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One of the most unique gifts and must haves of the season comes from Olive and June. And they’re more affordable than ever before. Get all the latest details here!

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Why We’re So Obsessed!

You know what we did during the endless quarantine?  Nothing.  Really.  We did nothing.  We lived in our pajamas, cut our own hair (maybe that’s something?), watched everything on Netflix, and napped.  The last thing we cared about was getting our nails done – but like a cloud of depression, it’s all lifting, we’re seeing sunny skies again, and we want to do things to focus on our self-care and, yes, we’re finally getting our nails done – at home.  Our new BGG?  Olivia and June.  If you haven’t heard about them before, your nails are about to totally thank you.

Get 20%

Get an Extra 20% Off at Olive and June

Now you can take an additional 20% off your online order just by subscribing to their (really amazing) emails.  Once you add in your email address you'll be sent a 20% promo code you can use on that order!

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As you know, we’re gift experts around here – it’s really all we do.  But we also love to review companies that we’re obsessed over and we especially want to highlight amazing business owned by women.  Women supporting women is our business and we’re so excited to fill you in on the latest from Olive & June.

They first started in Beverly Hills and now they ship polishes, nail accessories, and their famous at-home mani system right to your front door.  Honestly, it makes us feel like we’re one of the Real Housewives and we’re ok if you judge us for that.

We first learned about them when we were clicking all around Vogue Magazine and they were reviewed and listed as a total must-have, especially during the pandemic.  We had to try them out and we’re so glad we did.  Their mani system comes with everything you need for the perfect at-home mani (even for us, who isn’t really that great at doing their nails) and includes things like:

★  A polish bottle handle (it’s actually pretty genius)
★  Cuticle serum
★  Nail polish remover
★  6 different nail polish colors of your choice
★  A nail buffer
★  Clippers and a file
★  Clean-up brush
★  Glossy top coat

And here’s the thing, along with how amazing their system really is they even have some super helpful online tutorials on how to give yourself a pro at-home manicure.  There are even masterclasses you can sign up to take and even bootcamps!  It’s all pretty helpful and just having pretty nails again kind of lifted us out of the funk we’ve been in for a while.  Oh, and it’s actually all pretty affordable.  We’re not saying cheap, by any means, but for everything you get it’s totally doable.

If you’re not into getting the entire mani system, you can buy a lot of one-off items like individual nail polishes (currently they’re priced at only $8!), individual nail art options, nail care tools and accessories, skincare serums for your hands, and a lot more.

If you’re ready to start taking care of yourself again (it took us a while) we think you’re really going to love giving Olive and June and shot.  You’ll have a truly unique and pampered experience.  We’re obsessed!

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

While everything is pretty affordable we wanted to take a look at what their stance was on promo codes.  Olive and June does allow coupons and promo code discounts to be entered upon checking-out.  After some research we discovered that they don’t really hand out (pun kind of intended) coupons – and while we don’t have any here either, we didn’t find any working codes on other websites.

We did find a couple of helpful offers directly from O&J.  You have to get them directly from their own website (which is really amazing, by the way).  Just double check to see which offers are still valid as offers can always change.  But in the meantime, a couple we’ve found at the time included:

★ 20% Off For Email SignUp – See More Here
★ Get a Free Nail Polish – See More Here

At this time we haven’t found a student discount or frontline/healthcare worker discount – but if that ever changes we’ll let you know.

Shop some of the best Olive and June must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in July 2024.

Go See!

Olive and June Promo & Offers in July 2024

If you're looking for the ultimate at-home mani (that you totally deserve these days) you must check out the latest from Olive and June.  Started in Beverly Hills and now right to your home they have the best mani systems and nail polish colors ever.  Take a look at their new arrivals of the season and any promo code or coupon offers they may have today on their site!

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Get 20%

Get an Extra 20% Off at Olive and June

Now you can take an additional 20% off your online order just by subscribing to their (really amazing) emails.  Once you add in your email address you'll be sent a 20% promo code you can use on that order!

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Here’s How to Get a Free Nail Polish!

You can now get a free nail polish just by referring a best to O&J!  When you take part in their referral program your BFF will even get $10 off their first order and, once completed, you'll get a free polish!

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Get 15%

Get 15% Off Their Mani System

Their official Mani System is where it's at and a total must-have this season.  You can even take an additional 15% off when you become a member - in addition to other perks too.  Choose you own colors, shades, and more.

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Get For $8

Shop the Latest Nail Polish Colors Now For $8!

Take a look at the newest nail polish colors of the season, now priced at only $8 - which is pretty amazing.  And check out their free shipping offer too.

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$8 + Up

Best Selling Nail Care Accessories Now at $8 + Up!

Find some of their top nail care essentials, now priced at only $8 and going up from there. Take a look at things like primers, dry drops, cuticle removers, hand serums, and so much more.

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