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Funny Names For Your Elf on the Shelf When Your Kids Have No Ideas

Giggles Glitterbuns, Sassy Sparklepants, Fluffy Fandango - just to name a few.

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Funny Elf on the Shelf Names 2023


Ah, the quest to find the perfect name for your mischievous little Elf on the Shelf has begun! Your kids have, clearly, been no help and your mind is already gone from that lengthy Christmas checklist you’ve been working on. 

Naming your pint-sized holiday companion is no easy feat; after all, this tiny troublemaker will be pulling pranks and spreading cheer all around your home. So, we shall embark on a hilarious journey to find the most fitting and funny name for your mischievous Elf, regardless if they’re a boy elf, a girl elf, or a non-binary elf (is that a thing?). 

So, get ready to giggle and grin as we explore a world of playful possibilities, where laughter and creativity know no bounds. And clearly we’ve officially lost our mind because coming up with more than 100 names makes us question all of our life choices.  So, dust off your imagination, unleash your sense of humor, and let’s dive into the enchanting realm of Elf on the Shelf names! Ho, ho, ho – let the naming games begin!

Funny "Boy" Elf on the Shelf Names

To pick a boy name for your Elf on the Shelf, embrace playfulness and consider Christmas-inspired names that reflect the mischievous and fun-loving spirit of your holiday companion.

  • Bouncy Biscuit
  • Fizzles Flapjack
  • Jolly Jinx
  • Wacky Wobblebottom
  • Chuckles Cupcake
  • Giggles Gingersnap
  • Whimsy Whiskers
  • Silly Snickerdoodle
  • Dizzy Doodlebug
  • Twinkle Tootsies
  • Fluffy Fandango
  • Noodle Nutterbutter
  • Perky Picklepuff
  • Zippy Zigzag
  • Frolic Flapjack
  • Prankster Pancakes
  • Tootsie Taffy
  • Cheeky Caramel
  • Giddy Gingersnap
  • Frenzy Fizzlefeet
  • Sassy Snickerdoodle
  • Glimmer Gobstopper
  • Jamboree Jujube
  • Fandangle Frenzy
  • Giggly Gobbledegook
  • Snickers McSnickerdoodle
  • Zany Zoodle
  • Fuzzy Fandango
  • Wiggly Whiskers
  • Glimpse Gingersnap
  • Jingle Jamboree
  • Tootsie Tinker
  • Whimsy Whistlebritches
  • Jolly Jellybean
  • Dizzy Daffodil
  • Flippity Fizzles
  • Giggly Gumdrop
  • Bubbly Buttercup
  • Wobbly Winkums
  • Prankster Popsicle
  • Giddy Gobstopper
  • Bounce Bumblebee
  • Taffy Twinkletoes
  • Cheeky Chickadee
  • Silly Snugglebug
  • Whimsy Wobble
  • Gingersnap Gigglepants
  • Doodle Daffodil
  • Fizzles Fandangle
  • Chuckles Cherrybomb

Funny "Girl" Elf on the Shelf Names

To pick a girl name for your Elf on the Shelf, choose a whimsical and endearing name that captures her mischievous and joyful holiday spirit.

  • Giggles Glitterbuns
  • Wiggly Waffles
  • Bubbly Buttercup
  • Fizzy Fandango
  • Twinkles Tootsies
  • Jolly Jellybean
  • Cheeky Chickadee
  • Prancy Pancakes
  • Sassy Sparklepants
  • Dizzy Daffodil
  • Silly Sprinklepop
  • Whimsy Whiskers
  • Bouncy Bumblebee
  • Puddin’ Popsicle
  • Fluffy Fizzlefeet
  • Noodle Nutterbutter
  • Wacky Winkums
  • Chuckles Cherrybomb
  • Giggly Gumdrops
  • Frolic Fandangle
  • Sparkle Sunshine
  • Snickers Snickerdoodle
  • Perky Picklepuff
  • Giddy Gingersnap
  • Zany Zigzag
  • Twirly Taffy
  • Glimmer Gobstopper
  • Flippity Flopsicle
  • Merry Muffin
  • Sassy Snickerdoodle
  • Bubbles Bumblebee
  • Fizzy Frenzy
  • Jingle Jamboree
  • Tootsie Twizzler
  • Dizzy Doodlebug
  • Fizzles Fandango
  • Giggly Gingersnap
  • Whimsy Whirligig
  • Perky Popsicle
  • Pranky Popcorn
  • Snazzy Snickerdoodle
  • Jolly Jujube
  • Bubbly Biscuit
  • Cheeky Caramel
  • Silly Snugglebug
  • Wacky Whistlebritches
  • Nifty Noodles
  • Jingle Jangles
  • Twirls Twizzler
  • Wiggly Whimsywoo

