Gift Wrapping a Book is Easier Than You Thought

It's all about the precise positioning of the book itself. No, really.

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How to Wrap a Book Easily 2024


So you got the perfect gift for the imperfect book lover on your list.  If you think it’s easier to toss that book in a gift bag, well, you’d be right.  But you’re here for a reason.  I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, on how to stylishly wrap that book without damaging the pages all while making it look pretty cool and like you’ve actually put some thought and time into it.  Come on, it’s fun!

Book Wrapping Supply List

Wrapping Paper

Get that wrapping paper out of the attic and make sure you have enough to cover the book.


The sharper the better - since it helps prevent those snags and tears as you cut.

Clear Tape

I like clear tape so it doesn't look so "tapey" all over the book.

Ribbon or Twine

Ribbon is classic and twine is timeless, which make a perfect addition to the book itself.

Gift Tag

Preferably a gift tag that's hole-punched so you can also use your twine to tie it to the twine you used for decoration.

The Book


Step-By-Step Guide on Book Wrapping


Step 1: Measure (Measure Again) and Cut

Lay the wrapping paper on a hard flat surface, and place the book in the center. I always recommend wrapping your book on a hard surface like a table or your counter so that you’re not trying to wrap on your rug – which will make your paper all crinkly and you’ll end up with dust and who knows what else all over your tape. 

Measure the paper, leaving enough on all sides to fully cover the book with a slight overlap. Cut the paper accordingly.

Pro Tip:  Use a sharp knife when you fold over the paper to make a totally seamless cut.  If you’re a newbie, scissors are usually the safer way to go.


Step 2: Position the Book

Yes, positioning matters.   Place the book in the center of the wrapping paper, ensuring the front cover is facing down.

You want to make sure the book is front-side facing down so that the cleanest and most seamless part of the wrapping paper is on the back, which the receiver will typically not look.  


Step 3: Fold and Secure the Paper

Lift one side of the wrapping paper and carefully fold it over the book. Make sure the paper covers the entire length of the book and secure it with clear tape along the edge of the book.


Step 4: Fold the Remaining Sides

Fold the paper on the top and bottom sides of the book. Ensure that the edges meet neatly at the center of the book. Secure these folds with clear tape.


Step 5: Create Super Neat Corners

Fold the excess paper on the top and bottom edges to create neat corners. Fold the corners at a slight angle for a polished appearance.


Step 6: Secure the Flaps

Apply clear tape to secure the folded flaps on both ends of the book. Be mindful of placing the tape discreetly for a tidy finish.  No one needs to see that mess, right?


Step 7: Tie With Twine & Add Your Gift Tag

Time for those finishing touches.  When it comes to the ribbon or twine, wrap it around the book, crossing it at the center of the front cover. Tie a bow to secure the wrapping and add a decorative element.

Now for the gift tag.  I prefer a hold-punched tag so I can use some of my twine to secure it to the gift.  Don’t forget to add a nice little message to whomever you’re gifting it to.  

4 More Creative Ways to Wrap That Book

You know the quickest and easiest way (in my opinion) to wrap your book.  But if you’re an overachiever, I put together some cute additional ways you can wrap your book gift – especially if you’re either bored of traditional wrapping paper or just don’t happen to have any left.

Feel free to use any and all of these or tweak them as you see fit.  Got a better idea?  Drop me a line!

  1. Faux Leather Wrap:

    • Materials: Brown kraft paper, brown markers, twine, decorative key.
    • Instructions:
      1. Wrap the book in brown kraft paper.
      2. Use brown markers to draw faux leather textures on the paper.
      3. Tie the package with twine and add a decorative key for a rustic touch.
      4. Attach a gift tag with a message like, “Unlock the adventure.”

  2. Nature-Inspired Wrap:

    • Materials: Craft paper, twigs, small artificial flowers or leaves, jute twine.
    • Instructions:
      1. Wrap the book in craft paper.
      2. Decorate the package with twigs, artificial flowers, or leaves, adhering them with glue.
      3. Tie the package with jute twine for an organic touch.
      4. Attach a gift tag with a nature-themed message like, “Discover the beauty between the pages.”

  3. Comic Book Style Wrap:

    • Materials: Comic book pages, clear tape, colored ribbon.
    • Instructions:
      1. Cut out panels or pages from a comic book.
      2. Wrap the book with the comic book pages, ensuring vibrant illustrations are visible.
      3. Secure with clear tape.
      4. Tie the package with colored ribbon and attach a gift tag with a superhero-themed message.

  4. Literary Quotes Collage:

    • Materials: Pages from old books, mod podge or glue, clear tape.
    • Instructions:
      1. Cut out excerpts or quotes from old books.
      2. Collage the quotes onto the book using mod podge or glue.
      3. Secure the edges with clear tape.
      4. Tie the package with a contrasting ribbon and attach a gift tag with a literary quote.


So there you have it!  Wrapping a book actually isn’t that hard at all, right?  After a few books you’ll be a pro.  And if you think books are easier, you’d be surprised how easy wrapping a wine bottle actually is.  You’re going to be a master wrapper before you know it!