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It’s the mattress of all mattresses! Get ready to learn all about how amazing Bear Mattress is!

Bear Mattress Promo Code July 2024 - Coupons & Discount

Why We’re So Obsessed!

First things first.  We’re not trying to sell you a mattress.  Boring.  But, we’re continuing our series on retailers and brands we’re really obsessed with and – well – since we’re obsessed with trying to actually get a good night’s sleep we needed to let you know about our experience with Bear Mattress.  In a word?  Amazing.  In two words?  So amazing.

Get 25%

Get an Extra 25% Off at Bear

One of the best offers they've had - now you can get 25% off your online order.  They're offering such a generous discount to first responders, healthcare workers, the military and more.  Once you verify your info you'll get a 25% promo code to use on your order.  So amazing!

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Look, we’re definitely not sleep experts around here.  But what we are experts in is waking up a million times in the middle of the night, sweating while we sleep, and waking up still tired.  Anyone else?  We’re always willing to try new things – especially around here – and after we read a great unbiased review on them from US News (they were named one of the top mattress of the year) we were ready to give them a go.

We went with the BearPro – mainly because it was a step up from the original and the Pro has some great cooling features and is perfect for those of us who sleep basically all over the place in the middle of the night.  We’re pretty much sweaty animals so anything that could help cool us off is a bonus.  We actually weren’t too concerned because they offer a free 100 night trial, free shipping and free returns.  So what was the worst that could happen?!

Instead of boring you with bed-specs and details, here’s the thing.  We fell in love.  It did take us a short amount of time to adjust to the feeling of memory foam, but not in a bad way.  We were relived we didn’t sink into the bed like we had during a hotel stay once.  Big mistake.

It’s their gel memory foam layer that helps with removing unwanted body heat and their copper infused foam that provides you with an overall cooler sleeping experience.  Now we don’t say that we’re never warm (we’re the kind of people who sleep with the AC on for about 9 months out of the year) but – so far – we have yet to wake up in that nasty sweat swamp that we were used to dealing with.  Oh, and we should note that when we purchased our they were running a special where also got 2 free pillows and a set of sheets.  And, yes, we did think of regifting those – but we kept them.  Not bad!

Beside the Pro that we’re loving, a few other faves to check out include:

★ Their Original Mattress – See More Here
★ Their Adjustable Base – See More Here
★ Their Calming Weighted Blanket – See More Here

Speaking of their weighted blanket – if you’ve ever read about them and how they can help people with anxiety feel a bit more calm – they really do work.  There’s something about the additional weight that just makes us feel more protected and comfortable.

We’ve really had a great experience with them and their customer service – especially when we made purchases during the pandemic.  Ugh.  They were awesome and fully transparent, which made us feel better about buying online during such a crazy time.  If you think you’re ready for a new mattress, we think you’re really going to love Bear.  We’re kind of obsessed.  Still.

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

While we’re the gift pros around here we’re the unofficial bargain hunting pros too.  We wanted to look into their coupon policy a bit to (1) see if they even had one and (2) see if they ever provided any discounts.  After some research/super-sleuthing we learned that they actually do accept promo codes (you’ll add yours in during their checkout process).  However, we also learned that the only place you will find approved and official offers is on their site (only!).  If you see them elsewhere – honestly – they’re probably not real or working so, really, don’t waste your time.  And while we do not have any exclusive offers here, we did want to share a couple that they’re promoting over on their site that we thought was pretty awesome of them:

★ 25% Off First Responders, Healthcare + Military – See More Here
★ Get 20% Off Today – See More Here

Once you shop directly on their site you’ll notice so many of their products will include a promo code that will automatically be added when you go to checkout.  They’re full transparent about it all – which is refreshing.

Shop some of the best Bear Mattress must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in July 2024.

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Bear Mattress Promo & Offers in July 2024

We're obsessed with doing everything we can to get a good night's sleep and that's why we're equally obsessed with Bear Mattress.  They're the direct-to-consumer brand that combined technology with comfort to help get your totally rested, recovered, and energized to tackle your day.  Take a peek at their different options, best sellers, and any coupon or promo code offer they might be promoting on their site.

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Get 25%

Get an Extra 25% Off at Bear

One of the best offers they've had - now you can get 25% off your online order.  They're offering such a generous discount to first responders, healthcare workers, the military and more.  Once you verify your info you'll get a 25% promo code to use on your order.  So amazing!

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Get 20%

Take an Additional 20% Off + $375 Free Sleep Bundle

Always an amazing offer, now you can get up to 20% off + a free sleep bundle valued at $375 while the offer still lasts.  Take a peek at comfy options like their Original, their Pro, and their Hybrid.  There's really something for just about any kind of sleeper.

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$556 + Up

Shop Their Original Mattress Now at $556 + Up!

The "Original" is where it all started and where our obsession began.  Now you can get it priced at only $556 and going up from there.  Take a peek at sizes starting from Twin and Twin XL all the way up to California king. Learn about their free shipping and returns offer too.

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$100 + Up

Shop Their Cooling Foam Pillow Now at $100 + Up!

If you're sweaty sleepers like we are you must check out their cooling foam pillow - now starting at only $100 and going up from there.  It actually help you stay cool all night long and perfect for any style sleeper as well.

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$245 + Up

Shop Their Pro Mattress-Topper Now at $245 + Up!

Looking for an upgrade?  Check out their copper-infused memory foam topper now priced at only $245 and going up from there.  It has temperature regulating capabilities, provides amazing pressure point relief - and is even part of their free shipping and free returns offer. 

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