10 Enthusiast-Approved Ways to Gift the Car Lover Who Already Has Everything

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We all have that special car lover in our life, but it seems like they already have everything and we may not even fully know what to get them they’ll actually want let alone use.  Problem solved with these pretty cool gift ideas.

Gifts for Car Lovers 2024 - Best Car Gifts For Boyfriend Auto Enthusiast 2024 Christmas

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to figure out what to get them for their birthday, Christmas, or basically whenever it’s always the most stressful to figure out what to gift the ultimate car lover on your list.  There are plenty of really cool options out there, but if you’re not going to spend a fortune, get them a souped-up engine or, you know, actually buy them a new car itself (we hate those commercials!) you may feel like you’re at a loss.  Relax, we got you covered.  From traditional car gifts, to really cool and unique options we’re recommending something starting with beginners all the way up to the pro-enthusiast and everyone in between (including kids!).

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for car lovers in 2024 and beyond.

The Best Car Gift of 2024

The FIXD Bluetooth Car Code Error Reader – Buy It Here

Best Car Gifts 2024: Fixd 2024

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We’ve all been there when a light or alert showed up on our dashboard and we’re either not entire sure WTF it means or how important it is to take care of at this very moment.  Panic ensues.  We’re loving this bluetooth reader from FIXD that will easily read and diagnose our check engine light and then translates the issue into actual language we can all understand.  It plugs into your car data port and can even let you know where the nearest mechanic is right now to you, how much the estimate may cost you, and more.  Learn more here.

The Cool Pick

The Hockey Stick Snow Brush – Buy It Here

Best Car Gifts 2024: Hockey Stick Snow Brush 2024

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Everyone has a snow brush, but not everyone has a hockey stick snow brush and scraper!  These snow brushes are made from actual professional hockey sticks that have been retired.  So cool!  Learn more here.

The Tech Pick

The Apeman 1080P Dash Cam – Buy It Here

Best Car Gifts 2024: Dash Cam Tech Pick 2024

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Better to be safe than sorry when on the road!  Everyone really should have a dash cam and this is one of the top-sellers and currently has over 5,800 customer ratings on Amazon!  You can easily mount this 1080P HD dash cam to your windshield and it’ll capture what’s happening as you drive, has motion and collision sensors so if you get into an accident it’ll keep the loop recording going, and will even save footage that you’ll definitely be needing.  It’s actually pretty easy to use too.  Learn more here.

The Kids Pick

The LEGO Porsche 911 Building Kit – Buy It Here

Best Car Gifts 2024: LEGO Porsche Car Kit 2024

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Ideal for any car head, it’s really perfect for the kids out there who love cars or even the adult car enthusiasts out there! This must-have 1,580 piece LEGO set is suitable for people 10-years old and up, is super fun to build and play with, and it even has a toy engine too!  Who doesn’t want their very own Porsche?  Learn more here.

The Unique AF Pick

The Auto Timing Chain & Gears Wall Clock – Buy It Here

Best Car Gifts 2024: Auto Timing Chain Clock 2024

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Now this is the perfect gift option for all the diehard car lovers out there.  This industrial clock is actually made from repurposed engine timing gears and chains.  Pretty amazing.  Learn more here.

The Tire-Head Pick

The Ultimate Insane Tire Shine Coating – Buy It Here

Best Car Gifts 2024: Ultimate Tire Shine 2024

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We all know the people in our lives how basically want their tires to sparkle all year long.  This is one of the best options for them.  Just spray it on, walk away, and you’re done. And it’s actually pretty cheap too, which we totally appreciate.  Shine time!  Learn more here.

The Charging Pick

The RapidX Car Charger with 5 Charging Ports – Buy It Here

Best Car Gifts 2024: 5 Port Car Charger 2024

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If they basically live inside their car and are always on the road dropping off and picking up the kids all the time, this is the must-have for them.  Not only do we love it because it was named as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for Christmas, but it’ll charge up to 5 different devices all at the same time, can reach into the back seat, and is smart enough to know which device needs the most juice STAT!  Learn more here.

The Genius Pick

The Siepasa Inverted Umbrella – Buy It Here

Best Car Gifts 2024: Inverted Umbrella 2024

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Finally!  This essential umbrella actually inverts when you close it so, basically, it “closes up” meaning that when it’s raining and you’re trying to squirm into your car without getting wet, it won’t drip all the rain directly onto you and your car seat.  This one comes in dozens of different colors, patterns, style options, and more.  Learn more here.

The Cleanly Pick

The WeatherTech Custom Floor Liners – Buy It Here

Best Car Gifts 2024: Weather Tech Floor Liners 2024

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We’ve all seen the commercials, but it always seemed too complicated for us.  Well, now you can order your custom car mats right from Amazon!  It’s easy, pretty affordable, and there’s definitely something for just about anyone.  Learn more here.

The Splurge Pick

The Hot Rod Car Sculpture – Buy It Here

Best Car Gifts 2024: Hot Rod Retro Sculpture 2024

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This one is a bit on the more expensive side of things, but it’s really great for the true car enthusiast who has a special place in their heart for all things vintage.  This sculpture is inspired by the iconic 1949 Mercury and will look great on their office desk, proudly displayed on their mantle, bookcase, or wherever they can see it and appreciate it.  Learn more here.

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