12 Bookworm-Approved Gift Ideas For Book Lovers (That Actually Aren’t Books!)

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Looking for the perfect gift for the book lover in your life, but aren’t looking to gift them an actual book?  We’ve got you covered.  Bookworms unite!

2024 Gifts for Book Lovers That Aren't Books - Best Bookworm Christmas Gifts For Book Nerd 2024

It’s almost always super tough to actually buy someone a book because you don’t totally know their reading taste and you never really know if they’ve already read it.  There are some really cool gift ideas out there, but so many options always seem to be filled with bookmarks and Harry Potter books (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those), but we’re recommending some really unique picks for women, men, and even the kids that love to read.

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for book lovers that aren’t books in 2024!

The Bucket List Pick

The Top 100 Books Scratch Off Poster – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: 100 Best Books Scratch Off Poster 2024

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So how much of a book nerd are they really?  Test their reading know-how with this super fun Top 100 Books Bucket List poster that’s actually a giant scratch-off!  For every book they’ve read, they’ll simply scratch-off that square revealing a fun little pic.  There’s even one of these specifically for kids books too, which will look great in their room!  Learn more here.

The Candle Pick

The Homesick “Library Books” Scented Candle – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Homesick Library Candle 2024

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Nothing bring you back to your youth quite like the comforting scent of your library.  This top-selling candle has an amazing scent of nutmeg mixed with light orange.  It’s even hand-poured locally in the United States and will burn for up to 80-hours.  Learn more here.

The Genius Pick

The PagePal Wooden Page Holder – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Page Holder 2024

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Easily keep your book open with one hand on the page you’re reading with this wooden page holder.  Just slip your thumb in and you’re ready to go!  This one also makes a pretty unique stocking stuffer too.  It comes in bigger sizes so it’ll work for just about anyone.  Learn more here.

The Club Pick

The “Once Upon a Book Club” Subscription – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Book of the Month Club 2024

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This one is a really cool Book-of-the-Month club that’ll send you a really cool book, but also a couple of additional “extras” too that’ll help enhance your reading experience.  We’re talking about anywhere from three to five wrapped gifts that are labeled with specific page numbers so as you read, you’ll be directed to open the gifts at the most important moments to bring the book to life!  You can also choose age groups too so that you’ll get age-appropriate choices.  Learn more here.

The Night Pick

The Clip-On Rechargeable Reading Light – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Clip on Light 2024

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Reading at night as never been easier, or brighter!  Just clip this adjustable LED light onto your book and move it around to what and where works best for you. The LED light is easy on the eyes and you can dim it so it doesn’t have to be super bright.  The battery will last up to 60-hours before you can recharge it.  Choose from a ton of different colors too.  Learn more here.

The Home Decor Pick

The Magical Forest Bookends – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Cork Forest Bookends 2024

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These are super cute and pretty much a handmade work of art!  They’re made from cork and birch plywood and will look great on any shelf or even mantle!  Learn more here.

The Art Pick

The Ideal Bookshelf Frame Art – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Bookshelf Art 2024

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Perfect to hang on just about any wall in their home or office, you can choose the books painted from either Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, or Books from the 1800s.  Learn more here.

The Teacher Pick

The Library Card Tote Bag – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Library Card Tote Bag 2024

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Perfect for the true book nerd or even a fun idea for your favorite teacher, this cotton tote is oddly inexpensive.  Dare we say cheap?  Learn more here.

The Helpful Pick

The Owl Eyeglasses Holder – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Owl Eyeglasses Holder 2024

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Never lose track of your eyeglasses again (well, almost) with this cute wooden owl that doubles as an eyeglasses holder.  Perfect for any age, prop him up near your bed, desk, or anywhere you usually read.  Learn more here.

The Kids Pick

The Kids Personal Library Kit – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Personal Library Kit For Kids 2024

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They say it’s a great option for kids, but we know plenty of adults who would actually use this!  This personal library kit comes with adhesive pockets, checkout cards, the official date stamp, ink pad, and pencil.  Keep track of what you’re loaning out!  Learn more here.

The Thriller Pick

The “My Thrill” Monthly Subscription – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Mystery Book Subscription 2024

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Each month they’ll get two different “thrill” books (you can cancel any time) and our favorite part is that you can choose between horror, mystery, thriller, or even a “surprise me” option where it’ll always be something totally different.  Learn more here.

The Inspirational Pick

“I Really Needed This Today” by Hoda Kotb – Buy It Here

Gifts For Book Lovers 2024: Hoda Kotb I Really Needed This Today 2024

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Ok fine, we decided to add an actual book to this gift list.  We had to because we’re obsessed with Hoda Kotb from The Today Show and her new best-seller book. It’s a super inspirational read with helpful quotes each and every day to help lift your spirits, think positively, and know that you’re not alone.  A real must-read.  Learn more here.

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