The 10 Ways to Gift the Obsessive Golfer in Your Life

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Move over Tiger (yes, he’s back) because there’s a new golf champ in town and here’s some of the coolest golf gift ideas to give that obsessive special someone.

Best Golf Gifts 2024 - Cheap Gift Ideas for Golfers Women or Men 2024 Christmas

So, uh, what exactly are you supposed to gift the avid golfer in your life, especially if they already have everything?  So many sites out there basically think that only men golf and, sure, while many do there are tons of women golfer out there (shout out!).

When researching some of the most popular gift ideas, we’ve rounded up some of our top picks for both men and women that they’ll actually want to use, interact with, or just plain old look at.  It doesn’t matter if they’re a beginner golfer, a seasoned vet, or don’t even play themselves, but enjoy the watching the game.  We got something for everyone!  See you at the 19th.

Shop our picks for some of the best golf gifts in 2024.


The Best Gift of 2024

The Arccos “Smart Sensor” Caddie – Buy It Here


Unique Golf Gifts in 2024: Arccos Caddie 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

If they’re obsessed with tech as much as they are with their golf game, they’re going to be obsessed with this one.  This is officially the world’s smartest caddie and better than having an actual human caddie (less aggravation).  It was created in partnership with Microsoft and will show you your optimal strategy on any hole at any golf course in the world.  It’ll use your own data along with 100M shots taken by other users in over 40,000 different course to help you be your absolute best.  You gotta see this one!  Learn more here.


The Unique Pick

The Set of 2 Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers – Buy It Here

Best Golf Gift 2024: Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

The perfect present for the avid golfer and the whiskey lover all in one!  This gift set will keep their favorite beverage at the perfect temperature (nice cold) without watering it down right away.  Also makes a great stocking stuffer idea.  Learn more here.


The Practical Pick

The Golf Ball Money Clip by M-Clip – Buy It Here

Best Golf Gift 2024: Golfing Money Clip 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Keep their money safe and totally on trend while they’re either playing or just out and about.  This best-selling money clip will safely and securely hold their cash and up to 7 credit cards.   Do people even have that many!?  It also comes in other color options like black, white/silver, and pink.  Learn more here.


The Training Pick

The Ultimate Swing Trainer by SKLZ – Buy It Here

Best Golf Gift 2024: SKLZ Golf Swing Trainer 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Practicing the swing is even more important than the actual game swing itself.  This best-seller on Amazon currently has 4.6 out of 5 stars and over 1,100 customer reviews!  It’ll help you develop and train your core golf muscles, develop a flatter swing, build muscle memory, and more.  It really is the perfect warm-up tool out there.  Learn more here.


The Classy Pick

The Complete Set of Bamboo Tees – Buy It Here

Best Golf Gift 2024: Set of Bamboo Tees 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Bamboo is totally the way to go when it comes to teeing off.  It helps make them stronger, longer lasting, and much more capable than the regular ones.  Plus, they just look way cooler.  You can either choose to buy a set of 250, 500, or 1,000 bulk bag.  Get ready to tee off!  Learn more here.


The Fun Pick

The Friendly Sloth Headcover – Buy It Here

Best Golf Gift 2024: Sloth Club Warmer 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Meet Ralph!  He’s the friendly (and slow) golf head cover.  And if it looks like he has a stick up his…you know…it’s because he does!  Ralph has a really soft sherpa inner lining and can easily fit clubs up to 460cc.  More importantly, he’s just plain old cute and the perfect conversation starter.  Learn more here.


The Gift Set Pick

The Complete 12-Piece Golf Set by Callaway – Buy It Here

Best Golf Gift 2024: New Golf Clubs for Cheap 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

If you’re looking for a really, really, good set of clubs especially for a bit of a newbie, this is the one you gotta get.  It’s one of the top-sellers on Amazon right now and has 4.3 out of 5 star rating, along with over 850 customer reviews.  This is also the perfect present for the golfer who’s a lefty too.  Yes, they do exist.  This 12-piece set comes with the driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6- 9 iron, PW, putter, stand bag, and even 2 head covers.  Learn more here.


The Office Pick

The Desktop “Main Course” Game – Buy It Here

Best Golf Gift 2024: Desktop Golf for Work 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Let them have a little fun at work and play at their desk for a bit! You can practice your put in between meetings.  It’s the best way to spend the day, you know, when you have to be inside the office.  Learn more here.


The Indoor Pick

The Pro Indoor Putting Green – Buy It Here

Best Golf Gift 2024: Indoor Putting Green 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Even if they’re not a pro, this is the pro version of an indoor putting green and, even better, it has automatic ball return.  Take that Tiger!  The putting green roll out to up to 9-feet and can fit more rooms.  Learn more here.


The Useful Pick

The Best-Selling Pro V1 Golf Balls by Titleist – Buy It Here

Best Golf Gift 2024: Set of New Golf Balls 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

You can never go wrong with having some extra golf balls around.  These are the #1 best-selling brand and comes with a dozen in this set.  They’ll be impressed that you “got the right ones.”  You’re welcome!  Learn more here.

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