Funny Spanish Elf on the Shelf Names

  • Travesuras Tostada
  • Risitas Rápidas
  • Travieso Turrón
  • Saltarín Sábalo
  • Burbujas Bizcocho
  • Chispeante Chocolatito
  • Alboroto Almendra
  • Chistoso Cacahuate
  • Dizzy Donas
  • Alocado Algodón
  • Galletitas Giggly
  • Chispas Churro
  • Enredos Empanada
  • Chiqui Chiquitín
  • Trasto Tortuga
  • Sonrisitas Sorbete
  • Saltarín Sandwich
  • Chistín Chirimoya
  • Risueño Rollo
  • Travesuras Trufa
  • Chispiante Chicle
  • Glimmer Gomitas
  • Chasquidos Chicle
  • Picardías Papaya
  • Burbujitas Biscuit
  • Chocante Chayote
  • Dizzy Durazno
  • Travesuras Tostón
  • Trastito Toronja
  • Risas Ricardito
  • Pequeño Pistacho
  • Alocado Arándano
  • Chistín Chicle
  • Saltarín Sandía
  • Travesuras Talento
  • Alocado Almendra
  • Dizzy Dulce de Leche
  • Galletitas Guayaba
  • Gomitas Gomoso
  • Jolgorio Jícama
  • Chirriador Chirimoya
  • Difrasio Dulce
  • Chispiante Calabaza
  • Ruedas de Guayaba
  • Graciosete Guava
  • Travesuras Tamarindo
  • Pequeño Pudín
  • Risueño Rosa
  • Alocado Anacardo
  • Galletitas Guineo

"Naughty" Elf on the Shelf Names

If you’re trying to go the naughty-route because it’s the closest to your own little elf at home, consider playful and mischievous monikers that reflect their cheeky and prankster personality traits.  

  • Prankster Pete
  • Trouble Maker Timmy
  • Mischief Max
  • Rascal Rex
  • Jokester Jerry
  • Cheeky Charlie
  • Sneaky Sam
  • Impish Ivan
  • Naughty Nate
  • Whimsical Wilma
  • Impudent Isabella
  • Mischievous Molly
  • Playful Penny
  • Tricky Tommy
  • Rambunctious Ruby
  • Waggish Wilma
  • Joker Jake
  • Devious Darcy
  • Frolicsome Finn
  • Rascal Riley
  • Wily Walter
  • Sassy Sophie
  • Frisky Frankie
  • Giggly Gabby
  • Wicked Wendy
  • Prankster Patty
  • Impish Izzy
  • Tricky Toby
  • Mischief Maker Mia
  • Jester Johnny
  • Waggish Winnie
  • Cheeky Chloe
  • Naughty Noah
  • Joker Julia
  • Sneaky Simon
  • Frolicsome Fiona
  • Rambunctious Riley
  • Trickster Tina
  • Mischievous Mickey
  • Impudent Iris
  • Devious Dexter
  • Playful Piper
  • Rascal Ruby
  • Sassy Sammy
  • Wily Wyatt
  • Giggly Gracie
  • Whimsical Willow
  • Rambunctious Ronnie
  • Frisky Freddie
  • Cheeky Chelsea

Food & Candy Inspired Elf Names

  • Sprinkle McPancakes
  • Twizzle Twizzlers
  • Biscotti Bumblebee
  • Fizzy Froot Loops
  • Jolly Jalapeño
  • Whimsy Waffle Cone
  • Giggly Gummy Bear
  • Cheesy Cheese Puff
  • Bouncy Bagel Bites
  • Chuckles Cherry Pie
  • Peppermint Prankster
  • Gummy Giggler
  • Jellybean Jumper
  • Twizzler Twirler
  • Skittles Sneaker
  • Taffy Tumbler
  • Sour Patch Shenanigans
  • Marshmallow Mischief
  • Lollipop Leaper
  • Gumdrop Glee

Random Elf Name Generator

When all else fails, just go with the first name that appears for you here.  No cheating!  It’s gotta be the first name you see generated. 

Name Your Elf ... Sprinkle McJinglepants Fuzzy Snowball Socks Tinsel Tornado Jolly Jumper Gumdrop Giggles Peppermint Prankster Bubbles McFizzletoes Twinkle Toes Nutty Noodle Napper Sparkle Bells Wiggly Wobblebottom Merry Mischiefmaker Giggly Gumdrops Zippy Zapper Frolic McFlurry Chuckles McJinglebells Wacky Whirlwind Bouncy Elfkin Silly Snowflake Sassy Jinglebell Giggles Glitterbuns Wiggly Waffles Bubbly Buttercup Fizzy Fandango Twinkles Tootsies Jolly Jellybean Cheeky Chickadee Prancy Pancakes Sassy Sparklepants Dizzy Daffodil Silly Sprinklepop Whimsy Whiskers Bouncy Bumblebee Puddin' Popsicle Fluffy Fizzlefeet Noodle Nutterbutter Wacky Winkums Chuckles Cherrybomb Giggly Gumdrops Frolic Fandangle Sparkle Sunshine Snickers Snickerdoodle Perky Picklepuff Giddy Gingersnap Zany Zigzag Twirly Taffy Glimmer Gobstopper Flippity Flopsicle Merry Muffin Sassy Snickerdoodle Bubbles Bumblebee Fizzy Frenzy Jingle Jamboree Tootsie Twizzler Dizzy Doodlebug Fizzles Fandango Giggly Gingersnap Whimsy Whirligig Perky Popsicle Pranky Popcorn Snazzy Snickerdoodle Jolly Jujube Bubbly Biscuit Cheeky Caramel Silly Snugglebug Wacky Whistlebritches Nifty Noodles Jingle Jangles Twirls Twizzler Wiggly Whimsywoo


We. Are. Exhausted.  What started out at dozens of name ideas, has now morphed into 250 Elf on the Shelf names.  We think we covered just about every possibility, but we’re sure we’re leaving something out.

Once you’ve successfully named your Elf, now it’s time to plan ahead and print out a letter from the Elf to your kiddos.  They’ll love it.  And speaking of printing, check out our Christmas letter ideas, printable Christmas tags, and even cute Christmas wishes you can write in their card.