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Looking for a change of pace and scent when it comes to your cologne? Henry Rose is where it’s at!

Henry Rose Promo Code June 2023 - Coupons & Discount

Why We’re So Obsessed!

You know what we love more than our obsessions with the latest perfumes and colognes? Female founded businesses! Combine those two things together and you have our newest obsessions, Henry Rose. They have some of the most amazing fragrances for women and men – and – womenor men. Their fragrances are genderless and that’s on purpose. Could we love them any more? The answer is yes. Keep reading!

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We’ve been specifically covering female owned businesses for a while now, so we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Henry Rose was created by none other than Michelle Pfeiffer. Yes,that Michelle Pfeiffer – award winning actress and totalfriend in our head. She recently sat down with Allure Magazine to chat about her new brand and what inspired her fragrances:

When I was growing up and wearing fragrance, I was always really attracted to men’s fragrance, particularly my father’s cologne, which I found very intoxicating.”

We find it really refreshing that they’re intentionally creating scents that really can be enjoyed byanyone without the label. And they’re even totally transparent when it comes to the ingredients they use, making sure to adhere to strict guidelines – using only 300 that meet the strictest of criteria.

While we haven’t tried them all (yet) our personal fave is their fragrance title “Jake’s House.” It’s fresh, clean, light – and features one of our favorite notes; neroli. Seriously, we’d drink it if we could. Obviously, don’t. We’ve become so obsessed with it that we even picked up their candle and body cream – all in the same scent. They even have hand sanitizer, too, but we have so much due to the pandemic we haven’t gotten our hands on theirs yet!

While that’sour personal fave, some other popular options to check out include:

★ Queens + Monsters – See More Here
★ Last Light – See More Here
★ Smyth – See More Here

We truly think you’re going to fall in love with Henry Rose just as much as we have. While we always love to support all retailers where you can pick up trusted brands of perfume like Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue and, of course, Nordstrom – we actually like to support their own site as well. A lot of work goes into it and – well – women supporting women is always a good thing. Ok, sure, we’re obsessed.

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

We decided to research this a bit because (1) we love a deal and (2) while we know you can typically get some percentage off when shopping at the bigger retailers, we wanted to see if Henry Rose had a coupon policy at all. We discovered that they actually do accept promo codes right on their site when you go to checkout. You can also donate a dollar to help the fight against breast cancer – which is really great.

We don’t have any exclusive offers here (at all), so the only place you can find ones that are approved and official will have to come directly from them on their site. Subscribe to their emails to be kept totally in the loop. A couple of offers they’re promoting include:

★ $20 Off With Email Sign Up – See More Here
★ Get Free Shipping With Min Spend – See More Here

Shop some of the best Henry Rose must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in June 2023.

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Henry Rose Promo & Offers in June 2023

We love changing up our fragrances each and every season and so our latest obsession comes from Henry Rose. They have the most beautifully scented perfumes and colognes that are made with 100% ingredient transparency and perfect for women or men. Take a peek at their latest fragrances, samples, and any promo code offers or coupon incentives they might be promoting on their site today.

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Get $20

Get an Extra $20 Off at Henry Rose

Their latest offer their promoting is for $20 off your order when you subscribe to their emails. Simply enter in your email address and you'll get a $20 promo code you can use on your order - save it for later or use it immediately. Your call!

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You can get free standard shipping whenever you spend just $75 on your total order. The best part? You won't need a coupon or discount code to enjoy this offer!

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$75 + Up

Shop Their Most Popular Fragrances Now at $75 + Up!

You're really going to fall in love with so many of their perfumes and some options are now priced at only $75 and going up from there. Take a peek at full size perfume choices, rollerballs, travel-size samples, and so much more.

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$50 + Up

Get the Best Selling “Jake’s House” Now at $50 + Up!

Jake's House is our personal favorite and the one we keep going back to. Now you can get it for just $50 and going up from there (choose from rollerball or 50 ml). It's fresh, clean, intoxicating - and welove anything with neroli! Take a look at how to get free shipping too!

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