6 Truly Easy Ways to Wrap a Wine Bottle!

Believe it or not, wrapping a bottle is easier than you'd think.

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How to Wrap a Wie Bottle the Easy Way


I’ve already taught you how to wrap a classic gift box, but believe it or not, it’s actually not that difficult to gift wrap a wine bottle with wrapping paper, tissue paper, a dish towel, a tea towel – you name it. 

I’ll break each idea down in a pretty easy to follow step-by-step process.  I’ve even brainstormed some fun and creative ideas of non-traditional things you can use (besides wrapping paper) to jazz up that bottle.  Let’s do this!

What You'll Need to Wrap That Wine Bottle

  1. Wrapping Paper: Choose a wrapping paper that suits the occasion or the recipient’s taste. Consider festive patterns, solid colors, or elegant designs.  You may want to use wrapping paper specific for Christmas, an anniversary, their birthday, etc.

  2. Tape: Use clear tape to secure the wrapping paper in place. Ensure the tape is strong enough to hold the paper securely.

  3. Ribbon: Select a ribbon that complements the wrapping paper. The ribbon adds a decorative touch and helps secure the wrapped paper.

  4. Gift Tag: Choose a gift tag that matches the overall theme or occasion. You can write a personal message on the tag to make the gift more special.

Step-By-Step for Gift Wrapping a Wine Bottle

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle With Brown Paper Wrapping

This is the classic gift wrap method I typically use that provides a timeless and elegant way to present a boring wine bottle as a fun gift. Again, I recommend customizing the materials and colors to match the occasion and make the gift-giving experience even more special


Step 1: Cutting Your Wrapping Paper

Measure and cut a piece of wrapping paper that is large enough to wrap around the wine bottle. The size should allow for complete coverage with a slight overlap.  

Speaking of overlap, add a few extra inches to the measured length. This additional length ensures that the wrapping paper can fully encase the bottle without leaving any gaps.  Plus, if you’re like me and your measurements aren’t always the best, you’ll have a little extra wrapping paper to work with.


Step 2: Positioning Your Wine Bottle

Place the wine bottle diagonally on the wrapping paper. Position it so that the bottom of the bottle is near one corner of the paper.

If you want to have a flat bottom (instead of two twisted ends), place the wine bottle in the center of the wrapping paper with the flat bottom facing down.


Step 3: Start Rolling Your Bottle

Begin rolling the wine bottle diagonally across the wrapping paper. Roll it tightly to ensure a neat and secure wrap.

Similar to Step 2, if you’re going with the flat bottom method, simply lift the paper up from the bottom of the bottle, up around the neck, and begin to twist.  This will ensure that the bottle is flat and tight.


Step 4: Secure the Seam

Once the bottle is completely covered, secure the seam by applying clear tape along the length of the overlapping edges. Press the edges together to create a smooth seam.  Some people like to use double-sided tape so you can’t see the tape itself, but I prefer to use clear tape so that the paper doesn’t accidentally tear apart.


Step 5: Twist the Ends

Now you’re ready to twist the ends of the wrapping paper on both sides of the bottle, similar to how you would twist the ends of a candy wrapper. This creates a neat and decorative finish.


Step 6: Tie the Ribbon

Take a ribbon and tie it around the twisted ends. The ribbon not only adds a decorative element but also helps to keep the wrapping secure.


Step 7: Attach a Gift Tag

Finally, attach the gift tag to the ribbon. Write a personalized message on the tag to add a thoughtful touch to the gift.  You did it!

Wrapping a Wine Bottle With Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper For Wine Bottle Wrapping

This method of wrapping with tissue paper is versatile and allows for creativity in color choices and presentation styles. It’s a wonderful way to add a touch of sophistication to your wine bottle gift.

How Much Tissue Paper to Use:

  • Using 2-3 sheets of tissue paper is generally sufficient for wrapping a wine bottle. However, you can adjust the quantity based on the thickness of the tissue paper and your preference for opacity. Thicker tissue paper may require fewer sheets.

  • Ensure that the tissue paper fully covers the bottle, providing a beautiful and uniform background for the presentation. If you want a more vibrant or layered look, you can use tissue paper in different colors.

Wrapping Instructions:

  1. Prepare the Tissue Paper:

    • Lay out 2-3 sheets of tissue paper on a flat surface. The number of sheets may vary based on the thickness of the tissue paper and the desired level of opacity.

  2. Place the Wine Bottle:

    • Position the wine bottle in the center of the tissue paper sheets with the flat bottom facing down.

