From Paper to Diamond: Celebrate Love With a List of Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year!

Some may seem a bit more modern, but here's the complete list of what to give each year of your anniversary!

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Love is in the air, and anniversaries are the perfect time to celebrate the journey of togetherness with your partner! But wait, there’s more to anniversaries than just cake and candles; it’s all about the traditional gifts too! So, whether you’re a seasoned anniversary pro or a hopeless romantic looking for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered with this fun guide to traditional anniversary gifts by the year.

Everyone seems to know paper, crystal, and china – but there are so many more you may need to know about to, like what’s the theme for your 9th anniversary?  How about the 22nd?  Don’t worry, we’re covering them all – even if you never make it to them.  Hey, no judgement. 


First Anniversary - Paper

YEAR ONE:  Ah, the blissful first year of marriage! To mark this milestone, the traditional gift is paper. Get creative with a heartfelt letter, a personalized scrapbook of memories, or even concert tickets for a special date night!


Second Anniversary - Cotton

YEAR TWO: As you weave the fabric of your love together, cotton represents the second anniversary. Cozy up with matching pajamas, luxurious bathrobes, or a cute cotton T-shirt to symbolize your growing bond.


Third Anniversary - Leather

YEAR THREE:  Leather signifies the strength and durability of your relationship after three years of love. Gift your partner a stylish leather wallet, a chic leather bag, or even a leather-bound journal for your adventures together.


Fourth Anniversary - Fruit and Flowers

YEAR FOUR:  Celebrate your fourth year with the sweet and fragrant gifts of fruit and flowers. Surprise your loved one with a beautiful bouquet or a delicious fruit basket for a touch of romance.


Fifth Anniversary - Wood

YEAR FIVE:  After five years, your love has grown roots, just like a sturdy tree. Embrace the wood theme with a handcrafted wooden picture frame, a rustic wooden sign, or even a wooden puzzle to symbolize your unbreakable bond.


Sixth Anniversary - Iron

YEAR SIX:  Like iron, your relationship has withstood the test of time and emerged even stronger. Consider gifting your partner a stylish iron sculpture, a sturdy iron teapot, or a classic cast iron skillet for the kitchen connoisseur!


Seventh Anniversary - Wool

YEAR SEVEN:  Warmth and comfort define your seven years together, making wool the perfect gift. Wrap your loved one in a cozy wool blanket, gift them a soft wool sweater, or even plan a weekend getaway to a charming wool mill!


Eighth Anniversary - Bronze

YEAR EIGHT: Bronze represents the strength and resilience of your relationship. Surprise your partner with a thoughtful bronze figurine, a stylish bronze watch, or even a personalized bronze keychain to carry your love with them wherever they go.


Ninth Anniversary - Pottery

YEAR NINE: Your love is like a beautiful piece of pottery – carefully molded and shaped with love. Honor your ninth anniversary with a handcrafted pottery vase, a set of artistic pottery mugs, or even a pottery class for a fun and creative date.


Tenth Anniversary - Tin or Aluminum

YEAR TEN:  A decade of love deserves a celebration with tin or aluminum gifts. Gift your partner a customized aluminum sign, a trendy aluminum watch, or even plan a picnic with a cute tin lunchbox!


Eleventh Anniversary - Steel

YEAR ELEVEN: Steel represents the strength and endurance of your relationship after eleven years. Surprise your partner with a stylish stainless steel jewelry piece, a sturdy steel water bottle, or even a romantic dinner cooked in a steel wok!


Twelfth Anniversary - Silk or Linen

YEAR TWELVE:  Silk and linen symbolize luxury and comfort, perfect for twelve years together. Spoil your loved one with a soft silk scarf, a silky sleepwear set, or even a luxurious linen bedsheet for cozy nights together.


Thirteenth Anniversary - Lace

YEAR THIRTEEN:  Lace signifies the delicate and intricate nature of your love after thirteen years. Surprise your partner with a beautiful lace dress, a lace-trimmed handkerchief, or even a lace-themed anniversary party!


Fourteenth Anniversary - Ivory

YEAR FOURTEEN:  While traditional ivory is not recommended due to conservation concerns, you can still celebrate this anniversary with gifts inspired by ivory’s color. Think of a beautiful ivory-colored scarf, a classic ivory-themed photo frame, or even a romantic getaway to an ivory beach destination!


Fifteenth Anniversary - Crystal

YEAR FIFTEEN:  Fifteen years of love deserves the sparkling brilliance of crystal. Gift your partner an elegant crystal vase, a dazzling crystal jewelry piece, or even a crystal decanter for a memorable toast.


