Here’s How to Gift the Ultimate Godfather In Your Life

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He’s pretty much the most fun guy you know and always buysyou a gift for every occasion in your life. Here’s how you can show your appreciation for your own godfather!

Best Godfather Gifts 2023 - Will You Be My Godfather Gift Ideas From Godchild 2023 Christmas Birthday

We’re all in agreement that having a godfather used to be based on religious reasons but, while that is still partially true today, it’s also about celebrating the person in your life who will help guide you and be there for you during all of your life’s journey, regardless of your religious beliefs.

There are some cool traditional ideas out there (and we’ve included some of them), but we’re also branching out with some unique gift ideas for your godfather if it’s just his birthday, Christmas, or you want to pick him up a little something “just because.” Don’t worry, we’ve also included some picks when you want your baby to ask “Will you be my godfather?” We’re covering all our bases!

Shop our picks for some of the best godfather gifts in 2023.

The Top Selling Gift 2023

The Best Godfather Ever Mug – Buy It Here

Best Godfather Gift 2023: Best Godfather Ever Mug 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

It’s really the classic (and cheap!) gift for your godfather who will remember that you’re thinking of him each and every morning he has his coffee. It’s 11-ounce white ceramic and is both dishwasher and microwave safe! Learn more here.

The DIY Pick

The Brooklyn BrewShop Beer Making Kit – Buy It Here

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Price Point: $$$$$

Perfect for the beer lover, this DIY beer brewing at-home kit comes with pretty much everything they’ll need to make about 1 gallon of delicious beer. There are a bunch of others you can choose from too like wheat, brown ale, blonde, and more. Learn more here.

The Golf Pick

The World’s Greatest Godfather Golf Balls – Buy It Here

Best Godfather Gift 2023: Personal Golf Ball 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

He canalways use a new set of golf balls. These personalized golf balls come in a pack of three and are actually Wilson Ultra 500 golf balls so you know they’re great! Learn more here.

The Grill Master Pick

The Grill Smoker Gift Set – Buy It Here

Best Godfather Gift 2023: Grill Smoker Set 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

A total must-have for the grill-master in your life. These wood chips add the perfect smokey flavor to your grill and your food. This set comes with hickory, apple, and cherry. Happy grilling! Learn more here.

The Godchild Pick

The Godchild Handprint Frame – Buy It Here

Best Godfather Gift 2023: Godchild Frame 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

A great idea for the little ones to gift their new godfather. This rustic frame comes with the print where they can easily add their handprint directly to it, making it super special and personal. Learn more here.

The Literal Pick

The Vito Corleone Funko Pop Figure – Buy It Here

Best Godfather Gift 2023: Vito Corleone Toy 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

We love a double-meaning present! This cute little Vito Corleone figurine will make them an offer they truly can’t refuse. It’s also a unique way to ask them to be their godfather too! Learn more here.

The Sports Pick

The Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses – Buy It Here

Best Godfather Gift 2023: Baseball Park Glass 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

A great idea for the major baseball fan, this set of 2 pint glasses have the map of their favorite team’s baseball park right on it. Super cool. Learn more here.

The Whiskey Pick

The Personalized Whiskey Barrel – Buy It Here

Best Godfather Gift 2023: Personalized Whiskey Barrel 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

It seems like everyone is a whiskey lover these days and with this personalized whiskey barrel they’ll be able to age their favorite spirit up to 10 times faster. You can choose to have their name, year established, city, state, and more placed directly on the barrel. Learn more here.

The ‘Question’ Pick

The Personalized Beer Glass – Buy It Here

Best Godfather Gift 2023: Will You Be My Godfather Idea Pint 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

It’s another great way to ask that special question. Even better, it’s something they’llactually use and remember that special day every time they drink out of it. You can buy an individual glass or snag them as a set. Learn more here.

The Single Guy Pick

The 1 Minute Egg Maker – Buy It Here

Best Godfather Gift 2023: 1 Minute Egg Maker 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

Eggs for 1 in just 1 minute sounds like a genius idea to us! This best-seller is made from really cool stoneware, allows you to make all kinds of eggs right in the microwave, and is even dishwasher safe. Learn more here.

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