy if possible. This can include things like experience gifts, essentials for your home, or things that’ll help gear you both up for your upcoming wedding.  You have chosen a date already, right?  Eh, none of our business.

There are plenty of wedding gift ideas out there, but what about all the tings you need before that big day?  We’re talking their birthday or, more importantly, Christmas!  We’ve balanced our picks to cover Christmas, their birthday, your new engagement, the upcoming wedding, and just some plain old cool AF presents either of you would love to get.

Shop our picks for some of the best Christmas gifts for your fiancé in the 2024 season.

The Best Fiancé Gift of 2024

The Homesick “First Kiss” Candle – Buy It Here

Gifts For Fiance 2024: First Kiss Homesick Candle

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It’s a great way for you and your fiancé to always remember your first kiss and even celebrate it!  This amazing scented candle is hand-poured, made of all natural soy wax, and even has a burn time of 80 hours.  Learn more here.

The Loving Pick

The Map of Our Hearts – Buy It Here

Gifts For Fiance 2024: Map of Hearts

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A really pretty (and cool) way to celebrate your love.  Choose your location (of course) and the color palette you’d like, along with your names and date (if you want).  Perfect for the fiances who started out in that long-distance relationship.  Learn more here.

The Christmas Pick

The Birthstone Tree Ornament – Buy It Here

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All you really have to know is their birthday and you can snag them one of these pretty handmade birthstone ornament globes.  It even comes with an insert that lets them know the traits they share with their birthstone.  Learn more here.

The Classy Pick

The Waterford Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Flutes – Buy It Here

Gifts For Fiance 2024: Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Glasses

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Whether you want to save it for your wedding or just start celebrating now, you can never go wrong with just about anything from Waterford.  This set of 2 crystal flutes will make a great Christmas gift too!  Learn more here.

The Silky Pick

The Embroidered Silk Robe – Buy It Here

Gifts For Fiance 2024: Embroidered Silk Robe For Her

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Perfect for a relaxing night or even when it’s sexy time, this silk robe is just what the doctor ordered.  It’s a bit on the pricer side, but totally worth it.  She’ll love it!  Learn more here.

The Long Lasting Pick

The Venus et Fleur Roses That Last 1 Year – Buy It Here

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These are the roses that everyone is talking about online this year.  Not only are they so beautiful, but they last up to 1 year.  Yes, for real.  1 year.  They’ll love placing them on their desk at work, by their bed, or pretty much whenever.  They’re definitely on the more expensive side, but you can choose all different sizes (and colors) to fit your budget.  Learn more here.

The Newly Engaged Pick

The “Engaged” Bridal Appointment Calendar – Buy It Here

Gifts For Fiance 2024: Engagement Calendar Book

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If she’s your new fiancé, she’s going to be busy with tons of appointment all leading up to that special wedding day.  This is a chic AF way for her to keep track of all her appointment and even has a notes page and contacts page too.  Time to get organized!  Learn more here.

The Frame Pick

The Kate Spade “Take the Cake” Double Frame – Buy It Here

Gifts For Fiance 2024: Happily Ever After Picture Frame

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It’s one of our faves of the season.  This silver double frame easily allows you to add in your invitation and your picture or just use it for photos of the both of you.  It’s also engraved with “Happily Ever After” below the photos.  Learn more here.

The Cool AF Pick

The Personalized Constellation of Love Print – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Constellation of Love 2024

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Simply choose the important date in their life and you’ll receive a beautiful print of what the sky and stars looked like on that super special night.  Choose to get this framed or get just the print.  Your choice.  Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, wedding dates, and more!  Learn more here.

The Decor Pick

The Jonathan Adler Letter Pillows – Buy It Here

Gifts For Fiance 2024: Jonathan Adler Pillows

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Add a little flair to your new place with these letter throw pillows from famous designer Jonathan Adler.  Super cute and comfy!  Learn more here.

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The Bedroom Pick

The Percale Sheet Set from Parachute – Buy It Here

Gifts For Fiance 2024: Percale Sheet Set

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You’ve probably seen this super popular sheet set all over your Facebook and Instagram feed lately.  They’re a top seller, overly comfortable, and come in a variety of different color options.  This set comes with the duvet cover, the pillowcases, and the fitted sheet.  Plus, it’s really affordable for everything you get.  Time to update your “new” bedroom that you can both enjoy.  Learn more here.

The Unique Pick

The Wedding Pebble Portrait – Buy It Here

Gifts For Fiance 2024: Wedding Pebble Portrait

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It’s probably the most unique wedding portrait we’ve seen in a while.  You can customize it by adding a bride and a groom, two brides, or two grooms.  Learn more here.

The Spa-Like Pick

The Comfy Cloud Cotton Robe – Buy It Here

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It’s like you and your fiance are spending the day at the spa with these really comfortable cloud robes.  These are perfect for her or him and they come in a variety of different colors too.  You’ll never want to take them off!  Learn more here.

The Thoughtful Pick

The LoveBox Spinning Heart Messenger Box – Buy It Here

New Tech Gadgets 2024: Lovebox Messenger

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This one is such a cute way to let your loved one know that you’re thinking of them.  You’ll use the app to send them a text message and the heart on their LoveBox will spin alerting them that there’s a message.  Inside the box will be your message on the screen.  Love, love, love it!  Learn more here.

The Zen Pick

The Spa Finder Gift Card – Buy It Here

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Get them this Spa Finder gift card and they can choose their own service in your local area.  Think about couples massages, facials, manicures, and more!  Learn more here.

The Nostalgic Pick

The Intersection of Love Print – Buy It Here

Cool Personalized Gifts 2024: Intersection of Love Print 2024

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This one is currently one of the best-sellers of the year so far!  Add your names and dates to this print to help depict when and where you’ve met.  Learn more here.

The Personalized Pick

The Custom Wooden Cutting Board – Buy It Here

Inexpensive Hostess Gifts 2024: Personalized Cutting Board 2024

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This totally customized wooden cutting board allows you to add their name, initials, date, or whatever up to 12 characters and they’ll likely think of you each and every time they use it.  Learn more here.

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