10 Ways to Gift the Arfmazing Dog Lovers in Your Life

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Get ready for all the puns because we’ve just uncovered some of the best (and some pretty funny) gift ideas for all the obsessed dog lovers in your life.  It’s arfmazing.  See?

Best Gifts For Dog Lovers & Owners 2024 - Dogs Christmas Gift Ideas 2024

What can you gift the dog lover who really has everything?  The answer is:  Something unique.  We’re true believers that our pups are really like our children.  Is it ok that we may like our dogs better than our kids?  It’s up for debate.

If you’re looking for something to give to your favorite dog owner, there are so many amazing options out there.  We’ve researched some of the most popular items of the year and then broke down our recommendations into things that are specifically for the dog owner and then must-have ideas for the dogs themselves.  Perhaps some are things both can share and experience together!

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for dog lovers in 2024.

The Best Gift of 2024

The “Don’t Judge My Dog” Tote Bag – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024: Don't Judge My Dog Tote 2024

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We love a little shade in any form.  This super on-trend tote bag says, “Don’t judge my dog and I won’t judge your children.”  Truer words have never been spoken.  You can choose from a variety of different doggy-inspired totes for labs, pugs, corgis, and so many more.  Learn more here.

The On-Trend Pick

The Adidog “Adidas-Inspired” Doggy Hoodie – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024: Adidas Doggy Hoodie 2024

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Finally you can officially start dressing like your pup in something you’ll both actually want to wear!  This Adidas-inspired red hoodie comes in 7 different size options to choose from and different colors like classic white, black, yellow, and red.  Seriously, your pup will be the coolest kid on the block!  Learn more here.

The Personalized Pick

The Personalized Blueprint Pillows – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024: Blueprint Pillows 2024

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These super snuggly pillows are not only super comfy, but also personalized based on your dog’s breed.  There are over 30 different breeds you can choose from and the pillow will also let them know all about their breed, features, and more.  We love this one as a unique Christmas gift idea too!  Learn more here.

The Health Pick

The Embark Dog DNA Testing Kit – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024: Doggy DNA Kit 2024

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Now you can track down their ancestry too!  Not only can you learn more about their history and distant relatives, but you can also be alerted to potential genetic health issues they could experience later in life, so it totally helps you plan accordingly. Learn more here.

The Christmas Pick

The DIY Holiday Paw Print Christmas Ornament – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024: Christmas Ornament Doggy Paw Print 2024

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It’s such a great way to dress up your Christmas tree this upcoming holiday season.  This super sweet doggy paw print tree ornament is one that you’ll make yourself with your favorite little pup.  It comes with everything you need, including the ribbon.  Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The Bad Dog Wisdom Glass Tumblers – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024: Glass Tumbler Set 2024

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Perfect for the dog lover with a total sense of humor.  This set of four, dishwasher safe, glass tumblers features some less than stellar wisdom from dogs like:  defy authority, assert yourself, assess risk and reward, and learn to bluff.  Learn more here.

The Comfy Pick

The Heated Dog Bed – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024: Heated Dog Bed for Christmas Gift 2024

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A great idea for those cold winter nights, this heated doggy bed is safe, easy to use, easy to operate, and super comfy for your pup who wants to sleep as nice and warm as you do! Learn more here.

The Decór Pick

The Embroidered Towel Set in Grey – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024: Waffle Dish Towel 2024

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These make a nice addition to any kitchen, especially one with a pup.  The two embroidered waffle towels have messages on them like: “You had me at woof” and “All you need is love…and a dog.”  They can actually be used if you want or simply display them as a decorative addition to your kitchen.  Learn more here.

The Cheap Pick

The Corgi “Corki” Wine Bottle Stopper – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024: Corgi Wine Stopper 2024

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Who doesn’t love a corgi?  And who doesn’t love some wine?!  This “Corki” wine bottle stopper will keep your opened bottle air tight to help preserve it for longer.  Unless, you know, you can down the whole bottle in one sitting.  Invite us over! It’ll fit just about any standard sized wine bottle and is dishwasher safe.  Learn more here.

The Self-Care Pick

The Weighted Blanket for Anxiety-Ridden Dogs – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024: Weighted Anxiety Blanket for Christmas 2024

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These weighted blankets have been proven to help people to reduce anxiety and stress symptoms, and now they’re seeing the same positive results in pups!  Perfect for them to take cover under during the dreaded thunderstorm, when fireworks are going off, or just for general anxiety-like situations.  Learn more here.

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