10 Unique Gift Baskets Perfect for Christmas or Any Holiday!

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You can never go wrong when having to give that special someone a gift basket, especially with these best-selling (and kind of cheap) ideas for Christmas!

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024 - Cheap Unique Food Gift Basket Ideas 2024

We’re totally guilty as charged when it comes to sending out a gift basket during the Christmas holidays.  Look, we’re not sending a basket of red apples (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but we really think they’ve have come a long way in recent years and there really are so many amazing options for so many of the unique personalities in your life.

Whether you’re gifting your boss, your client, your relatives, or just the friend who could use a little pick-me-up, we’ve covered it all.  We’ve researched some of the most popular categories and then chose some of the best reviewed and highest rated options, along with ones we’ve tested, eaten, and loved.

Shop our picks for some of the best Christmas gift baskets in 2024.

The Best Gift Basket of 2024

The Christmas Reindeer Gift Basket Tower – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024: Reindeer Treats Tower 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

It’s the perfect gift basket tower for the ultimate snack and sweet treat lover.  It’s totally decked out in a Christmas holiday theme and comes with super yummy treats like dark chocolate almonds, delicious milk chocolate truffles, cinnamon yogurt pretzels and so much more!  This was was a best seller last holiday season!  Learn more here.

The Chocolate Pick

The Classic Godiva Chocolate Basket – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024: Godiva Chocolate Gold Basket 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Chocolate lovers unite!  If they love chocolate as much as we do, they’re going to be psyched to get this one this holiday season or any time of year, really.  It comes with super high quality Godiva chocolate products like the chocolate itself, milk chocolate caramels, chocolate covered cashews, milk chocolate truffles, and more.  Learn more here.

The Cookie Pick

The Mrs. Fields Holiday Cookie Basket – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024: Cookie Basket Mrs Fields 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

You know what’s better than 12 delicious cookies?  How about 72 cookies!  This is the ultimate gift basket for the cookie lover in your life.  It comes with 72 snack-sized treats in Mrs. Fields most popular and best-selling flavors.  It even comes with the classic red hand-tied ribbon for that extra special touch.  Learn more here.

The Wine Pick

The Winc Wine & Caramel Popcorn – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024: Winc Wine & Popcorn 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Who doesn’t love a bottle of wine and some tasty snacks?!  This gift comes with 1 bottle of Dime red wine and 4 bags of different flavored caramel popcorn like vanilla bean and cocoa, salt and honey graham, bourbon, and more.  The price is pretty decent too for all of this!  Learn more here.

The Meat Pick

The “Dan the Sausage Man” Gourmet Gift Basket – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024: Dan the Sausage Man 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Now they can have a real sausage party this holiday season thanks to the super popular “Dan the Sausage Man” gift basket.  It comes with so many tasty things like a variety of award winning sausage from Wisconsin, a variety of cheeses, sweet hot mustard, chocolate truffles, and more!  Learn more here.

The Splurge Pick

The Dom Perignon Gift – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024: Dom Perignon Champagne & Snack 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

If you’re looking to impress them this year, this is the one to do it with.  First off, it comes with a bottle of Dom.  Do we even need to say anymore?  Ok, fine.  It comes with an awesome bottle of Dom Perignon along with so many other different snacks and treats that really pair well with it.  Some treats include sharp cheddar cheese, wheat crackers, chocolate wafer rolls, butter toffee peanuts, roasted cashews, and more!  Learn more here.

The BBQ Pick

The Grill Masters Club – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024: Grill Masters Box 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Grill Masters of the world unite!  This gift is perfect for the ultimate grillers in your life, even if they’re not pros.  Although they probably think they are.  It comes with rubs, spices, sauces, wood chips, grilling accessories, along with recipes and grilling tips too!  Learn more here.

The Popcorn Pick

The Santa Claus Gourmet Popcorn Tin – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024: The Santa Claus Popcorn Tin 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

We could eat gourmet popcorn all year round.  Sadly, ours is usually gone by the time the New Year rolls around.  This Santa-themed tin comes with different flavors that you can choose.  Choose from flavors like butter, caramel, cheddar, kettle, and more.  You’ll get three different flavors per tin.  Learn more here.

The Fitness Pick

The Fitness/Gym Goers “Crush Crate” – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024: Fitness & Protein 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

You know there’s a New Year’s resolution right around the corner, so why not give them a bit of a boost.  This “Crush Crate” comes with healthy things they’ll need like 8-12 different items that focus around protein, beverages, snacks, and even a recipe t to follow.  Learn more here.

The Coffee Pick

The K Cup Coffee Gift – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gift Baskets 2024: Coffee K Cups 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Everyone loves their coffee and most people have a Keurig coffee maker, so now you can gift them a variety of really cool K Cups so they can sample some great new and popular flavors.  There’s 15 K Cups in there!  Learn more here.

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