The Most Popular Housewarming Gifts For Their First Home They’ll Actually Use!

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They bought the house, but somehow we’re the ones who have to give them a gift.  Here’s some really popular ideas to gift those new home owners they’ll actually want to use.

Best Housewarming Gifts 2024 - Cheap Popular New Home Gift Ideas 2024

If you’re looking for some unique gift ideas when trying to find the right housewarming present, you’re in luck.  We’re skipping over some lame options like bottles of wine, flowers, (even worse) letterhead and we’re going with ideas they’ll not only appreciate, but be psyched to use.

Whether it’s their first new home, their second home, their tenth home (and you’re still gifting them things for some reason) we’ve got you covered.  Check out some of the best housewarming gifts in 2024!

The Best Housewarming Pick

The Homesick “New Home” Candle – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: New Home Candle 2024

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What better way to celebrate their new home than with a ‘New Home’ candle by Homesick.  They’re hand-poured, filled with soy wax, made in the United States, and has notes of ocean, cedarwood, lime, and more.  Learn more here.

The Practical Pick

The Harringdons Kitchen Dish Towels – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Tea Towels 2024

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These are currently one of the top-sellers on Amazon with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating and over 1,500 customer reviews!  You can’t argue with that.  They’re 100% cotton, come as a set of 12, and are a great add-on to any kitchen.  Learn more here.

The Cool AF Pick

The Composite Agate Cheese Board – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Composite Cheese Board 2024

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This multi-colored stone cheeseboard can be used for so many different things and is so pretty that they’ll basically want to keep it out on display every single day.  Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The Kate Spade Kitchen Gift Set – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Eat Cake For Breakfast 2024

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The perfect housewarming gift for the fun people out there, this 3-piece set from Kate Spade comes with the oven mitt, the pot holder, and the dish towel.  Let them eat cake!  Learn more here.

The Decor Pick

The “My Happy Place” Throw Pillow – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: My Happy Place Pillow 2024

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A nice little way to toss a little happy into their new home.  This linen pillow embroidered with “My Happy Place” is 16-inches by 16-inches, and will look amazing on any couch (or bed) in their new home.  Learn more here.

The Yummy Pick

The Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Oil Spice Kit 2024

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They’ll totally enjoy testing out these 15 different amazing flavors whether they’re dipping their bread into it, crackers, or whatever.  Sky is the limit.  Totally delicious and totally unique.  Learn more here.

The Retro Pick

The SMEG Retro-Inspired 2-Slice Toaster – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: SMEG Toaster 2024

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If they have to keep their toaster out on the counter all the time it might as well be with this beauty.  This 2-slice toaster has 6 different toasting levels, is wide enough to toast your favorite bagels, and currently comes in 5 different cool colors you got to see!  Learn more here.

The Scented Pick

The Diptyque Candle Gift Set – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Candle Set 2024

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Everyone needs some classy (and somewhat expensive) candles in their home.  This wonderful smelling candle set comes with three different candles to burn and scents like roses, baies, and figuier.   Learn more here.

The Cute Pick

The Emoji Face Mugs – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Emoji Face Mugs 2024

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A super cute addition to any kitchen, these emoji-face mugs come in a bunch of different faces and emotions.  You can buy the entire set or choose the specific ones you want.  We’re always partial to an eye-roll!  Learn more here.

The Colorful Pick

The Colorful Handmade Sangria Pitcher – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Handmade Sangria Pitcher 2024

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We’re big fans of homemade sangria so you can never go wrong with a colorful sangria pitcher!  The narrow opening at the top will keep the fruit inside from slashing out into your glass and you can easily scoop out what you want.  Learn more here.

The Indoor Pick

The Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden 2024

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A really cute way for them to grow their own usable herbs and spices in the comfort of their own house.  They’ll never have to worry about animals getting at them either!  Learn more here.

The Luxury Pick

The Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Le Creuset Dutch Oven 2024

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Everyone really needs at least one piece from Le Creuset.  They’re of the highest quality, come in so many different colors, and will basically last a lifetime.  This dutch oven is one of the top-sellers this year.  Learn more here.

The Monogrammed Pick

The Monogram Tiled Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Tile Initial Mug

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French bistro-inspired tiled coffee mugs where you can choose the monogrammed letter you want.  It’ll be their new favorite way to have their coffee or tea each and every morning.  Learn more here.

The Popular Pick

The Compact Swivel Cheese Board – Buy It Here

Popular Housewarming Gifts 2024: Swivel Cheese Board 2024

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Now they can turn their cheeseboard into a fully functional (and movable) work of art!  They can swivel it around so that everyone can grab their favorite pieces to try, and it even comes with 2 different cheese knives and a cheese fork.  Learn more here.

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