Sixteenth Anniversary - Silver Holloware

YEAR SIXTEEN:  Silver holloware refers to silver items like tea sets or pitchers. Consider gifting your loved one a stunning silver tea set, a delicate silver candlestick holder, or even a silver-plated keepsake box.


Seventeenth Anniversary - Furniture

YEAR SEVENTEEN:  Seventeen years together, and it’s time to spruce up your home with a new piece of furniture! Surprise your partner with a cozy recliner, a stylish coffee table, or even a statement bookshelf to showcase your love for literature.


Eighteenth Anniversary - Porcelain

YEAR EIGHTEEN:  Celebrate your eighteenth year with the elegance of porcelain. Gift your partner a delicate porcelain figurine, a beautiful porcelain dinnerware set, or even a porcelain teapot for afternoon tea dates!


Nineteenth Anniversary - Bronze

YEAR NINETEEN:  Bronze makes a comeback after nine years, but this time, you can think outside the box! Consider a bronze outdoor sculpture, a trendy bronze pendant, or even a bronze-coated adventure together!


Twentieth Anniversary - China

YEAR TWENTY:  Twenty years together calls for the timeless beauty of china. Gift your partner a sophisticated china dinnerware set, a delicate china teacup and saucer, or even a china vase to hold your love like a bouquet of flowers.


21st Anniversary - Brass or Nickel

YEAR TWENTY ONE:  Celebrate your 21st year with the charm of brass or nickel. Consider gifting your partner a beautiful brass or nickel jewelry piece, a vintage brass lamp, or even a brass music box with your favorite tune.


22nd Anniversary - Copper

YEAR TWENTY TWO:  Copper symbolizes beauty and strength, just like your enduring love. Surprise your loved one with a unique copper artwork, a stylish copper bracelet, or even a set of copper cookware for culinary adventures together.


23rd Anniversary - Silver Plate

YEAR TWENTY THREE:  While silver holloware was for the 16th anniversary, the 23rd year calls for silver plate. Gift your partner an elegant silver-plated serving tray, a timeless silver-plated photo frame, or even a silver-plated charm bracelet as a reminder of your journey together.


24th Anniversary - Musical Instruments

YEAR TWENTY FOUR:  Get creative with the theme of musical instruments. Surprise your loved one with a musical instrument they’ve always wanted to learn, tickets to a live concert, or even a personalized music playlist that tells the story of your love.


25th Anniversary - Silver

YEAR TWENTY FIVE:  A quarter-century of love deserves the brilliance of silver once again. Gift your partner a stunning silver necklace, a classic silver pocket watch, or even a silver-plated keepsake box engraved with your names and wedding date.


30th Anniversary - Pearl

YEAR THIRTY:  Thirty years together calls for the lustrous beauty of pearls. Surprise your loved one with a timeless pearl necklace, a set of elegant pearl earrings, or even a pearl-studded photo frame to hold your cherished memories.


35th Anniversary - Coral

YEAR THIRTY FIVE:  Coral symbolizes the beauty of a long-lasting relationship. Consider gifting your partner a unique coral-inspired art piece, a coral-colored handbag or tie, or even a beach vacation to admire real coral reefs.


40th Anniversary - Ruby

YEAR FORTY:  Forty years of love deserve the fiery brilliance of rubies. Surprise your loved one with a stunning ruby ring, a pair of ruby earrings, or even a ruby-colored robe for cozy mornings together.


45th Anniversary - Sapphire

YEAR FORTY FIVE:  Sapphire represents the depth and strength of your relationship after 45 years. Gift your partner a striking sapphire bracelet, a regal sapphire brooch, or even a sapphire-themed photo album filled with your cherished memories.


50th Anniversary - Gold

YEAR FIFTY:  Fifty golden years of love call for a grand celebration with the richness of gold. Surprise your loved one with a luxurious gold watch, a pair of elegant gold cufflinks, or even a memorable gold-themed anniversary party!


55th Anniversary - Emerald

YEAR FIFTY FIVE:  Emerald signifies the enduring love and loyalty of 55 years together. Gift your partner a captivating emerald necklace, a pair of emerald-studded earrings, or even a potted emerald plant to add a touch of greenery to your home.


60th Anniversary - Diamond

YEAR SIXTY:  Sixty years of love are as precious as diamonds. Celebrate with a timeless diamond pendant, a dazzling diamond bracelet, or even a diamond-studded watch to remind your partner that they are your forever treasure.


Remember, traditional anniversary gifts are a classic way to honor the years of love and commitment you’ve shared with your partner. While these gifts are fun and meaningful, the most precious gift you can give each other is the love, laughter, and memories you create together on this special day. Happy anniversary and cheers to many more years of happiness and love!