11 Ideas on What to Gift the Sloth Lover in Your Life

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Funny Sloth Gifts 2024 - Cute Gift Ideas for Sloth Lovers (Kids, Adults, Him & Her) 2024

What was once seen as a flash in the pan is now officially here to stay.  Yep, we’re talking about sloths.  In fact, it’s all we really want to talk about in life in general.  If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give the sloth lover in your life, well, come on in and take a seat.

When they’ve already had their fill of all things unicorns and just one-too-many llamas, you can never go wrong with a sloth.  They look cuddly, slightly annoyed by everything around it, soft to the touch, and they just basically hang on things with their somewhat scary nails.  Plus, they look like they’re kinda smiling and therefore we think they’re friendly.  Just us?

We’ve come up with some of the coolest sloth gift ideas and while you may assume they’re all for kids, they’re actually not just for kids.  We’re covering some of the top ideas that just about any woman would love, any guy who’s cool with their own sloth love and, of course, all those teens out there who love to decorate their Hydro Flask or prized YETI water bottle with endless stickers.  We feel you.

Shop our picks for some of the best sloth gifts we’re obsessed with in 2024!

The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy 

It’s a must-read when you’re trying to make productive changes in your life, simply things, and just basically think and live like your fave spirit animal.

The Official Sloth Makeup / Travel Bag

The perfect pouch to store all your makeup in or some of your other travel essentials when you’re heading out of town, going on a weekender, or just out for the night.  No judgements.

The “Nope Not Today” Drinking Tumbler

And you know what?  Probably not tomorrow either!  Drink your fave beverage in this cute tumbler and you’ll immediately start to get your zen on.

The Sloth Coloring Book For Adults

When you’re ready to get present, calm down, and focus on something creative (instead of the nightmares of life) this adult coloring book is the perfect gift option for just about any time of year.  Although, it always makes a fun stocking stuffer when it’s that time of year.  Ahem, Christmas.

The Three-Toed Sloth Plush Stuffed Animal

Some say it’s for kids and some say it’s for adults.  All we know is that this lovable, huggable, cuddly stuffed animal is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a tried-and-true bed companion.

The Fisher Price Smooth Moves Sloth Education Toy For Kids

Sometimes using the words “educational” and “toys” isn’t always the most fun, but this cutie will help your little ones learn some important developmental areas that deal with numbers, the alphabet, colors, opposites, and more.  Check out some of our other popular toys here!

Snooizes “Just Chillin” Comfy Slippers

Slippers are always a good idea and these are the perfect gift option for her, you know, when she already has everything already.  It’s doubtful she already has these cute slippers.

The “Today I Will Do Nothing” Coffee Mug

We kinda don’t like they always make sloths seem like they’re lazy.  We totally are lazy, but not all sloths.  This funny coffee mug is the only proper way to start your morning routine.

The “Let’s Get Slothed” Stemless Wine Glass

If you’re looking for the perfect present for the wine snob on your list, they’ll love this one.  Who doesn’t love a pun on the regular?

The Slow Farts Coloring Book

Potty humor is always a good idea.  If they like to color and appreciate a proper joke gift, this is the best bet for them.

The Purple Fingerlings Slot

Not only will this super cute toy wrap around your finger, but it’s totally interactive, move’s it’s head, babbles, blow kisses, sleeps, and so much more.  Super cute!