18 Amazing Retirement Gift Ideas to Celebrate Their New Found Freedom

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They’re free!  They’re finally free!  As they enjoy the gift of time, here are some cool ways to gift the brand new retiree in your life.

Funny Retirement Gifts 2024 - Best & Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Retirement Women & Men 2024

Work.  Am I right?  We spend the majority of our adult life counting down to the weekends, our upcoming vacations and then, of course, how many more years/months/weeks/days/minutes/seconds until we can retire.  We’re always so jealous happy for those in our life who are newly retired, but finding the perfect retirement gift for them isn’t always the easiest.

Here’s the thing.  No, not everyone wants to play golf and knit.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we’ve researched, tested, and obsessed over some of the perfect presents for the retirees who have a wide variety of interests and goals.  There’s still so much for them to accomplish!

Shop our picks for some of the best retirement gifts perfect for both women and men in 2024.


The Best Retirement Gift of 2024

The Bucket List Scratch-Off Poster – Buy It Here

100 Things to Do

Shop at Uncommon Goods

Price Point: $$$$$

When they’re afraid of getting bored, this “100 Things to Do” bucket list scratch-off poster will help keep them busy and, more importantly, trying new and exciting things.  Once they’ve completed their bucket list item they’ll be able to scratch it off and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Some are super easy to complete and others will take some planning, but all are amazing.  Learn more here.


The Thoughtful Pick

The “Mark My Words” Retirement Mug – Buy It Here

Retirement Coffee Mug

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s a really thoughtful reminder of how hard they worked their whole life to get to this point.  On this pretty floral mug is the quote, “Retirement…it’s your time to enjoy what you’ve been working so hard for.”  Learn more here.


The Relaxing Pick

The Super Plush Bathrobe – Buy It Here

Comfy Parachute Robe

Shop at Parachute

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s one of the top-sellers from Parachute, super cozy, comfy, and a great way for them to enjoy lounging around the house all day long!  You can get it for them in grey, white, mineral, or blush pink.  Pick one up for yourself while you’re at it because, yes, they’re that comfortable.  Learn more here.


The Totally Online Pick

The Online Masterclass  – Buy It Here

MasterClass Retirement Gift

Shop at Masterclass

Price Point: $$$$$

Always a really popular pick, now thanks to Masterclass they can keep their mind sharp by taking online classes from famous experts and celebs at their own pace (and whenever they want).  They can learn to cook from master chefs, write the novel they’ve always wanted to do, get inspiration, ideas, and just learn so many new things. This one makes a perfect last minute option too!  Learn more here.


The Personalized Pick

The “My Life Story So Far” Personalized Journal – Buy It Here

My Life Story So Far

Shop at Uncommon Goods

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s a total new chapter of their life, which makes it the perfect time to jot done some of the more important aspects of their life.  The fill-in journal starts with the early years and ends with a section where they can fill-in their future plans, goals, and things they want to accomplish.  Learn more here.


The Wine Lovers Pick

The “Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension!” Stemless Wine Glass – Buy It Here

Funny Retirement Wine Glass

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s time for them to officially start upping their wine intake and since they don’t have to head to work the following morning, it’s time to drink up!  Learn more here.


The “Find It” Pick

Apple AirTag – Buy It Here

Apple AirTag

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

The latest from Apple, these AirTags can be placed on things like their keys, remote control, purse, jacket – you name it! And if anything is suddenly misplaced, they’ll be able to track down exactly where it is.  Sky is the limit!  Learn more here.


The True Age Pick

The InsideTracker “InnerAge” Kit – Buy It Here

InnerAge InsideTracker

Shop at InsideTracker

Price Point: $$$$$

Sure they know their birthday age, but what about their biological age.  Are they younger or older than they actually thought and – more importantly – what steps can they take to improve the quality and quantity of their life. One of the most unique and talked about picks of the year. Learn more here.


The Unique Pick

The InstaShiatsu Foot Massager – Buy It Here

Foot Massager

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

They officially have the time to kick back, relax, and enjoy a foot massage any time they like!  This one was named by Oprah as one of her “Favorite Things” recently, comes with compression leg sleeves, has a heated option, and so much more.  Learn more here.


The Customized Pick

The Customize Heart Photo + Frame – Buy It Here

Minted Heart Frame + Photos

Shop at Minted

Price Point: $$$$$

Now you can quickly and easily upload a bunch of photos directly to Minted and they’ll be inserted into this really cool heart-shaped collage.  Choose the frame, size, and colors – and you’re good to go.  Let the memories fill their room!  Learn more here.


The Health/Fitness Pick

The Fitbit Charge 3 Activity/Fitness Tracker – Buy It Here


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Help to keep them active with this best selling fitness tracker from FitBit.  It’ll help track their hear rate, calories burned, sleep patterns, and so much more.  It even has 15 different exercise options for them too!  Learn more here.


The Travelers Pick

The Travel Scratch Map – Buy It Here

Travel Map Scratch Off Poster

Shop at Uncommon Goods

Price Point: $$$$$

Now’s the time they can officially travel all over the world!  This trendy travel map allows you to scratch-off all the places you’ve been and all the places you’re going.  Learn more here.


The Bookworms Pick

The Kindle Paperwhite – Buy It Here


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s the best way for them to read as many books as they want and for such a great price too.  Plus, it’s super convenient!  It’s one of the top tech gifts this year and this latest Kindle is lightweight, waterproof, and glare-free to they can read indoors or outdoors (maybe by the pool with a glass of wine) without any trouble at all.  Learn more here.


The Home Chef Pick

The Instant Pot Duo – Buy It Here


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s the #1 selling small appliance this year (again) and will totally change the way they prepare and cook their meals.  Sure they have more time than ever to spend in the kitchen, but who really wants to be in the kitchen that much?  This Instant Pot is a 6 quart 7-in-1 pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and so much more.  Learn more here.


The Funny Pick

The Retirees Beer Mug – Buy It Here

Funny Retirement Gift Beer Mug

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Who doesn’t love a funny beer mug?  Perfect for the new retiree, this 15-ounce beer mug says, “This Beer Tastes A Lot Like I’m Not Going to Work Tomorrow.”  Have more beautiful words ever been spoken?  Learn more here.


The Plant Pick

The Happy Retirement Plant Pot – Buy It Here

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

This really cute small wooden plant box says “Happy Retirement to the Best Thyme of Your Life” and it comes with thyme seeds they can plant and grow themselves.  Learn more here.


The Flowers Pick

The Bouqs Flower Bouquet – Buy It Here

Shop at Bouqs

Price Point: $$$$$

Sometimes flowers just really make the best gift!  We get endless compliments on these bouquets we’ve sent from the Bouqs company time and time again.  They’re honestly so beautiful, perfectly priced, and are super unique.  You can even double or triple up the amount of flowers in the delivery for just a bit more money.  Learn more here.


The Retro Pick

The Crosley Bluetooth Turntable – Buy It Here

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

You know they have so many records piled up down the basement, so now they can play them all day and night long!  This top seller from Crosley has modern features like Bluetooth, RCA and headphone jack outlets, 3-speed, and comes in a wide variety of different colors and patterns to choose from.  Learn more here.

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