Ooni Discount Codes – July 2023

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Ooni Discount Code July 2023 - Promo Codes

Save with our hand-selected Ooni coupon codes and deals and read about our personal experience with the brand.

In new “pizza news” Ooni is now giving an extra 15% off for a wide variety of their current or new customers.  Check the list to see if you made the list, quickly get verified, and you’ll get a 15% promo code you can use on so many of their best sellers.

They’ve just added students to their discount list for an extra 15% off most Ooni items.  So new items are excluded, but this is still a great deal.  Verify via ID Me (click the link below) and you’ll get your own Ooni code to use for 15% off.

If you’re a first responder or healthcare professional you can also get an extra 15% off.  Get all the official details here.

Take an additional 10% off when you go with some of their amazing “bundles.” If you’re serious about pizza (and we totally are) this is the only way to go. They’re currently offering free shipping too – and no promo code is required for that!

The Karu is now officially their most reviewed and rated option to date – and now you can get an extra $100 off. It even comes with a free 3 year warranty, is shipped for free, and has a free return offer as well.

Their famous pizza ovens are now more affordable than ever before with some of their most popular picks now priced at only $299 and going up from there! Take a peek at their Frya, Koda, and Pro! And learn about their free shipping offer while you’re at it.

Our Experience With Ooni

Making pizza from the comfort of your own home has never been more legit thanks to Ooni.

If we could eat just one thing for the rest of our life, we always say it would be pizza.  No question.  And while we typically focus on female founded businesses to review, we had to take a minute to let you know about our latest obsession – Ooni.  Founded by a wife and husband team, they’ve created the best pizza oven (in our opinion) in all the world.  It’s portable, price approachable, easy to use, and will actually cook your pizza in 60 seconds.  For real, 1 minute.  That’s it.  Intrigued?  Keep reading.

We always thought of ourselves as decent cooks.  But the one thing we always struggled with was making a pizza that didn’t taste like we baked it in the oven because – well – we baked it in the oven.  We stopped buying microwavable pizza years ago (what, are we cave people?!) but we’ve never been able to really perfect a homemade pizza until we bought our very first Ooni pizza oven.

They’ve been rated as a top choice by major publishers and are pretty easy to learn how to use.  The only thing that tripped us up at first was really figuring out how quickly it cooks your pizza.  Their wood pellet option gets as hot as 900 degrees and will cook it in just 60 seconds.  We almost didn’t believe it so we left it on for about 90 seconds and – well – we learned our less pretty quickly.

It takes about 15 minutes for it to fully heat up to the temp you need – but once it’s all set you really can make up to a 12-inch pizza in one minute.  Once it’s totally at the correct temp, it’s perfect to make individual pizzas for your entire fam and/or friends without having to spend a ton of time on it.  Make the pizzas first and then, one at a time, pop them in the oven and 60 seconds later it’s done.

What most people (including us) really love about it besides its speed is that it’s portable and pretty lightweight.  It’s not going to take up a ton of room in your yard and once it’s 100% cooled off, you can store it away until you’re ready to use it again.  Currently they have 5 different options to choose from – all at different price points – including:

★ The Frya:  Wood Pellet – See More Here
★ The Koda 12: Gas Powered – See More Here
★ The Koda 16: Gas Powered – See More Here
★ The Karu 12: Multi-Fuel – See More Here
★ The Pro 16: Multi-Fuel – See More Here

There really are options for everyone at every pizza-making stage.  They even have a bunch of different accessories to help up your game like pizza stones, topping stations, oven gloves, pizza cutters, thermometers, and so much more.  And while you can purchase them online at trusted retailers like Amazon and even over at Williams Sonoma – we prefer to shop them direct because of their free shipping offer and, in some cases, 3 year additional warranty for free.

Our has been such a great addition to our family and makes dinners and parties so much more fun.  And – quite honestly – while they are a bit more expensive than some others, there really is no comparison and, in our opinion, is well worth the price.  We think you’re going to fall in love with Ooni just as much as we have.  We’re clearly obsessed.

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

You know we love a deal so we wanted to look into their coupon policy to see if anything even exists.  Ooni actually does accept promo codes / discount codes when you checkout on directly on their site (they can’t be used at other retailers that carry their pizza ovens).  However, their site is the only site that may ever have a promo code to share with you.  We don’t have any exclusive offers here at all, unfortunately.

Directly from their site, we learned of a couple offers they may help you out a bit.  Just be sure to check with them to see which are still valid, as offers are always subject to change.  A couple we’ve seen include:

★ Extra 10% Off With Their Bundle – See More Here
★ Free Shipping Today – See More Here
★ Free Returns Within 60 Days – See More Here

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