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Get ready to give one of the coolest and most unique personalized (and yummy) gifts thanks to Boomf. Get all the latest details here!

Boomf Promo Code June 2023 - Coupons & Discount

Why We’re So Obsessed!

We are actual gifting experts around here (proudly) and we cannot get enough of the Boomf company! You may have seen their personalized photo marshmallows all over Instagram (we’ve gifted these more times than we can count) – but now they have really fun and exciting personalized cards that are filled with confetti, have whimsical paper butterflies that flutter out when you open it, and so much more. If you’re looking for somethingtruly unique you have to check out Boomf. So amazing!

Get 15%

Get an Additional 15% Off at Boomf

Now you can get an extra 15% off your online purchase with their official student discount. They've teamed up with StudentBeans so once you're quickly verified you'll get a 15% coupon code you can use at checkout.

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We first heard about Boomf some years back when we learned that the company was founded by James Middleton, the brother of Kate Middleton. Yes,thatKate Middleton. Once we visited their site we instantly were hooked on their customized marshmallows where you could upload picture(s) on your own and they’d automagicallyprint them onto some soft and yummy marshmallows. What started out as joke gift with our picture on it and a card that said “Eat Me” quickly morphed into the must-have gift idea for just about everyone on our list that year. By the way, each one comes as a box 9 so you can design each marshmallow with an individual pic if you’d like – or choose from their own designs and/or phrases.

Clearly, we were in love but now we’re even more in love because they’ve expanded their product line to include really exciting cards that explode with confetti and even have paper butterflies actuallyflutter out when the recipient opens it. You can design everything yourself or use their guidance. If you’re not sure where to begin here’s a quick way to jump right to our personal faves:

★ The Flutter Card – See More Here
★ The Exploding Confetti Card – See More Here
★ The Confetti Cannon – See More Here
★ The Personalized Marshmallows – See More Here

What we really love about them is that they make it easy to design and create whatever you’d like. If you’re uploading pictures you can do it via your desktop, smartphone camera roll, FB, etc. And, they now have plenty of additional options that are already designed by them you can use – so if you want to add some funny messages or inspiring words mixed in with your custom photos you can do that too.

So whether you’re looking for something for their birthday, Mother’s Day, an anniversary gift, thank you note, congrats card or just about anything in between we really think you’re going to fall in love with Boomf as much as we have. We’re obsessed!

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

We looked into this one for a bit and while Boomf does accept promo codes and valid coupon discounts at checkout the only real place to get them is directly from their site. We don’t have any exclusive offers here, unfortunately, and when we checked some other sites it seemed like most of those codes weren’t real. The point is, don’t waste your time and just go direct.

One of the best ways to be in the know when it comes to promotions and discounts is to sign up for their emails. This way they’ll just email them directly to you. And check out their blog, too, because sometimes you’ll see a discount code in there depending on the time of year.

One promotion we’ve seen recently includes:

★ 15% Student Discount – See More Here

As always, just check with them directly to see which offers are still valid as they’re sometimes subject to change.

Shop some of the best Boomf must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in June 2023.

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Boomf Promo & Offers in June 2023

We're actual gifting experts around here and Boomf hasthe coolest personalized cards and creations you can totally customize yourself. Their photo marshmallows are our total faves. Take a look at their latest birthday arrivals, confectionary choices, and even cannon cards - plus any current promo code offers or coupons they may have today to help you save a bit.

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Get 15%

Get an Additional 15% Off at Boomf

Now you can get an extra 15% off your online purchase with their official student discount. They've teamed up with StudentBeans so once you're quickly verified you'll get a 15% coupon code you can use at checkout.

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$22 + Up

Personalized Marshmallows Now at $22 + Up!

These are our personal faves and now you can get them for $22 and up! You can upload your own photos onto yummy soft marshmallows or even choose from a wide variety of designs they've already created for so many different occasions.

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$9.50 + Up

Flutter Cards Now at $9.50 + Up!

These flutter cards are so cute and a total surprise - and now priced at just $9.50 and going up from there. Choose your design, message, and type of paper butterfly you want to flutter out of the card when they open it!

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$11.50 + Up

Get the Exploding Confetti Card For $11.50 + Up!

Loving referred to as the "Boomf Bomb" - these fun exploding confetti cards are now priced at only $11.50 and going up from there. Choose the type of confetti you want, a personalized message, and more. Surprise!

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