Give Them the Ultimate Holiday Mani With These Chic Nail Polish Gift Sets

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These luxury nail polish gift sets and kits will help them look like they went to the salon, but without the insane prices!

Nail Polish Gift Sets 2024 - Best Holiday Nail Lacquer Kits & Christmas Gifts 2024

They have endless holiday parties and events they need to attend, so they’ll be grateful they have hot AF looking nails to wave around to everyone.

The problem, sometimes, with nail polish kits is that they can end up looking kinda cheap.  I know, it’s a terrible tragedy.  And we’ve all been there when we were gifted one that was basically made for kids playing dress-up.  We’re letting it all slide this season and have come up with some of the best-sellers of the year (so far) that are perfect for any event they’ll need to go to or just for bumming around the house because, let’s be honest, that’s really the best event of them all!

Shop our picks for some of the best ideas for nail polish gift sets in 2024 and into 2024!


The Best Nail Polish Gift of 2024

The JINsoon Nail Lacquer Gift Set – Buy It Here

Nail Polish Gift Sets 2024: Jinsoon Holiday Nails 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

A really chic option for any time of year, but especially during the holidays!  This best-selling nail polish set comes with beautiful holiday-inspired colors that sparkle and help make them the life of the party. Learn more here.


The Oprah Pick

The Butter London Guilty Pleasure Stash – Buy It Here

Nail Polish Gift Sets 2024: Butter London Oprah 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

These were actually Oprah’s pick from the holiday season and you can never disagree with any of Oprah’s recommendations!  This is the ultimate gift set that comes with 24 different lacquers is so many amazing (and festive) options perfect for just about any time of year.  Some even have pretty glittery finishes.  Learn more here.


The Popular Pick

The Deborah Lippmann Natural Mystic 6-Piece Set – Buy It Here

Nail Polish Gift Sets 2024: Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Kit Ideas 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Move over shades of grey, because this season it’s all about those shades of violet.  This limited edition kit from Sephora comes with 6 different pretty shades of violet and, even better, they’re all totally vegan!  Learn more here.


The Advent Calendar Pick

The OPI Christmas Advent Calendar – Buy It Here

Nail Polish Gift Sets 2024: Ulta Advent Calendar Christmas Holiday 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

That’s right, you can totally gift this as an advent calendar where they’ll get one new mini polish for each of the 25 days of Christmas, or you can just give it to them asa holiday present where they’ll be psyched to open all 25 polishes at once!  It’s really great for anyone, but with the Hello Kitty branding, it’s a must-have for those picky tweens and teens in your life.  Maybe they’ll even share with you!  Learn more here.


The Nail Art Pick

The Morgan Taylor Holiday Nail Art Kit – Buy It Here

Nail Polish Gift Sets 2024: Holiday Nail Art Kit 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

It’s officially time to get ready for all the holiday parties on your calendar!  They’ll love making their nails super unique with this limited edition holiday nail art kit.  They’ll be able to add little silver stars, gold moons, rose-gold twinkle gems onto their nails along with really chic lacquer colors too!  Learn more here.


The Christmas Pick

The Zoya Lips & Tips Set – Buy It Here

Nail Polish Gift Sets 2024: Zoya Christmas Red 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Look super sexy with these amazing red options!  This set is part of their “Oh What Fun” Christmas collection, but there are others to choose from too like Merry and Bright, Sleigh Away, and Warm & Cozy.  It even comes with the lipstick too!  Learn more here.


The Gel Manicure Pick

The Sally Hansen Gel Polish Starter Kit – Buy It Here

Nail Polish Gift Sets 2024: Sally Hansen Gift Kit 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

Try out your own gel manicures at home with this easy-to-use starter kit.  It comes with everything you’ll need like the official LED lamp, the base boat, nail color, top coat, cleansing pads, cuticle stick, file, buffer, color remover, and instruction sheet!  Learn more here.


The Cheap Pick

The KleanColor 12-Piece Set – Buy It Here

Nail Polish Gift Sets 2024: Cheap Manicure Set 2024

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Price Point:  $$$$$

If you’re looking to gift a really cool set, but don’t want to break the bank this is your best bet.  It’s pretty cheap, but still has amazing reviews on Amazon.  Currently it’s been rated 4 out of 5 stars and has over 2,700 customer reviews and ratings!  Learn more here.

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