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Have a disaster plan in place for you and/or your whole family when you pick out a suitable Judy Kit. Get all the latest details here!

Judy Promo Code July 2023 - Coupons & Discount

Why We’re So Obsessed!

You want to know the real reason why we’re obsessed with Judy?  Oprah told us to be.  Well, sort of.  Their emergency kits were named as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things and, from there, they really took off.  But to be honest, we’re actually obsessed because depending on your situation, these kits come with everything you need in case of (God forbid) an emergency situation arises.  While we’re definitely not Dooms Day conspiracy theorists – we think it’s safe to say that after the year(s) we’ve all had…anything can happen.  So why not just be prepared and move along with your day?

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Take an Additional 25% Off at Judy

Get an extra 25% off your prep kit that's actually designed by experts.  Trust, this is a great offer.  Once it's gone it's back to just 10%.  Do it!

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Typically when you hear of survival and emergency kits you think end of the world.  Not so.  Let’s call it like it is, if you really were preparing for the actual end of the world, why would you want to stay?!  Nope, these Judy kits are packed (by actual survival experts) with things you and you family would potentially need during a variety of situations.  While they currently have four different options to choose from, overall, they’re going come with must have supplies to help with things like:

★ Overall Safety + Protection Supplies
★ Things to Help You Stay + Remain Warm
★ Essential First Aid Supplies
★ Variety of Useful Tools
★ Emergency Drinking Water
★ Emergency Food Supply

You never think you need any of this until you actually need it.  Whether it’s fires, hurricanes, power outages, blizzards, tornadoes – or worse.  And they currently have four different options to purchase based on your needs both small and large.  Although, their option called The Safe is pretty badass and makes us feel the most, well, safe.

While there are some really affordable options, things can get a bit pricey.  They do their best to help with costs by, at times, providing sale pricing and discounts overall.  We’ve seen anywhere from 10% – 25% off original prices depending on which options you pick.  However, for us to have peace of mind is really priceless.

We think you should at least check them out.  We know you’re going to feel better.  We’re obsessed!

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

We looked just about everywhere to try and find a promo code, coupon, or some type of an exclusive discount online.  No luck.  That’s mainly because Judy does not have promo codes at this time.  At least not ones that are sent around.  And while we don’t have any here either, we did find some ways directly from their website where you can at least save a bit.  Check with them on their site to see which offers are still valid.  You know things like that can always change.  A couple that seemed good included:

★ 10% Applied at Checkout – See More Here
★ 25% Off Prep Kits – See More Here

At this time we didn’t see that they offered a student discount or anything for the military – but if/when they do we’ll keep you updated.

Shop some of the best Judy must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in July 2023.

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Judy Kits Promo & Offers in July 2023

There's no better way to be prepared for just about any emergency than with the latest from Judy.  Not to mention, they were chosen as one of Oprah's Favorite Things recently. And now you can even have an expert build your own kit for you.  See all the current options, promo offers, and ways to save (even without a promo code or coupon!).

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Get 25%

Take an Additional 25% Off at Judy

Get an extra 25% off your prep kit that's actually designed by experts.  Trust, this is a great offer.  Once it's gone it's back to just 10%.  Do it!

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Get 10%

Get an Additional 10% Off Today

This is one of their easiest deals ever.  Take an additional 10% off.  That's it!  Just click through and they'll apply your discount right at checkout.

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$45 + Up

Get Your Own Kit Now For $45 + Up!

These don't have to cost you a ton!  Some of their most popular emergency options are now priced at $45 and go up from there.  Take a look at options like: The Safety, The Starter, The Mover Max, and The Safe.

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