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Don’t even think about jumping into wedding season without checking out the most beautiful essentials from BHLDN. Get all the details here!

July 2023 BHLDN Promo Code

Does anyone else have about 10 weddings to attend this year?  Us too!  And things are about to get expensive.  After sitting inside our house for a year at least we’re looking forward to getting back out there and – come on – weddings are super fun to go to, especially if you’re not the bride.  Our latest wedding obsessions comes from BHLDN.  They have some of the prettiest, whimsical, and price approachable wedding dresses, gowns, shoes, accessories, and so much more for just about every single lady in attendance.  If you’re us and like unique and not cookie-cutter, they’re totally going to be your vibe!

Get 30%

Take an Additional 30% Off at BHLDN

Now you can get up to 30% off some really amazing dresses, gowns, and accessories for your wedding - or the wedding(s) you're scheduled to attend!  Learn about their free shipping offer, which really comes in handy too!

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Weddings are expensive.  Like, too expensive.  According to a recent study conducted by wedding experts at The Knot, the average wedding pre-pandemic cost $28,000.  To be honest, that actually seems kind of low to us but, nevertheless, whether you’re the bride/groom throwing the wedding or just attending we know it can all add up.  We’ve had some great experiences with BHLDN and found some really beautiful options that didn’t break out bank.

We first heard about them when we read about their partnership with Minted (our fave invitation company).  BHLDN falls under the umbrella of parent-company Anthropologie so if you’re a fan of them this is going to make all your shopping choices so much easier.  They’re definitely not a discount retailer by any means – but you can still find some of their top choices for up to 40%, especially when they’re having one of their famous sales of the season.

We’re huge fans of Rent the Runway especially when we have a bunch of weddings lined up, but when you’re looking for something different you really can’t go wrong with the selection from BHLDN.  Some of our personal faves include:

★ Their Highest Rated Wedding Dresses – See More Here
★ Their Fun Wedding Jumpsuits – See More Here
★ Their Cutest Flower Girl Dresses – See More Here

There are really so many styles to choose from so you can typically find something to fit your personal vibe.  The goal is to always be you whether you’re the star of the wedding or just attending.  Some of their most popular styles to choose from include:

★ Bohemian
★ Modern
★ Romantic + Whimsical
★ Beach + Destination
★ Lace + Beaded
★ Sleeves
★ City Hall

Personally we love the concept of a City Hall dress because you still want to look good, but not like a lunatic showing up in a crazy gown – although do you if that’s your thing.

Outside of dresses for just about everyone, you can also find some really pretty jewelry, amazing shoes and accessories, robes, lingerie, hair pieces, and everything in between.  We think once you check our BHLDN you’re going to fall in love with them like we have.  It’s like they totally just get us.  Yes, we’re obsessed.

So, when it comes to things like coupons – we wanted to research this – mainly for selfish reasons that we’re ok with – but to have a clear understanding of their coupon policy.  We discovered that, yes, BHLDN does accept promo codes on their site when you’re checking out.  However, we also learned that they are the only place to find active and valid promotions.   So, please, don’t waste your time looking for them all over the internet and just go direct to their site.  It’ll be worth it.

We did find a couple of offers from them that we thought we’d share with you.  Be sure to check in on their site to see which offers are valid as they’re always subject to change.  Every discount they have is found on their site right here.

★ 30% Off Dresses + Gowns – See More Here
★ Get Free Shipping With Email Signup – See More Here

Shop some of the best BHLDN must haves, promo offers, sales, and more.

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BHLDN Promo & Offers in July 2023

Wedding season is officially back!  And our latest obsession when it comes to so many beautiful dress and accessories for the bride, mother of the bride, the wedding guests (and everyone in between) is all things BHLDN.  If you're looking for something unique, yet amazing - you have visit their site!  Take a peek at their new arrivals perfect for this season (and next), the most popular dresses, and their current coupons and promo code offer they're promoting on their site today.

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Get 30%

Take an Additional 30% Off at BHLDN

Now you can get up to 30% off some really amazing dresses, gowns, and accessories for your wedding - or the wedding(s) you're scheduled to attend!  Learn about their free shipping offer, which really comes in handy too!

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The Official Free Shipping Offer

Getting free shipping is now easier than ever before.  Just subscribe to their emails and you'll get a free shipping promo code you can use at checkout.  This really comes in handy - and with their newsletter you'll be up to date on any future sales or offers they plan on having.

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$600 + Up

Just In: New Wedding Dresses Now at $600 + Up!

Wedding dresses and gowns can really be so expensive - but they don't have to put you in debt.  Take a peek at some of their new arrivals for this season - with some wedding dresses priced at $600 and going up from there.  And take a look at their limited edition dresses while you can still get them!

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$275 + Up

Shop Their New Bridesmaids Dresses Now at $275 + Up!

Bridesmaids typically aren't in love with the dresses they have to wear - until now!  Take a peek at some of their latest variety of bridesmaid-approved dresses now priced at only $275 and going up from there.  There are so many amazing styles, cuts, colors, and patterns to choose from.

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$150 + Up

Last Minute Wedding Dresses Now at $150 + Up!

With the year we've all had some of us are going to be total last minute brides!  Don't panic - they have a really beautiful selection of price-approachable last minute wedding dresses and gowns this season, now priced at only $150 and going up from there.  And if you're not a dress gal, check out their wedding jumpsuits too.

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$50 + Up

Beautiful Wedding Jewelry Now at $50 + Up!

Jewelry can provide that little extra touch to complete your look!  Take a peek at their beautiful and affordable wedding jewelry now priced at only $50 and going up from there.  Take a peek at whimsical options like earrings, necklaces, hair jewels and everything in between.

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