  3. Wrap the Bottle:

    • Gently lift the edges of the tissue paper and bring them up around the wine bottle. Ensure that the tissue paper covers the entire bottle.

  4. Twist the Top:

    • Twist the excess tissue paper at the top of the bottle to create a gathered or twisted effect. This step helps secure the tissue paper and adds a decorative touch.

  5. Secure with Clear Tape:

    • Use clear tape to secure the twisted tissue paper at the top of the bottle. Apply the tape discreetly to keep the presentation clean.

  6. Tie with Ribbon or Twine:

    • Wrap a ribbon or twine around the neck of the bottle to further secure the tissue paper and add a decorative element. Tie a bow for an extra touch.

  7. Attach a Gift Tag:

    • Include a gift tag with a personalized message or a festive greeting. Attach the tag to the ribbon or twine.

  8. Fluff and Adjust:

    • Gently fluff the tissue paper around the bottle to create a soft and elegant appearance. Adjust the twists and folds to achieve the desired look.

Wrapping a Wine Bottle With a Tea Towel / Dish Towel

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle with Tea or Dish Towel

Wrapping a wine bottle with a tea towel or dish towel is a practical and charming way to present a gift. If they love their mason jars, they’ll love the tea towel idea.

  1. Lay Out the Towel:

    • Lay the tea towel flat on a surface with the design or pattern facing down. Ensure that the towel is large enough to cover the entire wine bottle.

  2. Place the Wine Bottle:

    • Position the wine bottle in the center of the tea towel, with the flat bottom facing down.

  3. Fold the Towel:

    • Lift one side of the towel and wrap it around the wine bottle, ensuring that the entire bottle is covered. The towel should snugly encase the bottle.

  4. Secure with Ribbon or Twine:

    • Tie a ribbon or twine around the neck of the bottle to secure the towel. Ensure that the tie is tight enough to hold the towel in place but not too tight to avoid damaging the towel or bottle.

  5. Create a Bow (Optional):

    • If you’d like to add a decorative touch, tie a bow with the ribbon or twine. This step is optional and can enhance the overall presentation.

  6. Adjust the Towel:

    • Adjust the folds and positioning of the towel to achieve a neat and visually appealing look. Ensure that the towel covers the entire bottle, leaving no gaps.

Super Creative Ideas If You're Crafty

Painted Wine Bottle Ideas

All the above ideas I came up with are actually pretty easy, meaning even I was able to do them.  Some of these below ideas I’ve come up with are definitely more for those who are naturally crafty or up for more of a wrapping challenge.  Check these out and good luck!

1.  Corkscrew Bow Wrap:

Materials: Brown kraft paper, twine, corkscrews, and a gift tag.


    1. Wrap the wine bottle in brown kraft paper.
    2. Attach corkscrews to a piece of twine, creating a decorative bow.
    3. Tie the corkscrew bow around the neck of the wine bottle.
    4. Secure the twine and attach a gift tag.

Tips: Choose colorful corkscrews for a vibrant look. Ensure the twine is tightly secured for stability.

2.  Chalkboard Paint Wrap:

Materials: Chalkboard paint, paintbrush, chalk, and a ribbon.


  1. Paint the wine bottle with chalkboard paint.
  2. Once dry, write a personalized message or draw a design with chalk.
  3. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle.
  4. Optionally, attach a small chalkboard with additional notes.

Tips: Use different chalk colors for a playful touch. Seal the chalk design with a clear sealant for durability.

3.  Map Wrap:

Materials: Map, glue, ribbon, and a gift tag.


  1. Cut a section of a map large enough to wrap around the wine bottle.
  2. Glue the map onto the bottle, ensuring a smooth application.
  3. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle.
  4. Attach a gift tag with a location-themed message.

Tips: Choose a map with significant meaning, like a place the recipient loves or where the wine is from.


How’d you do? 

Wrapping a wine bottle is not just about concealing the gift but transforming it into a thoughtful and visually appealing presentation. Whether you choose the classic gift wrap method with twisted ends, opt for tissue paper elegance, or embrace the simplicity of a tea towel, the art of wrapping enhances the gifting experience. Each method offers its unique charm and allows for personalization to suit the occasion and recipient’s taste.

The choice of materials, such as wrapping paper, tissue paper, or tea towels, adds layers of creativity to the presentation. From the precise measurements of the wrapping paper to the delicate folds of tissue paper and the practicality of a tea towel, attention to detail plays a crucial role in achieving a polished and sophisticated look.

As you can tell now, it’s a bit easier than you thought, right?  Now gift that wine and hope they offer to pour you a glass or two!