13 Unusual Gift Ideas They’ll Actually Use This Year!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and that means it can be the most unusual time of the year!  Why not gift them with some pretty unique and unusual (but in a good way) gift ideas for just about everyone who made it onto your list!

Unusual Gifts 2024 - Best Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas 2024

When it comes time start checking people off your shopping list, finding something that suits the pickiest of people can be quite the task.  That’s our nice way of say, “it sucks.”  If they already have their AirPods, their smartphone, that comfy bathrobe and, of course, the slippers (yawn) it’s time to get them something unique and, dare we say, unusual?  But in a good way.

There are plenty of cool gift ideas out there, but sometimes they’re too out there and, quite honestly, we’d never buy half of that stuff for anyone.  We wanted to come up with a list of gift ideas that they’ll actually want to use and you may even want to pick something up for yourself while you’re at it!

Shop out picks for some of the best unusual gifts for 2024!


The Best Pick

The LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottles – Buy It Here

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2024: Larq Self Cleaning Water Bottle 2024

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This is the most genius pick of the year!  These top-selling self-cleaning water bottles not only will actually clean the bottle with safe UV lighting, but it’ll also keep your cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours and your hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours.  You’ll want one in every color!  Learn more here.


The Thoughtful Pick

The Long Distance Touch Lamps – Buy It Here

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Such a unique way to stay in touch with that special someone in your life.  You each get a touch lamp and when you touch your lamp theirs will light up a special color letting them know you’re thinking of them.  Super cute!  Learn more here.


The Funny Pick

The Mushions Face Pillows – Buy It Here

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Place their face on a customized pillow!  You can either choose one pillow, go for 2 different ones, or even gift them the throuple package.  Who wouldn’t want to see their face or yours each and every day?!  Learn more here.


The Pickle Pick

The Pickle Flavored Candy Canes – Buy It Here

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If they love pickles, and they do, they’ll become obsessed with these unusual pickle flavored candy canes.  Santa may not be psyched, but your favorite little elves will be.  Learn more here.


The Cool AF Pick

The Popcorn on the Cob – Buy It Here

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What’s more fun that tossing in some actual corn on the cob into a paper bag, placing it into the microwave, and making your very own popcorn?  It’s perfect for just about everyone, but kids seem to like it best.  And dudes.  Go figure.  Learn more here.


The Smart Pick

The Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane – Buy It Here

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Perfect for that special someone who already has everything, this actual paper airplane can be flown and controlled from the app on their smartphone or tablet.  Did we mention it can fly at a max of 25 mph?  Amazing!  Learn more here.


The Brunch Pick

The Minute Mimosa Flavored Cubes – Buy It Here

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It’s one of the easiest and coolest ways to make all different flavors of mimosas with a simple drop of this flavored sugar cube.  Simply drop it into your fave champagne and turn it into a yummy raspberry, strawberry, or citrus flavored mimosa in less than one minute!  Learn more here.


The Game Pick

The Tabletop Cornhole Game – Buy It Here

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When it’s too cold to play cornhole outside, now they can play in the comfort and warmth of their home right on their kitchen or dining room table.  Flip the bags onto the board or in the hold to get points.  Whoever makes it to 21 first without going over is the champ!  Learn more here.


The Personalized Pick

The Personalized Whiskey Barrel – Buy It Here

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This mini oak barrel will age their fave whiskey to the perfect level and flavor!  You can have it customized by adding their name, date, location and more!  Learn more here.


The Pop Culture Pick

The “Friends” Central Perk Neon Sign – Buy It Here

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Help them turn a room of their home into their favorite Friends space with this top-selling Central Perk neon light-up sign.  This one is oddly cheap too!  Learn more here.


The Genius Pick

The Automatic Pan Stirrer – Buy It Here

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Why have them slave over a hot stove, when this automatic stirrer can basically cook (or at least stir) for them?  You can even set a timer so that it shuts off when you want.  Technology rules!  Learn more here.


The Movie Pick

The 100 Movies “Scratch Off” Poster – Buy It Here

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These are some of the best movies that should be on your bucket list!  After you watch each movie you can scratch off the square to reveal something underneath and show all your friends what a real movie buff you are!  How many of the top 100 have you seen?!  Learn more here.


The Breakfast Pick

The Minute Egg Maker – Buy It Here

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Perfect for those of us who have, like, no time at all.  This minute egg maker will, um, make your eggs in the microwave in just one minute.  Even better, they won’t taste like plastic microwave eggs!  Learn more here.

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