All These Chic Gifts are Under $5, But You’d Never Know!

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If you only got 5 bucks to spend this season, don’t sweat it.  We’ve spent the day researching some really unique gift ideas that work for everyone on your list and they’re all under $5!

Gifts Under $5 in 2024 - Best Christmas Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars 2024

It really is the thought that counts so you don’t have to spend a ton to show those special people in your life that you’re thinking of them for their birthday, the upcoming holiday season, or basically whenever.

We hate to say it, but there are so many cheap $5.00 options out there but, honestly, it’s like we’d never really buy them.  There’s a different between inexpensive and cheap.   We’ve researched (for hours on end) some of the most popular options out there that we’d totally buy for ourself, but are happier to gift to someone else.  You could easily use many of these as pretty cool stocking stuffer ideas, or bring to your next white elephant party, or even gift to your coworkers if you’re forced to get them something.  Either way, these all totally rule.

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts under $5 in 2024.

The Best Pick of 2024

The Dollar Shave Starter Kit – Buy It Here

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Yes, you’ll actually get all this top-selling stuff from the Dollar Shave Club.  It’s perfect for the guys in your life who could use a little beard upgrade.  Plus, at a flat $5.00 how can you really go wrong?!  Learn more here.

The Teen Pick

The Chic Hair Clip Gift Set – Buy It Here

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Pretty sweet hair clips that not only look amazing, but will actually hold your hair aren’t always easy to come by.  This amazing set of 6 are perfect for the teen girl in your life who usually ends up losing them anyway.  Grab a few and stock up!  Learn more here.

The Morning Pick

The Stansport Enable Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

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A great pick for the total coffee obsessed folks on your list this year.  Don’t let the image deceive you, it’s actually a bit larger than normal sized mugs, coming in at 22-ounces (there’s a smaller 12-ounce option too).  It’s giving us that total zen vibe since it reminds us of a starry winter night.  Learn more here.

The Toy Pick

The Nerf Elite Dart Blaster – Buy It Here

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We’re probably the most proud of this pick because you totally know how expensive Nerf guns can be and the fact that this one is under 5 dollars totally blows our mind.  It comes with three Elite darts and will blast up to 90-feet.  If you’re looking for a cheap toy for them this year, this is most likely your best bet.  Learn more here.

The Earth Pick

The EcoFrenzy Bamboo Toothbrush Set – Buy It Here

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We all have those eco-conscious folks on our shopping list, so this is a great option for them.  Plus, everyone is obsessed with just about everything bamboo related this year.  This gift set comes with 4 eco-friendly and biodegradable toothbrushes.  They all have soft BPA-free bristles and everything about this is 100% free of plastic.  Amazing.  Learn more here.

The Cute Pick

The Sloth Tea Infuser – Buy It Here

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He’s the cutest little sloth ever and he’s so happy to be dipped into that tea!  This tea infuser allows you to easily slow brew your cup of tea to help gift it the best taste ever.  Learn more here.

The Addictive Pick

The Scalp Massager – Buy It Here

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Seriously, if you’ve never tried one of these scalp massagers, definitely pick one up for yourself while you’re at it.  They are so soothing, feel utterly amazing, and are said to help reduce stress and anxiety too.  We use ours when binge watching Netflix, as you do.  Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The “Calm the F Down” Adult Coloring Book – Buy It Here

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Speaking of de-stressing, this is the must have for the adult in your life with a total sense of humor.  It’s an adult coloring book that’ll help them get zen, stay present, and have a good laugh at the same time.  Learn more here.

The Cool Pick

The SipWell Stainless Steel Straws – Buy It Here

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As plastic straws are slowing becoming a thing of the past, everyone is turning to reusable stainless steel options.  This set of 4 even comes with its own cleaning brush.  You’ll basically feel like Oprah drinking out of these.  Learn more here.

The Kids Pick

The Mad Libs Activity Book – Buy It Here

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Mad Libs is never not funny to us.  A great option for just about any of the kids in your life, everyone will have a blast filling in the blanks and coming up with some really hysterical stories.  Learn more here.

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