Got a Candle to Gift Wrap? Here’s How You Can Do It Like a Pro!

Wrapping anything cylinder in shape doesn't have to be the worst!

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How to Wrap a Candle Easy 2024


I won’t lie, I basically detest having to wrap a candle or just about anything that’s cylinder shape.  I’m good with wrapping wine bottles, books, and your classic gift box – but candles just kind of suck.  TBH, I actually recommend just placing it in a nice gift bag.  But, alas, I’m here to help those of us who actually want to learn to wrap better.  Hopefully these steps I’ve outlined will help you jazz up your candle, wow your BFF, and impress everyone in your judgmental life.  Yeah, I’m bitter – but let’s do this!

Step-By-Step Guide on Wrapping a Candle


Step 1: Get Your Size RIGHT!

Roll your wrapping paper around the width of the candle, crease where it meets, and then snip it at this crease. Easy-peasy!


Step 2: Fold & Tape the Middle

Slide the candle to one end, fold the paper over a little more than half of the base, and do the same on the other side. Tape the middle of the candle, keeping the top and bottom open for now.   We’ll get to that part next.  So far, so good?


Step 3: Get Pleaty at the Base

Now, this is the part I hate the most.  Pleats! Flip the candle to the bottom. Where the paper folds overlap, hold down the bottom flap. Now, unleash your inner artist by pinching and folding down adjacent pieces to create a snazzy pleat pattern. Tape it up and voilà – base done!


Step 4: Smooth Corners and Stand Tall

Stand the candle up on the base, smooth down any pesky corners, and feel the magic. It’s like candle origami!


Step 5: Top It Off with Pleats (Yes, Again)

Now, let’s tackle the top. Use the same pleating magic to create a stylish pattern. If your candle is lid-free and feeling a bit rebellious, fold slowly or make those creases bold to keep things in check.


Step 6: Check the Tape & Add Some Flair

Seal the deal! Use tape and go wild to ensure those folds in locked in place. Feeling fancy? Add a bow, some twine, or some ribbon on top for the grand finale!


And there you have it – a wrapped candle that’s as much fun to make as it is to give (not really, but at least you tried). Go ahead, gift-giving maestro!  You can now gift this swanky looking thing to your mom, your aunt – heck, even the hostess at your next party.