Santa’s Budgeting Guide: How Much to Spend on Christmas Gifts, From Tiny Tots to Wise Snowbirds!

We're breaking it down by ages and stages!

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Look.  As a parent we’ll never tell you how much you should be spending on your kids for Christmas.  Everyone breaks “the rules” and we’re a-ok with that.  We break the rules too.  However, if you need a little guidance on how much you should spend on a single Christmas gift for someone (aka, you’re not the parent) we put together this handy dandy little cheat sheet that’ll hopefully help you out.  And we’re breaking it all down by ages and stages.  Remember, this is just to be used as a rough guide but, at the end of the day, you do you.


Babies and Toddlers (0-2 years)

For the tiniest ones on your list, it’s the thought that counts more than the price tag. Consider spending around $20 to $30 on age-appropriate toys, soft plushies, or colorful board books that will delight their curious minds.


Young Kids (3-6 years)

At this age, the excitement of Christmas is contagious! Aim to spend around $30 to $50 on fun and educational gifts like art supplies, building blocks, or interactive games that will ignite their imagination and keep them entertained for hours.


School-Aged Kids (7-12 years)

As kids grow, so do their interests! Plan to spend around $50 to $75 on gifts that cater to their hobbies or passions, such as sports equipment, science kits, or popular books that will transport them to magical worlds.


Teenagers (13-19 years)

Ah, the teenage years – a time of self-discovery and growing tastes. Allocate around $75 to $100 for trendy gadgets, fashionable accessories, or even a gift card to their favorite store, allowing them to choose what suits their style best.


Young Adults (20-30 years)

As young adults enter the world of independence, practical gifts or experiences are a hit. Spend around $100 to $150 on versatile items like cozy blankets, kitchen gadgets, or treat them to a memorable outing like a concert or spa day.


Middle-Aged Adults (30-50 years)

For the young-at-heart grown-ups, splurge a bit more with a budget of $150 to $300. Consider thoughtful gifts like high-quality kitchen appliances, personalized items, or even an adventurous getaway for some much-needed relaxation.


Older Adults + Seniors (50+ years)

At this stage of life, it’s all about cherishing memories and comfort. Spend around $50 to $100 on sentimental gifts like personalized photo albums, cozy blankets, or a relaxing massage session to show your appreciation.


Remember, these suggested amounts are just a guide, and the true spirit of Christmas lies in the thoughtfulness and love behind each gift. Whether you’re working with a tight budget or have some extra holiday cheer to spare, the key is to choose gifts that will bring joy to their hearts. Happy gifting and Merry Christmas!