10 Whimsical Ways to Gift the Unicorn Lover in Your Life

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Suns out, horns out! We’re taking a ride over the rainbow to come up with some truly magical unicorn gifts that’ll bring a little joy into their lives.

You’re not alone in your absolute obsession over all things ‘unicorn.’  Some people think unicorn merch is for kids.  Guess what?  We’re not friends with those people.  Those people are jerks.  Unfriend.

Since we’re basically unicorn experts (it’s a thing), we’ve come with some of the best gift ideas for all the magical unicorn lovers in your life.  Plus, we’re providing ideas for people of all ages and, fine, kids too.  Check out our favorite unicorn gifts in 2024.  Buy yourself a little happy while you’re at it.

The Magical Unicorn Cereal Bowl – Buy It Here


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Eating breakfast just got a lot sweeter! This super cute dishwasher and microwave safe unicorn bowl can actually be used for things like soups, cereals, ice creams, and so much more.  Snag one for the whole fam and actually get your kids to eat something for a change!  Learn more here.

The New Barbie Dreamtopia Brush & Sparkle Unicorn – Buy It Here

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The latest from the fine folks at Barbie, this magical brush-n-sparkle unicorn does just that!  Your kids can brush her beautiful pink hair and watch her light up all sorts of amazing colors.  She has four different light and sound options too!  Learn more here.

The Bag of Unicorn Farts – Buy It Here

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Don’t worry, it’s just cotton candy (that actually tastes pretty amazing), but everyone will get a kick out of the theme.  And, hey, if they don’t they’re clearly dead inside.  Learn more here.

The Cartoon Unicorn iPhone Case – Buy It Here

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Some say it’s for kids, but we say it’s for anyone who’s just as obsessed with these whimsical cuties as we are!  This protective phone case is available for all the latest iPhones and even some of the older ones too.  Learn more here.

The “I Don’t Care” Tablet Case – Buy It Here

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It’s the perfect way to protect your iPad (no matter which version you have) and show off your personality all at the same time.  Learn more here.

The LED Wall Light – Buy It Here

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A perfect way to had a little fun to any wall in your home with this battery operated LED light.  Place it on your nightstand, hang it on the wall, or just about anywhere.  There are no wires or cords to deal with either!  Learn more here.

The Unstable Unicorns Card Game – Buy It Here

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It’s one of the best selling card games of the year!  It’s perfect for older kids/teens, but you can also snag the funnier expansion packs geared specifically towards adults.  Super fun.  Learn more here.

The Unicorns are Jerks Coloring Book – Buy It Here

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Some love them and some, well, think they’re total jerks.  They kind of have a point.  A super funny way to gift that unicorn lover who has a total sense of humor. Learn more here.

The Set of 3 Inflatable Drink Holders – Buy It Here

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They’re not just for the pool anymore.  Although, they do make your poor pretty magical.  They’re just fun to place around the house for kids or adults.  Don’t judge.  These cuties come as a pack of three.  Learn more here.

The Portable Phone Charger – Buy It Here

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It’s the only way to charge up your phone, tablets, and other electronic devices.  Plus, now you won’t have to hear people fighting over whose charger is whose.  Learn more here.

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