7 Ways to Gift the Ultimate Squid Game Fan That’ll Make Them Want to Play Red Light, Green Light

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (we originally were) you know that this years biggest hit on Netflix is Squid Game.  Sure we don’t understand all of it, but if you have the ultimate fan at home we’ve rounded up some fun gifts, toys, and general merch they’ll love.

Squid Game Gifts + Toys

We always suffer from chronic FOMO, so when we heard that Squid Game was the biggest series launch in Netflix history we knew we had to jump on the bandwagon.  We may not fully be the demo they’re targeting, but we were a bit lost to say the least.

However, we sat through all the episodes on the edge of our seat, especially when that giant doll was forcing the contestants to play “Red Light/Green Light”, when they had to cut out those cookie molds (??) and when they were up on those disappearing glass walkways.  Ok fine, we did sort of like it – but everyone else in our home loved it so we knew we had to come up with the appropriate gift guide for the true Squid Game fan.

While unfortunately you can’t give any of these as experience gifts (phew!) we did come up with s short list of some pretty innocent and kid-friendly ideas that can work for many ages (from kids to adults).  We decided to keep this gift guide on the shorter side because, to be honest, there isn’t a ton of legit merch out there (yet) and we don’t want to see anyone get taken advantage of.  So we decided to only link out sites we trust like Amazon, Walmart, and Red Bubble.

Check out some of the coolest ideas we found online – from hats and stickers to toys and shirts.  There’s something for everyone!


The Squid Game Baseball Hat

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Perfect for just about any true fan, rock this adjustable snapback baseball cap that’ll fit most men, women, and even teens – who are obsessed.


The Masked Man Plush Toy

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This little cutie doesn’t look too dangerous, right?  He measures in at just under 8-inches tall and you can even choose either the triangle, circle, or square shape.


The “456” Player Shirt


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If you can’t be #1, you might as well rock the #456 baseball-tee.  It’s probably the best number to be anyway, right?  You can choose from a small all the way up to a 2XL.


The Squid Game Face Mask (Square)


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Whether they want to rock it for Halloween, display it on their desk, or just wear it to play – you can’t go wrong with the square face mask.  We’re sure they’ll freak out everyone in your family, their friends, and their neighbors.


Yellow Girl “Red Light, Green Light” Sticker

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Red light!  It’s the total fan favorite, Yellow Girl.  Personally, we were terrified of her – but since she’s just a sticker here we no longer fear her (that much).  You can choose from small, medium, or large sticker and play her just about anywhere else you’d like.


The Pink Suit Guards Building Kit


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Please note these aren’t official LEGOs.  But they are similar building blocks that come with 369 pieces to put together and hopefully not step on. Ouch.


The Mask Face Soldier Sticker


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This must have vinyl sticker is removable so you can place it on a variety of different things like your favorite YETI bottle, laptop, locker, or wherever.