Super Thoughtful Gifts for the Magical Hairdresser (That You Totally Owe!)

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They basically save your life once-a-month, so here’s how you can say thank you by gifting that special hairdresser in your life.

Gifts for Hairdressers 2023 - Best & Funny Hairdresser & Hairstylist Gift Ideas at Christmas 2023

When it comes to gifting your hairdresser (especially at Christmas) most people go the cash-route. You know what? We don’t blame you because pretty mucheveryone appreciates money. But if you’re looking for something that’s a little more personal and a little more personal, we’ve got some decent options for you this season.

There are a ton of hairdresser inspired gift ideas out there, but if you don’tonly want something that says “hairdresser” on it because you want them to actually use it, we’ve come up with some perfect picks they’ll totally appreciate. From traditional ideas, to ways to help them unwind and relax at the end of their day, all the way towards the “funny” we have something for everyone.

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for hairdressers in 2023.


The Best Hairdresser Gift of 2023

The “I Will Cut You” Tote Bag – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Hairdressers 2023: Funny I Will Cut You Tote Bag 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

It’s a great way to help them easily shlep all their stuff they have to bring back and forth to the salon every day. This perfectly sized tote say, “I Will Cut You” across the front which is totallypunny and will hopefully keep them safe on the train all at the same time. Learn more here.


The Wine Pick

The Corkcicle Stemless Wine Glass – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Hairdressers 2023: Corkcicle Wine Glass 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

Cutting hair and drinking endless amounts of wine really dogo hand-in-hand, just not at the same time! These super popular stemless wine glasses will help keep their cold drink nice and cold for hours, since it’s triple-insulated. They come in really cool color options like copper, rose quartz, unicorn magic, neon yellow, stainless steel and more. Learn more here.


The Foot Massager Pick

The InstaShiatsu Foot Massager – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Hairdressers 2023: Instashiatsu Foot Massager 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

They’re on their feet, literally, all day long so what’s a better gift than the ever-popular InstaShiatsu foot massager that was even one of Oprah’s Favorites last year. This one is perfect for at-home foot massages where you can choose different speeds, intensity, and even a heated option. We use ours every single day! Learn more here.


The Brunch Approved Pick

The 1 Minute Mimosa Gift Set – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Hairdressers 2023: Mimosa in a Minute 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

It’s always a good time for brunch andalways the perfect time for a yummy at-home mimosa. This gift set comes with different flavored sugar cubes that you just drop right into your fave champagne and in less than a minute you’ll have a unique and delicious mimosa. Learn more here.


The Cheap Pick

The Hairdressers Box Sign – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Hairdressers 2023: Wood Block Art 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

Have truer words ever been spoken!? This rustic box sign says, “All You Need is Love…And Great Hair.” It’ll look great at their work station, on their nightstand at home, or anywhere really. Plus, it’s a super cheap pick so that always helps! Learn more here.


The Zen Pick

The Bath Bomb Gift Set – Buy It Here

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Price Point: $$$$$

Help them totally relax and zen-out after work with these best-selling bath bombs. They currently have a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and over 5,500 customer reviews and ratings. Pick some up for yourself while you’re at it! Learn more here.


The Practical Pick

The Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Buy It Here

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Price Point: $$$$$

Keep them hydrated all day long! Everyone is obsessed with their Hydro Flask and this one comes in handy because it has an easy t0 open lid with straw, so it’ll keep all the hair that flies aroundout of their water, plus it’ll keep their cold drinks cold for up to 24-hours and their hot drinks nice and hot for up to 12-hours. Amazing. Learn more here.


The Funny Pick

The “How Hairdressers Swear” Coloring Book – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Hairdressers 2023: Funny Coloring Book 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

It’s not only funny (and don’t worry, it’s not reallythat swear-y), but it’s also a great way for them to relax their mind and stay present while coloring. Some even say it helps with meditation, which we could all use! Learn more here.


The Barber Pick

The Blind Barber Candle – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Hairdressers 2023: Barber Candle 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

Let’s not forget about all the barbers out there too! This Barbicide inspired candle smells amazing and has scents of smoke, leather, and lavender. This one has up to 100 hours of burn time too, which is better than most! Learn more here.


The Body Massage Pick

The Zyllion Back, Neck, and Body Massager – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Hairdressers 2023: Back & Body Massager 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

Not only do their feet and legs hurt from standing and moving around all day, but so does the rest of their body! This best selling massager can work pretty much anywhere all the way from your neck to your feet. It currently has over 9,000 customer reviews and rating on Amazon and can be used at-home, in the office, or even attached to their driver seat in the car. Learn more here.


The Coffee Lovers Pick

The “I’ll Cut You” Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Hairdressers 2023: I'll Cut You Coffee Mug 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

It’s funny because it’s true! This 11-ounce must-have coffee mug for the true coffee lovers out there is printed on both sides, and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Learn more here.


The Last Second Pick

The Bouqs Flower Bouquet – Buy It Here

Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything 2023: Bouqs Flower Delivery 2023

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Price Point: $$$$$

You can never go wrong with sending them beautiful flowers, especially when they’re truly unique bouquets from Bouqs (you’ve seen them on Shark Tank). You can either have them delivered to their home, their salon, or your home and then you can just hand-deliver them yourself. Learn more here.

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