The 9 Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Cousins You Grew Up With

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They were most likely your very first pal growing up.  Yep, we’re talking about your cousin.  We’ve compiled the ultimate list of pretty great gifts for your cousins who are pretty great themselves.

Best Gifts For Your Cousin 2024 - Female & Male Cousins Gift Ideas for Christmas or Birthday 2024

Some of our earliest memories are such fun times spent with our little cousins.  We played in the backyard, made up endless dance routines (did you ever get to be the one on top of the pyramid?), created secret handshakes, told your family secrets, and so much more.

Well, now those little cousins have grown up to become adults and are still some of your most favorite people in the world.  Trying to find something to get them can be a daunting task.  But don’t sweat it because we’ve come up with some really cool ideas that range from traditional and meaningful to unique and funny, just like they are.

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for cousins (female or male) in 2024.

The Best Gift of 2024

The Cousins By Chance Wall Art – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Cousins 2024: Cousin By Chance Wall Art 2024

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It’s a great way to display your love for your cousin. This rustic-inspired wall art with a special message can be hung on the wall or propped up on a desk, nightstand, or table.  Wooden box sayings are all the rage this year, so send it to that special cousin who you think of regularly.  Learn more here.

The Female Cousin Pick

The Infinity Collection “Cousins” Charm Bracelet – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Cousins 2024: Girl Cousin Charm Bracelet 2024

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If they’re into charms, they’re likely to love this cute bracelet.  It’s silver-plated, adjustable in size, and perfect for that special female cousin of just about any age.  It’ll be fun to add to the charms over the years as you experience more great memories together.  Learn more here.

The Long Distance Pick

The Homesick “State Specific” Scented Candle – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Cousins 2024: Homesick State Candle 2024

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The perfect present for those who now live in other states and get homesick from time to time.  You can choose the specific state your cousin is either from or currently lives now.  Each candle has a great scent based on the state, is an all-natural hand-poured soy candle, and made right here in the United States.  Learn more here.

The Meaningful Pick

The “Love Between Cousins” Picture Frame – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Cousins 2024: Cousin Picture Frame 2024

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This wooden 4×6-inch picture frame is engraved with a really sweet message that says:  The love between cousins lasts forever.  It’s a great option where you can add your own photo of the two of you and one they’ll be proud to display and will make them think of you often.  Learn more here.

The Jewelry Pick

The Sterling Silver Meaningful “Our Roots” Necklace – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Cousins 2024: Female Cousin Necklace 2024

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This thoughtful sterling silver necklace represents the bond and love you have for each other.  It’s artist made, handmade if fact, and comes with the solid bronze heart and sterling silver tree.   Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The Golden Girls 1,000 Piece Puzzle – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Cousins 2024: Female Cousin Golden Girls Puzzle 2024

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You’ve most likely watched endless episodes of The Golden Girls together over the years and, if not, you should.  This is one of our favorites we’ve come across in a while and perfect for the puzzle lover with a sense of humor.  Is it just us or are you looking the most forward to putting together the Sophia section of the puzzle?  1,000 pieces here will challenge and delight!  Learn more here.

The Celebratory Pick

The Corkcicle Walnut Wood Stemless Wine Glasses – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Cousins 2024: Wooden Wine Glass Male Cousin 2024

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It’s time to officially class up your wine drinking.  What use to be something we just did out of a giant Solo cup has now advanced to these trendy triple-insulated stemless wine glasses.  This will keep their cold drinks much colder for much longer and even their hot drinks warmer for longer too.  There are a ton of different colors and options to choose from.  Learn more here.

The Tech Pick

The New Amazon Echo Show 5 in Sandstone – Buy It Here

New Echo Show 5 Compact 2024 in Sandstone White - Gift Ideas For 2024

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This one was recently released by Amazon for 2024 and not only can you still use it to ask Alexa to show you things like the latest headlines, the weather, music videos, TV shows and more.  You can also play games and even see your favorite cuz when you call them up. The best part?  The new privacy control.  Simply toggle off the camera and microphone by the touch of one button on top.  It’s a great way to stay in touch and not feel so far away especially when you are so far away.  Learn more here.

The Male Cousin Pick

The Four Mini Succulent Plants – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Cousins 2024: Four Succulents 2024

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If you’re not into sending flowers to a male cousin, perhaps check out these easy-to-care-for mini succulents.  These come as a pack of four and even come with four unique ceramic planters.  Learn more here.

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