11 Kitchen Approved Gifts for the Fun Foodies You Love to Nosh With

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Move over basic food lovers, this gift guide is for the ultimate foodies out there who are obsessed with the latest, greatest, and yummiest in the food world.

Gifts for Foodies 2024 - Best Cheap Gift Ideas For Food Lovers Christmas 2024

Spoiler alert, not all of these picks are the healthiest but you only live once, right?  Eh, maybe you live more than once.  Either way, if you have a true foodie in your life who likes to try new things, experiment in the kitchen themselves, and just eat some pretty amazing treats we’ve found something for them.  Pick yourself up something while you’re at it too.

A lot of food gift ideas out there play it safe.  Pots, pans, spatulas?  Sure they’re kitchen must-haves, but we’ve rounded up some of the most popular picks that are new, best-sellers, and total must-try ideas.  A homemade churro maker?  Yes, please!  Easy DIY chocolate truffles?  Sign us up!

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for foodies and food lovers of all ages and cooking stages in 2024 and beyond.

The Best Foodie Pick 2024

The Milk & Cookies Shot Glasses Kit – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: Milk & Cookies Shot Glasses 2024

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It’s the yummiest treat even the snobbiest of foodies will totally appreciate.  Make your very own DIY cookies and milk shot glasses.  They’re actually really easy to make, taste amazing, and can be filled with all sorts of goodness like milk, chocolate, or even some of your favorite adult-inspired beverages.  Learn more here.

The Yummiest Pick

The Homemade Churro Maker – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: Churro Maker 2002

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Um, yes please!  You don’t have to head to Disney World just to snag a taste of your favorite churro treat.  This at-home churro maker will actually help keep your churros a bit more on the healthier side.  This option also comes with a free churro recipe book so get ready to come up with some delicious flavors.  Learn more here.

The Avocado Obsessed Pick

The Guac Lock Storage Container – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: Guac Lock Container 2002

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There is nothing worse than when your guac starts to turn brown.  Literally, nothing.  And we checked everything.  This must-have Guac Lock guacamole contain will securely and safely hold up to 24-ounces of your homemade guac and will prevent it from turning that gross brown color!  Learn more here.

The Quick & Easy Pick

The Dash Individual Waffle Maker – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: Mini Waffle Maker 2024

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Take the edge off with a quick and easy way to make just one waffle just for you or, fine, for your kids. Get creative and toss some ice cream and chocolate sauce on top for an added treat.  More than just delicious waffles, you can even make paninis, hash browns, and so much more.  It comes in a bunch of different colors too.  Learn more here.

The Hot AF Foodie Pick

The DIY Hot Sauce Kit – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: DIY Hot Sauce Kit 2024

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Hot sauce fans unite!  This must-have kit comes with everything you need to make your very own hot sauce including the essential bottles and even some labels too.  Total fire!  Learn more here.

The Top-Selling Pick

The KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: Mini KitchenAid Mixer 2024

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The perfect option if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line stand mixer that won’t take up a ton of your counter space.  This is the latest from KitchenAid, is 3.5 quarts, is 25% lighter and 25% smaller than the original stand mixer, and comes in a dozens of different amazing colors.  Learn more here.

The Grillmaster Pick

The Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: Himilayan Salt Plank 2024

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A total must-have for any grill-master foodie who’s ready to test out the latest cooking trend.  The Himalayan salt will help to consistently flavor the meat or vegetables and keep it at the perfect temp until you’re ready to eat.  It’ll even stay cold if you want to place your fave sushi and the like.  Learn more here.

The Sweetest Pick

The Ice Cream Topping Trio – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: Ice Cream Topping Kit 2024

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It’s time to kick your ice cream up a notch.  Step away from the supermarket brands and go with this must-try trio of all natural ice cream toppers.  They’re supper tummy and come in flavors like original hot fudge, cold brew mocha, and salted caramel.  Learn more here.

The Homemade Pick

The Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: Truffles Kit 2024

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It’s the safest and most delicious way to actually make your own homemade chocolate truffles right at home.  This cool kit comes with everything you’ll need to make a box to either gift someone else or totally just eat yourself in the privacy of your own home.  We don’t judge.  Learn more here.

The Gourmet Foodies Pick

The Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: Oil Dipping Spice Kit 2002

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Make your own yummy oil dipping right at home with 15 different unique and delicious flavors to start obsessing over.  Learn more here.

The On-Trend Pick

The DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit – Buy It Here

Gifts For Foodies 2024: Moschi Ice Cream Kit 2024

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Don’t break the bank by buying a ton of them in your local supermarket.  Just make your own with this DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit.  They’re sweet and chewy on the outside and creamy and cold on the inside.  The perfect treat.  This kit will make up to 32 individual pieces too!  Learn more here.

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