How to Gift Your Favorite Nephew No Matter What His Age!

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Regardless of your age, your nephew is your fave buddy.  Here are some perfect gifts ideas for your nephew who probably already has everything anyway.  Sigh.

Gifts For Nephew 2024 - Best Cheap Gift Ideas For Nephews Christmas 2024

You know who sometimes gets the short end of the stick?  Your nephew.  Well, our nephew at least.  There are so many more gifts ideas for your niece, than your cute little nephew.  And speaking of that, most recommendations are usually for the little ones and the older (teens to adults) get totally bypassed.  So we’re changing the game on that!

Browse our official picks of some of the best gifts for nephews of all ages.  We’ll alternate top picks going back and forth from the little ones to the older ones.  Keep scrolling!

The Best Nephew Gift 2024

The Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: Smartphone Plane 2024

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This is one unbelievable “toy” for your nephew of just about any age.  Ok, well, not babies, but still!  We all grew up with paper airplanes, but now you can control your paper airplane with your smartphone or tablet.  It’s super easy to set up and oddly affordable too.  Learn more here.

The New Baby Pick

The “I Get My Good Looks” Baby Onesie – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: Baby Nephew Onesie 2024

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Let’s be honest, he’s definitely getting his good looks from his uncle, especially if that’s you! This super cute little onesie comes in sizes “newborn” all the way up to 18-months and comes in a bunch of different colors too like blue, white, navy blue, heather grey, and more.  Learn more here.

The DIY Pick

The DIY Hot Sauce Kit – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: DIY Hot Sauce Kit 2024

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The perfect option for the older nephew who’s a total hot sauce fan.  Who isn’t?  Now they can make their own hot sauce at home with this super easy DIY kit.  It comes with the ingredients, the bottles, the labels, and more.  Learn more here.

The Official Mug

The Best Nephew Ever Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: Best Nephew Ever Coffee Mug 2024

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The perfect way to start their morning then with their own coffee mug!  This 11 ounce ceramic mug has an extra large handle for his big mitts, is dishwasher safe, and microwave safe too!  Learn more here.

The Baseball Fan Pick

The Set of 2 Baseball Park Map Drinking Glasses – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: Baseball Map Glass 2024

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If they love baseball, and they sure do, these are the coolest true fan glasses we’ve seen in a while.  Each glass has the official map of the baseball field of their favorite team in their team colors too.  Don’t worry, you can choose which team you want!  Learn more here.

The Toddler Pick

The Construction Plate & Utensil Set – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: Construction Plate 2024

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The perfect pick for the little ones who could use a little extra help in actually eating their meals.  This super cute construction plate looks like a construction zone and you can even add these really fun “truck” utensil set too.  Learn more here.

The Meaningful Pick

The Nephew Dog Tag Necklace – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: Nephew Dog Tag 2024

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A really thoughtful and inspiration option that’s geared directly towards them.  If they don’t want to wear it as a dog tag necklace, it can be easily transformed into a keychain, something to add to their backpack, and more.  Learn more here.

The Video Game Pick

The New Nintendo Switch Lite – Buy It Here

New Tech Gadgets 2024: Nintendo Switch Lite

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Now you can easily play Super Mario Brothers pretty much anywhere you go.  After the insane success of the Nintendo Switch gaming console, they’ve recently released the new Switch Lite, which is handheld, sleek, has built-in controllers, and even comes in colors like grey, yellow, blue, and more!  Learn more here.

The Old-Timey Pick

The Baseball Game – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: Baseball Game 2024

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A family friendly game where you roll the dice to see who makes it to first, second, or third base.  It even comes with a the dry-erase board so you can keep score and name your teams.  This one currently has over 350 customer reviews too!  Learn more here.

The Aunt to Nephew Pick

The Nephew Picture Frame – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: Picture Frame 2024

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It’s a sweet option to present from an aunt to her favorite nephew.  It’s perfect for any occasion, really, from birthday to Christmas and everything in between.  Learn more here.

The Create Your Own Pick

The Draw Your Own Comic Books – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: DIY Comic Book 2024

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This quality book comes with more than 100 different pages to fill out, show their imagination, and truly create their very own comic book.  So fun!  Learn more here.

The Fun Pick

The Playful Sport Basketball Mug – Buy It Here

Nephew Gifts 2024: Basketball Mug 2024

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Enjoy your cereal, enjoy your hot cocoa, and shoot some hoops all at the same time!  Don’t worry, it’s dishwasher safe too!  Learn more here.

The Cologne Pick

Tom Ford “Tobacco Vanille” Cologne – Buy It Here

Gifts for Older Nephew 2024 - 2024 Tom Ford Cologne

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It’s perfect for the fall-into-winter or really any time of year.  It has really amazing notes of tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accords, and sweet sap.  It’s going to become his new signature scent this year (and next, and next!).   Learn more here.

The Tech Pick

The PhoneSoap Smartphone Cleaner  – Buy It Here

New Tech Gadgets 2024: Phone Soap 3 Phone Sanitizer 2002

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Their phone is nasty.   True story.  Now they can use this UV phone sanitizer to get rid of 99.9% of all the nasty bacteria on their phone, keys, credit cards, and more.  It’ll fit just about any phone out there.  Learn more here.

The Amazon Pick

The New Amazon Echo Show 5  – Buy It Here

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This one was recently released by Amazon for 2024 and not only can you still use it to ask Alexa to show you things like the latest headlines, the weather, music videos, TV shows and more.  You can also play games and even see your favorite people when you call them up. The best part?  The new privacy control.  Simply toggle off the camera and microphone by the touch of one button on top.  Plus, it’s way more compact/smaller than the original and the price is amazingLearn more here.

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