Pretty Decent Sales on Nike Shoes are Happening this 4th of July!

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You can never have too many pairs of Nike’s.  From running and walking to casual, sport-specific and everything in between there are some great sales happening for Nike shoes this 4th of July!

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We’ve gifted more Nike sneakers than we care to admit.  While us adults love them still, they’ve made such a resurgence among the kids out there, mainly thanks to all those Jordans that are near impossible to get.  In fact, there are even sites out there dedicated to upcoming Nike releases so you know exactly when the next “must have” pair are being released, how much they’re going to be, and how to get them before they really do sell out. If it’s one thing that we can all agree on it’s that all sneakers are pretty expensive and if you have kids that seem to outgrow them every few months, you can feel our pain.  The good news is that there are plenty (and we mean plenty) of nike shoes on sale right now and leading up to the big Fourth of July online sale promotion.  This is typically when you can get up to 40% off some of the newest releases and most expensive pairs for quite the lower price. There are a handful of online retailers that we’ll shop at regularly, especially for all things Nike.  You want to make sure you’re getting legit sneakers and no knock-offs, especially when it’s the super expensive ones.  You can always shop direct at Nike’s own website and other places like Zappos, Finish Line, Amazon and Walmart to find a decent price this 4th of July!
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As far as shoes and sneakers go, some of the current best sellers include things like:  Air Force 1, Air Max, Jordans, Air Max 270s, Vintage Blazer ’77, Air Max Dawn, and the retro Nike Killshot. While not all of these will be on sale today, we’ve done our best to find their current best sellers that are on sale.  We’ll update this regularly as we get closer so that even the biggest names will hopefully be on sale too.

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Top Selling Nike Sneakers:

Air Force 1:

Air Jordans:

For Kids

For Men

For Women

Nike Killshot

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