The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Gift Giving

What you should and shouldn't do when giving a wedding gifts - in a fun way.

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Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Gift Giving

When it comes to proper wedding gift etiquette, we’ve covered it all.  Well, almost.  Rules can be stuffy and boring so we decided to come up with some more light-hearted “dos and don’ts” when it comes to figuring out what to gift the loving couple for their big day.  Remember, when all else fails money is always a great wedding gift – we even came up with the guide on how much you should spend on a wedding gift – but more goes into it than just that.

Check out some of our most important “dos and don’ts” to consider!


When to Shop For Their Gift


Plan Ahead and Shop Early

Weddings are joyful occasions, but they also require thoughtful planning. Avoid last-minute gift scrambles by planning ahead. Check the couple’s wedding registry early to get a sense of their preferences and avoid duplicates. Shopping early gives you time to find the perfect gift without the stress of rushed decision-making.


Wait Until the Last Minute

A dash of spontaneity can be delightful, but when it comes to wedding gifts, procrastination can lead to hasty choices or limited options. Avoid the last-minute gift trap, as it may result in hurried purchases that don’t reflect your true sentiments.


What to Focus On When Choosing the Gift


Consider the Couple's Tastes

Take a moment to think about the couple’s personality and interests. A gift that aligns with their passions and needs shows that you’ve put thought into your choice. Whether it’s kitchen gadgets for aspiring chefs or adventure gear for thrill-seekers, a thoughtful gift speaks volumes.


Focus Solely on Price Tags

The value of a wedding gift isn’t determined by its price tag. It’s the sentiment and thought behind it that truly matter. Focus on finding something meaningful within your budget rather than feeling pressured to spend beyond your means.


Add a Little Personalization


Personalize Your Gift

Add a touch of personalization to your gift to make it extra special. Monogrammed towels, custom artwork, or a handwritten letter expressing your well wishes are thoughtful touches that the couple will cherish.


Give Cash Without Thought

While cash or gift cards can be appreciated, make sure to accompany them with a personal touch. Consider a heartfelt note or a small memento to show that you’ve put effort into your gift, even if it’s a monetary one.


Working With the Registry


Follow the Couple's Registry

If the couple has a registry, it’s there for a reason! Registries help guide guests toward gifts the couple truly desires. Following the registry ensures you’re contributing something they genuinely need or want.


Go Off-Registry If You Can Help It

While some off-registry gifts can be nice surprises, be cautious when deviating from the couple’s wishes. If you have something specific in mind, ensure it aligns with their tastes and lifestyle to avoid gifting something they might not use or enjoy.


Don't Forget to Consider...


Give Group Gifts for Larger Items

If a higher-priced item on the registry catches your eye, consider teaming up with friends or family to give a group gift. Pooling resources allows you to give a more substantial gift that might have been beyond your individual budget.


Forget to Include a Card

A heartfelt card is a simple yet essential addition to your gift. Use the opportunity to express your love, congratulations, and well-wishes for the couple as they embark on this beautiful journey together.


Who & When


Send Gifts in a Timely Manner

Ideally, wedding gifts should be sent to the couple before or shortly after the wedding day. If you can’t attend the wedding, sending the gift promptly ensures it arrives at the couple’s doorstep as they return from their honeymoon.


Assume +1 Require Extra Gifts

If you’re inviting a plus one to the wedding, it’s not necessary to bring a separate gift for each person. A thoughtful gift from the couple as a unit is entirely acceptable.


Wedding gift-giving is a joyous opportunity to celebrate the couple’s love and embark on a new chapter together. With this playful guide of dos and don’ts, you’re ready to choose a thoughtful gift that will be a sweet addition to the couple’s wedding journey. So, have fun, embrace the spirit of love, and let your wedding gift be a symbol of joy, laughter, and lasting happiness!