Fun Things You Can Do With Your Mom on Mother’s Day That Don’t Cost a Lot!

At home wine tastings, breakfast in bed, virtual yoga classes and so much more.

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Mother's Day Activities 2024 - Things to Do With Mom


Get ready to sprinkle some extra love and laughter into Mother’s Day! Whether your mom is a culinary queen, an art aficionado, or the ultimate relaxation expert, we’ve come up with some of the most thoughtful, memorable and downright fun activities to make her day as special as she is.

From virtual adventures to hands-on creativity, these activities are the perfect recipe for an unforgettable Mother’s Day filled with joy, giggles, and a whole lot of bonding. So, put on your fun hats, grab your enthusiasm, and let’s dive into a day of making memories that’ll have you all smiling for years to come!



Pampering DIY Spa Day

Create a spa-like atmosphere at home with scented candles, soothing music, and DIY spa treatments. Pamper your mom with homemade face masks, manicures, and relaxation time.


Gourmet Breakfast in Bed

If you’re planning on an elaborate Mother’s Day brunch, prepare a lavish homemade breakfast featuring her favorite dishes and surprise her with a delightful breakfast in bed. Don’t forget a beautifully arranged tray!  This one is always a good idea for when you have little kids too.


Virtual Cooking Class Together

Enroll in a virtual cooking class and learn to prepare a new dish together. It’s a fun and interactive way to bond over a shared culinary experience.  This one also makes a great Mother’s Day gift idea too!


Intimate Book Club for Two

Choose a book you both want to read, and later, have a cozy discussion about the characters, plot twists, and your favorite parts.


Explore a Museum or Art Gallery

Spend the day exploring the cultural offerings of your city by visiting a museum or art gallery. Immerse yourselves in the beauty of art and history.


Take a Yoga or Fitness Class Together

Attend a local yoga or fitness class together. It’s a healthy and energizing way to spend quality time and stay active all at the same time.  If you don’t live near your mom, there are plenty of virtual yoga/fitness classes you can both take from a distance.


Customized Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt with clues leading to special gifts or heartfelt messages. It adds an element of surprise and adventure to the day.


Movie Night Under the Stars

If weather permits, set up an outdoor movie night with a projector, blankets, and cozy cushions. Enjoy mom’s favorite films under the twinkling stars.  We’d recommend skipping Mommy Dearest, unless that’s her jam!


Create a Family Recipe Book

Compile all of the family’s favorite recipes into a personalized recipe book. It’s a sentimental gift that celebrates the flavors and traditions of your family.


Nature-Filled Outdoor Adventure

Plan a day trip for a nature hike, bike ride, or a visit to a botanical garden. Embrace the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy quality time together.


DIY Flower Arranging

Let you mom channel her inner florist with a DIY flower arranging session. Purchase a variety of flowers and spend quality time arranging stunning bouquets. It’s not just flowers; it’s a masterpiece in bloom and something you can all do together.  


Mindfulness Meditation Session

Participate in a local mindfulness or meditation session together to relax and rejuvenate.  If there aren’t any in your area, there are plenty of free mediation sessions based on what you’re looking for right on Spotify.  


Visit a Farmers' Market

Spend a morning at a local farmers’ market, exploring fresh produce, artisanal products, and unique crafts.


Create a Vision Board

Reflect on your goals and aspirations by creating vision boards together. Use magazines, photos, and quotes to inspire and motivate.



Cooking Class and Wine Pairing

Join a cooking class that focuses on a specific cuisine, and pair the dishes with carefully chosen wines.  As always, if you can’t meet up to do this, there are always some fun virtual options. 


Create a Signature Cocktail

Experiment with different ingredients and create a personalized cocktail together. Give it a special name in honor of your mom.


Wine and Paint Night

Arrange a fun wine and paint night. Sip on wine while expressing your creativity on canvas.  A lot of places will have themes like “paint your pet” etc.  If there isn’t one available in your area, check some virtual online options.


Backyard Wine Tasting

If your mother is a true wine lover, set up a cozy wine-tasting area in your backyard. Sample different wines and discuss your favorites.


Sunset Beach Picnic

If you live somewhere where the weather is nice, pack a picnic basket with wine, cheese, and snacks, and head to the beach for a fun sunset celebration with your mother and other family/friends.  


Margarita Making Fiesta

Have a margarita-making fiesta at home. Experiment with flavors and garnishes for the perfect margarita.  If margs aren’t moms thing, there are a bunch of different types of mimosas or Blood Mary’s she can make too!


Whiskey and Chocolate Pairing

Pair different whiskeys with artisan chocolates for a sophisticated and indulgent tasting experience.


As the day comes to a close, we hope these activities have added an extra sparkle to your Mother’s Day celebration with your extra sparkly mom.

Whether you’ve whipped up culinary delights, embarked on creative endeavors, or simply shared laughter, love, and endless bottles of wine the essence of the day lies in the all those fun moments you’ve created together. Here’s to the wonderful women who make every day brighter – Happy Mother’s Day!

Oh, and if you’re trying to find the right messages for your mom to add to her card, check out the ones we’ve come up with!