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20 Cool Ways to Gift Your Favorite Niece Who Has Everything

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Because your niece isn’t a regular niece, she’s a cool niece.  Here’s exactly what you can gift your fave without breaking the bank.

Best Gifts for Nieces 2023 - Great Niece Gift Ideas From Aunt or Uncle This Christmas or Birthday 2023

Whether she’s your niece by blood or just by choice, we’ve come up with some pretty rad ideas that she’ll actually want this year.  There aren’t too many niece-related gift ideas that are ‘cool-worthy’ so we’ve combined some traditional and meaningful picks with just some really sweet stuff she’ll want to use.

Nieces come in all ages, shapes, and sizes so some of the below picks will be perfect for your younger niece, your teen niece, or the adult niece that you’ve helped raise and are now like friends (insert all the wine here!).  It doesn’t matter if you’re her ‘real’ aunt or uncle or, well, just someone so close to her that she feels like a niece, we’ve got your back.

Shop our picks for some of the best gift ideas for your nieces in 2023.


The Best Gift of 2023

The Nieces & Aunts Silver Necklace – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Nieces 2023: Necklace for Niece from Aunt 2023

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Perfect for your niece’s birthday, Christmas, or anything in between.  This super sweet and thoughtful necklace can be given by any loving aunt and helps show her just how intertwined the both of you are.  This one also comes in gold, rose gold, and crystal.  Learn more here.


The Comfy Pick

The Barefoot Dreams Beanie – Buy It Here

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You know Barefoot Dreams from their insanely cozy bathrobes and blankets, but now they have winter hats that’ll keep you super warm and super comfy all at the same time.  Learn more here.


The Feminist Pick

The “Nevertheless, She Persisted” Puzzle – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Nieces 2023: Feminist Puzzle for Niece 2023

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This must-have 1,000 piece puzzle will show your niece how many amazing women came before her, were total game-changers of history, and how she can be just like them too.  She’ll be proud to display this one!  Learn more here.


The Tech Pick

The Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones in Rose Gold – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Nieces 2023: Beats Solo 3 Rose Gold Headphones 2023

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She loves her music after all and rose-gold anything is always in fashion.  These on-trend wireless headphones have up to 40-hours of battery life on a full charge, are super comfortable to wear over your ears, and have the best sound ever.  They also come in a bunch of other cool colors to choose from as well.  The perfect gift for the tech obsessed too! You can’t go wrong.  Learn more here.


The Trendy Pick

The “Note to Self” Pin Gift Set – Buy It Here

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If your niece is all about the chill, positive vibes (and she is) she’ll love these super cute pins to reminder herself to just chill.  Learn more here.


The Home Spa Pick

The Calming Colorful Shower Steamers – Buy It Here

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Bring the spa right to her own shower with these soothing and all-natural shower steamers that have essential oil scents of lavender, lemongrass, and more.  You can choose either a gift set of 5 or a set of 12.  Learn more here.


The Fun Pick

The Ban.Do Grapefruit Slice Beach Cooler Bag – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Nieces 2023: Cooler Bag 2023

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One of the coolest beach coolers we’ve seen in a while.  It’s water resistant, insulated, and can hold up to 28 cans of her favorite beverages.  It also comes as a sweet watermelon or orange too!  Learn more here.


The Empowered Pick

The Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Nieces 2023: Glass Ceiling Necklace 2023

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We love this much needed reminder that there’s still work to be done, but with her help she can help us all shatter that glass ceiling.  This cute necklace is sterling silver and glass combo and made right here in the US.  Learn more here.


The Student Pick

The “Forever Busy” Laptop Sleeve – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Nieces 2023: Forever Busy Laptop Sleeve 2023

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It’s funny because it’s true.  Your niece seems to be forever busy so that’s why we assume she’s not retuning our calls?  This trendy gold and pink laptop sleeve will fit most 15-inch laptops (standard) and has a fold-over clasp that’ll help keep everything inside safe and sound.  Learn more here.


The Teen Pick

The Color Changing Cinema Lightbox – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Nieces 2023: Color Changing Light Box for Niece 2023

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Who doesn’t love a message box that lights up and changes a variety of different colors?!  She’ll be able to create any kind of message she wants with the 100 letters and numbers it comes with. This gift pick is also a sure bet for the picky teen too! Perfect for her room, dorm room, or apartment.  Learn more here.


The DIY Pick

The DIY Lip Balm Making Kit – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Nieces 2023: DIY Lip Balm Kit for Young Niece 2023

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We love a crafty little project!  Now she can make her very own lip balm in flavors like spearmint, cocoa butter, and more.  This kit comes with everything you need to create your own! They’ll love this 73-piece set!  Learn more here.


The Inspirational Pick

The Rebel Girl’s Journal to Star Revolutions – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Nieces 2023: Rebel Girl Journal 2023

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Keep her thinking, keep her writing, keep her journaling, and keep her empowered.  The future is female!  Learn more here.


The Creative Pick

The Fun Paint-By-Number Kit – Buy It Here

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This isn’t your kids paint-by-number paintings.  These chic and fun options are totally frame-worthy and will really get her creative juices flowing.  You can even choose from a variety of different prints.  Learn more here.


The Funny Pick

The “Things They Don’t Teach You in School” Game – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Nieces 2023: Never Taught Us That in School Game 2023

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Every now and then you need just a mindless, yet funny game to play.  This super popular option comes with 400 fun (and random) facts that make this the ultimate ‘mindless’ trivia game.  It’s a blast to play with a small group of friends. Bring on the laughs!  Learn more here.


The Wine Lovers Pick

The PortoVino Hidden Wine Purse – Buy It Here

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If your niece is of age and loves her wine, she’ll love this fully functional wine purse from PortoVino.  It comes with a removable insulated bag that can hold up to 2 standard size bottles of her favorite wine or whatever else she likes to drink.  Simply flip open the hidden flap and start pouring!  She’ll be able to bring the party with her almost anywhere she’s going.  Learn more here.


The Positive Pick

The Wishbeads Intention Necklace – Buy It Here

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Set your intention each and every day and wear it with you!  Simply right out your positive intention for the day, roll it up, and place it in this semi-precious stone necklace.  Such a unique gift!  Learn more here.


The Comforting Pick

The Official Homesick Scented Candle – Buy It Here

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Perfect for the niece who lives out of town or just misses home overall.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to pick Texas!  Choose the state she’s from or the one that she misses most.  It’ll always remind her of the comfort of home.  Learn more here.


The Yummy Pick

The Gourmet Oil Dipping Kit – Buy It Here

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Super yummy!  This amazing dipping kit comes with 15 different flavors will really delicious spice blends.  Perfect for the one who already has everything under the sun.  Learn more here.


The Beauty Pick

The Foreo Luna Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush – Buy It Here

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One of the best-sellers last year, this one is the mini and is actually way more affordable!  This must-have sonic facial brush gets rid of 99.5% of dirt and impurities, can easily fit in her purse, and takes hardly any time to use.  Learn more here.


The Fashion Pick

The “Day Market Tote” Bag Everlane – Buy It Here

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This top-seller of the year currently has 4.6 star rating out of 5 and over 2,000 customer reviews!  And did we mention this is the bag that Megan Markle made famous?  Learn more here.

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