10 Elderly-Approved Ways to Gift the Seniors in Your Life Who are Still Totally Active

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Show a little respect for your elders with these thoughtful gifts that most seniors will actually use and appreciate.

Best Gifts for Senior Citizens 2024 - Cheap Gift Ideas for Elderly Women & Men Christmas 2024

Why do the words “elderly” and “senior citizens” sound, well, so old? We use to think that elderly folks were, like, 100 years old.  Not true!  The official age of a senior citizen is actually only 65 years old!  While people of any age could use gifts that help them put their socks on, button their shirts, and help them to knit easier, but that’s not the elderly loves in our lives!  Heck no!

Today seniors are way more active than those of yesteryear and, as opposed to horrific stereotypes, they actually do know how to use the latest technology, they actually do like to do things besides sitting and watching TV, and they actually are fully functioning productive members of society.  Let’s remember to treat them that way and let our gift choices not make them feel older than they actually are!

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for seniors in 2024.

The Best Gift for the Elderly 2024

The New Amazon Echo Show 8 – Buy It Here

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It’s the latest from Amazon and the perfect way for your elderly buddies to stay in touch with some easy-to-use face-to-face video calls!  One of the biggest tech gift must-haves of the year, they can even ask Alexa a zillion different questions, get weather updates, listen to their favorite songs, watch videos, play endless games (like Jeopardy!), and so much more.  Learn more here.

The Memory Lane Pick

The Personalized “My Life Story” Book – Buy It Here

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They lived quite the life so why not jot down some of their earliest memories, moments that were important to them, lessons they’d like to pass down to future generations, and even more plans they have for their next chapter in life.  They can even add their favorite photos right into this customized book too!  Learn more here.

The Thinking of You Pick

The “Stay in Touch” Long Distance Touch Lamp – Buy It Here

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If they’re not big into texting (phew!) this is the best way for them to let them know they’re thinking of you and exactly the moment when you’re thinking of them.  After a quick and easy set-up, each time their lamp is touched yours will light up and vice versa. It doesn’t matter how far away you are or they are (anywhere in the world!).  This was one of the top-selling gifts of the past year!  Learn more here.

The Forgetful Pick

The Tile “Stuff” Finder – Buy It Here

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It doesn’t matter their age.  We all lose our keys, phone, and remote control, like, all the time.  These little Tile’s will help them find it.  They can take the classic Tile and add it to their keychain and the Tile stickers to things like their remote control, phone, and more.  If any of those things “go missing” the Tile will alert them exactly where they can be found.  Technology at its finest!  Learn more here.

The Ultimate Puzzle Pick

The New York Times Custom Puzzle – Buy It Here

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Take a significant day in their life and turn it into a New York Times front page 500-piece puzzle.  Choose things like their birthday, their wedding date, day of their retirement, or whenever!  Learn more here.

The Home Helper Pick

The iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum – Buy It Here

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Sure they can still vacuum but, quite honestly, who really wants to?  Perfect for those who just despise having to vacuum or could just use a little help around the house, this best selling iRobot Roomba robot vac will help vacuum up dirt, dust, and pet dander on rugs, tile floors, hardwood floors, and more.  It’ll learn as it goes and even automatically head back to its docking station to charge up when needed.  If they have a smartphone or tablet they can track progress, set schedules, and more.  They’re just fun to watch too!  Learn more here.

The Photo Pick

The Nix Digital Photo Frame – Buy It Here

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Hopefully they’re not stalking your Instagram or even know how to use it for that matter.  If they still want to see your latest pics and you want to only show them the ones you’re actually proud of they’ll love this digital frame.  It’s easy to set up and you can email (or use the app) to send them any pictures you see fit and they’re magically appear in their new frame.  Awesome.  Learn more here.

The Zen Pick

The Tea Drops Tea Sampler – Buy It Here

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When they’re ready to chill the F out, these tea drops are the best way for them to do just that!  They come as a sample set of 25 and all they have to do is drop one delicious flavor tea morsel into their mug of hot water.  Presto…tea!  Learn more here.

The Vision Impaired Pick

The Extra Large Clock – Buy It Here

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Perfect for those lovable elderly peeps who could use a little extra help in the sight department.  This extra large (font) clock largely displays the time, the date, and even has 5 different alarm options.  Choose the frame color of your choice!  Learn more here.

The Totally Needed Pick

The “Magic Hands” Body Massager – Buy It Here

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Chosen by Oprah as one of her “Favorite Things” this portable massager is a total must-have this year.  You actually won’t believe how good it really feels.  They’ll love how it feels on their aching backs, necks, legs, and more!  Learn more here.

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