MasterClass: Unlock Your Inner Jedi, Rockstar, and Gourmet Chef All at Once!

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Masterclass Coupon July 2023

The #1 gift this season is a Master Class subscription. It’s perfect for everyone on your list, even the pickiest of people. See all their latest and great happenings here!

MasterClass is the gift that keeps on giving and, quite honestly, we’re here for it all!  TBH, we were never really the best when it came time for school.  Maybe the classes were just boring or maybe that’s how you’re supposed to feel when you’re that age.  Now, as a “grown adult” we really can’t get enough of the MasterClass online classes.  The best part?  You can watch these classes from just about anywhere!

Currently, there are thousands of classes to choose from and they’re taught by people who are total experts in their space/industry.  Some are celebrities (we’re waiting for Kim Kardashian to teach us the proper face contouring techniques) and others are just “masters” of their domain.  You get to hear their stories or success (and failures), shortcuts, skills, what they’d do differently and so much more.

They’ve recently updated their offering and now have “Live Sessions” where you can connect with the instructors in real-time, ask them a question, and they may answer it live during their session. You can even check out some sample videos for free!

Some of the more popular teachers are people like Serena Williams, Martin Scorsese, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Robin Roberts, Judy Blume, Gordon Ramsey and dozens more.  See the full list of experts here.

The list of classes are growing by the day and, right now, there are about 100 classes to choose from with each about 15-20 lessons per class.  What’s cool about it is that the lessons aren’t overly long and you can start, pause, and get back to them whenever you have time.  While it’s always a great time to take these classes, they’re kind of perfect during this Covid-19 crisis since we’re totally over all the cleaning projects, puzzles we’ve worked on, and naps we took.  Plus, you can gift the to someone else too.  It’s totally contactless and they’ll just get an email with the gift and code.  Easy!

They’ve even recently added “MasterClass Live Sessions”  where you can watch an expert live and send them questions for a chance to have them answer them live on video.  So cool.  We’re ready to get our stalking hats on!

There are couple different price options you can choose from like:

Please note that currently MasterClass does not offer promo codes or coupons (or anything like that).  If they’re having a sale during certain times of the year, they’ll let you know.  So be sure to subscribe to their newsletter so that you’re totally in the loop.

If you’re ready to give MasterClass a try here are some important areas to know about, their different pricing promotions, and more helpful info:

MasterClass really is our new obsession and now they have even more classes than ever before! Check out their list of amazingly cool classes, their famous celeb teachers, and learn how you can learn at your own pace from just about anywhere. Gift yourself while you’re at it!

They’ve recently updated their offering and now have “Live Sessions” where you can connect with the instructors in real-time, ask them a question, and they may answer it live during their session. You can even check out some sample videos for free!

We recommend to join now and lock in the really low price of just $180 for full and total access. This breaks down to only $15 per month, so it’s not really that bad!

They’ve recently upgraded their overall membership plan and now you can get their “DUO” subscription, which allows 1 account to be shared on two different devices.  If you were to buy these individually you’d have to spend $30/month for 2 of them, but now it’s just $20/month – a savings of $10.   If you need even more, they have a Family Plan for $23/month, which allows sharing of the membership on 6 different devices.

There’s really just one time per year where they have a big sale and that’s during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  We’ve covered that sale in detail which you can learn all about here.  It’s better to be prepared early so you can take part in the savings and, nope, no discount codes are needed.

So, we hope you learned a little bit more about MasterClass, what they offer and all of their different pricing options, free previews, and the deal with their coupon policy.  

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