Funny Ideas For the Best Dirty Santa Gifts Everyone Will Want to Keep!

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Don’t worry – Dirty Santa isn’t as dirty as it sounds.  If you got a party to go to, here are some fun ideas that everyone is going to want to totally keep!

Best Dirty Santa Gift Ideas

Another Christmas another party.  And this time around it’s all about Dirty Santa.  Similar parties we’ve covered include ones like Secret Santa, the White Elephant party, and even a traditional Yankee Swap for those of you who live in the Northeast.

From a high level, Dirty Santa is basically a funny gift exchange similar to a White Elephant party, but with Dirty Santa everyone brings a unique present that people will actually want to keep.  While they may be n the funnier side, they’re still items that are actually pretty cool.

While each party may have different rules and themes, some of the most popular rules include:

  • Make sure all gives are $25 and under.
  • Stick with the theme that the party planner has organized (it could be things like ornaments, sports, drinks, coffee, etc).
  • Each gift should be totally wrapped.
  • Each person participating will get an assigned number.
  • When it’s your turn you’ll either take someone else’s gift that they already opened or you can try your luck at one of the remaining wrapped gifts.
  • A present can’t be stolen more than 3 times.
  • The person who was assigned #1 can also be the last person to choose at the end, making it possible for them to get the best present that’s been opened.

And that’s it!  Again, you can feel free to change around (slightly) the rules to make it as fun, easy, or cut-throat as you’d like.  Either way, they’re usually a lot of fun and filled with total high anxiety!

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for your upcoming Dirty Santa party in 2024.  Please note, all of our picks below are $25 and under – making it (hopefully) super affordable this year.

The Funny Pick

The Recycling Bin Coffee Mug
Big Mouth

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Perfect for the trashiest person at your Dirty Santa party with a great sense of humor, this cute and functional trash bin coffee mug holds 12 ounces of your favorite beverage and is even dishwasher and microwave safe.  Now it can be trash day each and every morning.

The Trendy Pick

The Sushi Socks Box
Rainbow Sox

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If they’re tired of the same old boring socks, they’ll love these colorful and fun sushi socks from the Rainbow Sox company.  Each sushi box comes with 3-pairs of perfectly rolled socks and you can choose from different size options for both men and men.

The Nostalgic Pick

The Golden Girls Cross Stitch Kit
Haley Pierson-Cox

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Who doesn’t love all things Golden Girls?!  In this super fun kit for the ultimate fan, you can learn to cross stitch 12 different designs that’ll keep you busy for 2 different projects.  Choose from different images and quotes to make something you’ll be proud to display around your home.  Shady Pines, ma!

The Beer Lovers Pick

The Official Beer Preserver
Uncommon Goods

Shop on Uncommon Goods

There’s nothing worse than a luke-warm beer and there’s nothing cuter than these colorful little life jackets that’ll keep your beers (or other favorite canned beverages) nice and cold until you’re done with them.  Choose from sky blue or the classic vintage orange.  If you have a beer lover on your list you know they don’t have these yet.

The Genius Pick

The Self Watering Dino Planters
Uncommon Goods

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While these are typically geared towards kids, these self-watering planters are perfect for anyone with a little green-thumb or lack there of.  Each planter will come with the seeds you need (like basil, strawberry, or clover) and the dinosaurs absorbent tongues will keep your new little plant watered without you having to even worry about it.  It’s pretty fun to watch too.

The On-Trend Pick

The Framed Felt Letter Board
Main Event

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Everything old is new again and the same goes for this classic 10 x 10 wooden framed felt board that comes with 374 pre-cut letters, characters, and symbols so they can create any message they want.  And by they you know we’re talking about your teenager because it’s all they talk about.  These come in a bunch of different felt colors to choose from too.

The Decor Pick

The ‘Hug Me Please’ Cactus Throw-Pillow

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It’s either the cozy present for the person you love or the prickly shade you’ve been waiting to throw all year.  This 18 x 18 cover has a really cute cactus on the front and a comfy, but strong, cotton/linen material.

The Drinkers Pick

The Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes
Uncommon Goods

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Whether they’re a whiskey drinker, vodka fan, or gin enthusiast these cocktail infused ice cubes will automatically turn your favorite liquors into the trendiest cocktails around.  These come as a pack of 12 and you can choose from Negroni, Blood Orange Bourbon, Peach Vodka, Cucumber Watermelon Tequila and more.  Simply freeze the cubes and drop one into your favorite liquor and you’re done!

The Icy Pick

The Grenade Ice Cube Mold

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Another fan fave for the cocktail lovers out there, these silicone molds (set of 2) will create large grenade ice cubes perfect for whiskey cocktails or any drink really. Not only are they cool to look at, but they’re said to keep your drink cold for 600% longer than normal sized cubes.  You can’t beat that!

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